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Face melting lag on the NA servers right now. I'm talking packet loss lag. Any eta on a fix and/or why the servers are so laggy right now?
Getting errors when trying to queue games (can't connect to host server, etc)

Getting in-game lag.
Same here, it's giving all kinds of errors. Now I can only see 3v3 as an option to queue all the others are gone.
I'm just thrilled that this shiit is happening on a Friday night... Another stupid update and now I can't even join any games. Thanks Blizzard for fuking up my night
sc2master error!
yea I'm restricted to the 3v3 option as well. Wonder if we'll actually hear anything from Blizzard.
For a temporary fix, go to the Europe servers if you want to play. I hear they aren't having issues with this.
I am in the Europe servers and seriously they have so many lags on 4 vs 4 ladder games ..... impossible to play

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