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I have another account that got locked for "suspicious login patterns." I couldn't remember my secret question to reset my password, so I had to go to the customer support. I had to take a picture of my government issued i.d., and it said that a representative would chat with my in a separate window. It said that the average wait time is 1 minute, but it's been over a half an hour, and I haven't heard back. What am I supposed to do? There's literally no way to get a hold of anybody at blizzard, and there's no way for me to log in to my account. How do they even chat with me if I can't log on?
After I submitted my request, a message appeared saying that Reference ticket is: 44830494.
So I guess I never use my other account again? Awesome.
BRUMAKPWND, were you able to talk to someone since last night?

06/03/2014 06:37 PMPosted by BRUMAKPWND
How do they even chat with me if I can't log on?

After you click on Live Chat, or Phone Callback, there will be an option to "Continue without Logging In".

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