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Since we haven't really heard anything about LotV one can only assume that it is in the early phases of production. Because of this I think it might be a good idea too bring up some discussion on what people would like too see done with the expansion.

Now Blizzard has pretty much confirmed that game design changes are not going to happen, there will be no major changes to the way the game is played, but that does not mean units cannot be tweaked to make the game better.

Personally I am hoping Blizzard doesn't add any new units to the game. I would like too see them focus on the units that are already here. Balance may not be perfect but it is quite good regardless of what I or many other players may say. A sweep of each race could prove to be quite good. All 3 races have their problem areas (we all know what they are) I am hoping Blizzard will go over each race and try to address what these problems are through unit changes/tweaking. We have seen with HotS that adding units to the game may not be the solution that we as players are looking for.
In my opinion the new units we got with HotS weren't really all that great. But the changes made too the WoL units have turned out quite good. Reapers are much better, the medi-vac boost (while strong at first) has turned out to be quite exciting. Mutas (while some may argue they are a little too strong right now) are much better then they were in WoL. Ultra's no longer suck, they have a use and are often a desired late game unit now-a-days. And the void ray, while not seen too often, it is a great unit that once was not so great.

Now if we are being honest I think we call all agree that the units added for HotS aren't really all that great, and haven't really changed much, or do what they were intended. IMO the widow mine was the best addition, and the obvious choice for worst was the swarm host. The oracle was a nice addition but doesn't have much use, either it works or it doesn't. I don't know much about the viper but it seems fairly useless to me. The yank mechanism is cool, but as far as I can tell the unit is bad. Anyways all i'm trying to say here are the changes made to WoL units have turned out to be much better then the units that were added with HotS which makes me think focus on old units rather then new ones for LotV would be the better option

I would also love too see Battle-Net be a big focus for the upcoming expansion. Add the features people want too see. Automated tournaments for both individuals and Clans/Teams. I don't care too much about cosmetic changes (like skins etc) but a lot of other players would love too see something like this added to the game, and if you could have a option to choose not too see the skins, all the better.

Experience poins and levels, why is there a cap? Why do we still gain hundreds of thousands of experience points if you're max level, whats the point? Why not copy Diablo with the paragon levels? Maybe each time you gain a level you get a random portrait. I don't play zerg or protoss, and am not much of a portrait collector but it would be cool too be able to obtain some other portraits or other rewards by leveling.

Something I always thought would be cool would be something like this http://imgur.com/JoHqdH1

I love how the Pro's all know eachother and are kind of a community in it's own way. I always thought being able too see if you've played against someone before and were able too see if you have won or lost could encourage people to chat a little more, players in lower leagues may be able to get to know other players, and ,maybe help create the same atmosphere the pro players have when playing. I know this would be hard to implement but is just something I think would be fun.

I also think it would be cool if I could play against more players that are in the same division as I am. Make it feel like I am truly climbing the ladder by beating other players that are in the same division. At the end of a season the top 32 of said division could be placed in a automated tournament at the end of each season. Again hard to implement but would be fun, and add some meaning to divisions/leagues

So much can be done with the upcoming expansion, and now is the time to let Blizzard know what is importand too us and what we would like too see changed when LotV comes out, what are some of your hopes and ideas you would like too see?
06/09/2014 10:18 PMPosted by MagnafloW

I love how the Pro's all know eachother and are kind of a community in it's own way. I always thought being able too see if you've played against someone before and were able too see if you have won or lost could encourage people to chat a little more, players in lower leagues may be able to get to know other players, and ,maybe help create the same atmosphere the pro players have when playing. I know this would be hard to implement but is just something I think would be fun.

I also think it would be cool if I could play against more players that are in the same division as I am. Make it feel like I am truly climbing the ladder by beating other players that are in the same division. At the end of a season the top 32 of said division could be placed in a automated tournament at the end of each season. Again hard to implement but would be fun, and add some meaning to divisions/leagues


All of this goes at the top of my list. Clan Features added in HoTS were a great addition, but it feels like the whole community experience still has further to go. 1v1 still just feels incredibly anonymous (whenever I DO play). Everything you suggested regarding a ladder with actual fixed players would go a long way to making the experience feel less lonely.

I have a few other suggestions:

Auto deletion for defunct groups. Right now on NA, there are so many dead groups. Some other community members might want to take those on (like my region's group for example).

Ranked play in 3v3 and 4v4 seems kind of silly IMO. But to each their own. It just feels extraneous.

Of course, I'd love in game streaming similiar to what DoTA does. I'm not sure what that means for viewership numbers on Twitch and ad money, but Blizz is smart. There must be some way to still get ads into an audio feed of the game while you're watching it in the engine.

EDIT: THought of some other things:

We need a dedicated clan recruitment channel available right from the main screen. Heck, they should actually do this now instead of waiting until LoTV

Make clan chat permanently open. It can be minimized, BUT if you are in a clan, you should be permanently locked into there. It would encourage the whole community aspect of clans. Again, you can minimize it, but numbers would at least pop up, and you'd always be seen in the chat members list. This would also remove the need to have that separate members page. Online members would just shoot up, but you could just scroll down to see all the members.
06/09/2014 10:49 PMPosted by wUndertUnge

Of course, I'd love in game streaming similiar to what DoTA does. I'm not sure what that means for viewership numbers on Twitch and ad money, but Blizz is smart. There must be some way to still get ads into an audio feed of the game while you're watching it in the engine.

The easiest way to combat the potential lost revenue from ads is to bring over the ticket system from Dota 2. If a tournament organizer chooses, they can charge a fee to watch the tournament in client. The ticket is sometimes accompanied with an ingame item as well. MLG had a hud skin, courier, and ward skin they offered for one of their events. However, that may not appeal to the style of business model Blizzard wants to run.

At the very least, we need to be able to spectate our friends games from inside the client. It truly is one of the best features of most esports titles on the market today
Fix stream sniping. For example, you can't minimize the game if you are in-game, except if you paused the game, but there are pro-gamers, who have simple timings where they can minimize the game in-game to read the chat and quickly go back to the game, I don't know how that would be affected, anyways, with this feature you could know who is stream sniping, because he is pausing a lot, I mean in Master/Grand Master level, there you are matched a lot of time against the same person.
Please leave the game alone, it's just becoming good now.
zerg needs unit diversity

take out swarm host and make brood lords either more practical or available earlier (they are literally at the end of the tech but so easy to counter)... the unit literally stretches out games because they are an incredibly imbalanced and efficient unit, plus requiring detection and a way to kill them between locusts

zerg need an anti-armor specialist, or an upgrade to existing units like a blue flame equivalent, maybe different acid for roaches or piercing spines for hydras...

sorry but LURKER, its a unique unit, very good defensive, can also drop in and double as a harass... if you wanted a burrowed attacker for LotV, here is your winner... even the art assets are in the game because lurkers are an option in the HotS campaign


terran needs to move away from gimmicky units

like the SH, I think widow mine needs to go or stay nerfed in favor of buffing Thor's AA ability... we have strong ground AoE between tanks and hellbats, but our mech AA seems to be lacking

what I was looking at was changing how thors work in 1 of 2 ways... first way is to speed up the Thor to 2.25 and disconnect its ground and air attacks, meaning their ground will shoot like marauders, and their air will fire 1 missile at a time but at the same DPS... this will allow Thors not to be locked up so easily and have some power to chase air... second is to simply have an upgrade to allow it to shoot while moving (like a torso pivot upgrade)

terran also needs some kind of late game reinforcement method... possibly a new building that would enable terran to enter into then be dropped into the battlefield, kind of like halfway between nydus and warpgate... maybe requiring a unit like ghosts to deploy a temporary beacon for the drop (instead of allowing it to happen just anywhere in vision)

the alternative would be making supply drop kind of an additive chrono boost, like instead of speeding production like chrono, it would just take off a set time of a currently producing building by 10sec... which would allow for some quicker reinforcements at the cost of scans and MULEs

battlecruisers need something to be back into use... either an ability to move places quickly, such as a base to base warp costing energy, or one of the abilities from the campaign (matrix or missile swarm, and since we have PDD, chances are missile swarm is the likely option)


protoss need something to give their units some dimension

I think the MSC and MS need to go and their abilities spread out among their current composition
-overcharge and recall on the nexus itself, recall would work like the old MS one which recalls some units to it instead
-time warp given to HT and/or Archons, giving them an ability to use instead of being a plain a-move

change hardened shields on immortals to an activated spell, possibly even changing the ability so its better when used but worse when its down... right now immortals are a very over budgeted unit and either looking at reducing their attack or defensive ability, and since protoss would probably want to keep their extreme damage, making their defense manual seems like the better choice

either tempest need to go or carriers... would rather see tempest go in favor of giving carriers an ability such as a long range/targeted deployment

getting rid of of those units to make room for another... either that or re purpose one of the 2 units, and I would actually prefer tempest to go back to their "big energy ball" AoE of death thing than this super long range attacker (aka not a good idea like the swarm hosts its a pain in the butt to deal with without some kind of special unit composition)

06/09/2014 11:19 PMPosted by Mahavishnu
Please leave the game alone, it's just becoming good now.

right now is the lowest the game population has been, I would hardly call that good
I agree with much of what MagnafloW has said already. I want to reiterate what he said about improving the social aspects of battle.net.
  • The ability to see what gametype your friends are already in. This is currently a feature of Facebook integration only, but it would be great to see this opened to all your friends.
  • The ability to hop in and out of observing a game in progress. It would improve the experience to watch others ladder or obs arcade or customs in progress. Double bonus- this will allow casters to enter games after they have started.
  • Automated tournaments would be really cool. Not top importance, but helpful.
  • The ability to name a custom/arcade lobby would be awesome. It really makes the game more personal and more social.
  • I would love to see true LAN capability. I expect most games will still take place on the main Blizzard servers, but more choice never hurts the player experience!
  • There may be an inclination to improve Facebook or Twitch integration, but I generally think this is unnecessary. I would not complain about added features obviously, but the in-client experience is much more important IMO.

    Overall, I trust Blizzard to keep the game balance excellent, as it has been. If there are new units, that would also be awesome. I hope Blizzard can squeeze in some social improvements on top of the gameplay. Looking forward to the expansion!
    Mech removed and Protoss army requiring more micro. Bit also same for zerg as roach hydra is a move as well
    Zerg needs air banelings!!! Mass raven? Mass void ray? AIR BANELINGS BABY!!!
    If I could have my wishlist for LotV . . .

    Remove all the HotS units. All of them were bad ideas:
    -The Widow Mine is so circumstantial, it's either worthless or game-breaking
    -Hellbat . . . okay, so this one wasn't so bad. Sue me.
    -Viper: I'll be honest, I'm too low-league to understand really. Maybe this one's fine too; abduct seems useful.
    -Swarm Host: this unit alone could make me quit. As Terran, if I see them, I quit the match. I refuse to waste my time and energy on a unit that Zerg players burrow and eat popcorn to. Perhaps as Protoss I'd be fine with them, but should we have to change races for this reason?
    -Oracle: Worthless spellcaster really, except for encouraging rage as they snipe the opposing economy in 10 seconds. Like the Widow Mine, circumstantial at best.
    Mothership Core: I like the idea. I really do. It is just a little too versatile. Maybe we can just go back to having the Mothership.

    Like others have said, I would be content getting no new multiplayer units if Blizzard would just fix the game.
    In the next expansion I want to see a new zerg anti-air unit such as the Scourge from Starcraft 1 (as it would fit in with the zerg aesthetic and lore) to help deal with anti-air because Corruptors suck so much, and the removal or reworking of the swarm host and the re-introduction of the lurker.

    Protoss simply needs one thing, the reworking of the Mothership Core making it either harder to get and require later tech (say a Robotics Facility) or nerfing it somewhat, especially the nexus cannon, this should have been done in a patch but nerfing it down to 40 secs instead of 60 and decreasing range to 10 or making it so it has to be reasearched would really help the other races in defeating a Protoss.

    Terran needs a late game buff or new late game units, but i can't seem to put it into words maybe something that increases training time or a buffed Battlecruiser or something, but if the Battlecruiser gets buffed i want to see the Mothership buffed so that it is actually useful.

    Edit: I would also like to see the muta regen at least halved as they just seem too strong to be a primarily harrasment unit. (again should be done in a patch)
    balance, for the first time
    Bring back the Scourge, get rid of the Corruptor. Have Broodlords morph from Mutas or straight from the Hive with a cost increase obviously.

    Also Scourge come out after Swarm Pool. They have 50 damage and 2 created per larvae.This will help with early anti air.
    Gameplay wise, I don't think adding many units at this point would do service to the game because honestly in my opinion the game is so much better than it ever was right now. Maybe 1 late game unit per race which doesn't completely change the game like all of the Hots units that Blizzard made to be extremely OP when they first came out. Other then that, Bo3 ladder option, a free upgrade from WOL to LotV without having to buy HotS (excluding the HotS campaign possibly) Better community channels. More skins. Higher Xp cap with more rewarding achievments per level etc.
    I'd like to see you get put into a random chat as soon as you login to the game.

    theres a lot of stuff i'd like changed but OP specified so eh.
    I would love to see more options added to make your multiplayer experience more enjoyable. More ladder options. Best of 3 , Best of 7. It would match you against one opponent and you play a best of 3 the victor takes the ladder points. I think this would make a great addition to the ladder, shake it up abit. I would LOVE to see the ability to spectate your friends ladder games. This would make just simply logging onto sc2 that much more enjoyable.

      Spine Crawler - I always wanted to have burrowed spine crawlers (like really burrowed, underground, not just rooted). Imagine making traps with those.

      Burrow - Reduced cost of burrow to see it more in action because now its a very situational spell and many times you will be left behind just because of choosing this.

      Nydus network - Now its really risky to use Nydus because of its cost, and in 90% cases it's all-in when you use it, i would like to see cost reduce to make it new Harrasment option for zerg.

      Swarm host - Delete this unit or complete rework, i hate this unit, in 99% cases i rather want to lose the game than use it. (When playing against turtling players)

      Neural Parasite - Rework or buff range of this spell, it's really awesome spell, one of the most interesting in the game, unfortuneatly its useless because of range and need of researching upgrade for it.

      Ultralisk - Think once more about Ultralisk Charge or somehow improve the way ultralisks are engaging enemy because very often they just end wiggling around friendly units being unable to attack.

      Corruptor - Make it more interesting and stronger(or add something other to make Zerg Anti-air better).

      Overseer - Contaminate spell is really good but not used very often, maybe make it more appealing to use by adding hive upgrade that make Contaminate cost less energy.(Contaminate last long so along with this change i would reduce the time of it while making it usable more often)

      Mutalisk - change Tissue Regeneration to enable after leaving combat.


      Voidray - reduce damage against not armored units.

      Mothership Core - Reduce range or attack speed of Photon Overcharge, Protoss is hardest race to attack in early stage of game, photon overcharge+wall-in with cannon or two and protoss is safe for TOO long time.

    Other features:

      Portraits exclusive for each league - Because making through to the new league is awesome feeling, let's make it more awesome with little rewards like this.
      Different portrait borders - The colour of border would be the same but they would have different look in shape.
      More and more skins for units - I was really excited about this new feature in HotS but seeing just 1 skin for just few units make it looks like very undeveloped idea.
      Make more trainings/challenges for begginers and not only for them - I would love to see "Early defense" with Zerg/Protoss (Something similar like we have currently with terran "Rush defense"), there would be points given for making defense as cheap as possible.
      More "Blizzard" arcades - I would love to see Left 2 Die 2, more levels for Starcraft Master etc.

    And please, dont give Zergs another T3 unit.
    1) Fix game timer! Starcraft seconds = real seconds, Call this speed “tournament” speed

    2) Add a time & date stamp into replays so when they load you can see when the game was played and on what server.

    3) Add a rematch option at the end of the game.

    4) Add a system that actually promotes map makers to make ladder maps! For example for 1VS1 there will be a 10 map pool. 5 Blizzard made maps and 5 player made maps. Blizzard will pick their 5 maps each season and the players will vote on what the 5 player maps should be in the pool. Once the new seasons maps are picked each player can veto 5 maps. So if you don’t like any of the player made maps, no problem veto them. Don’t like the any of Blizzards maps, no problem, veto them, or any combination. At the end of the season the least played maps are automatically removed. and players will vote on what maps should replace them. Rince and repeat. This system would actually encourage players to make maps in hopes they will be voted into the next seasons map pool. This also means a super popular map could stay in the map pool rotation for years or we could get crazy maps with minerals distributed all over the map or other crazy stuff Blizzard would never try on their own. If the map turns out to be imbalanced, no problem veto it.

    5) Redesign unit scale. I understand this is a game and we have some latitude but some units look ridiculous. Carries look stupid with a swarm of flies around them. Battlecruisers are way too small for marines to fit in. Ultras inside an overlord?!?! They should carry them underneath like the Medivac do thors. Infested terran should be changed. Where do they get the rifle from? That’s just a few off the top of my head.

    6) All units should have an Achilles heel!!!! Remove / Fix / Nurf / Redesign jack-of-all-trade units with no hard counter. For example any unit that can shoot air and ground with no hard counter, like Stalkers. Nothing really hard counters them, not like how banelings can evaporate marines or hydras. If you have an econ advantage mass stalker will virtually ensure victory. Other units like this are thors, void rays, mutualisks, carriers, battlecrusiers and Archons. All these units are poor design. They have no cool APM sucking abilities (except for blink) and if you way ahead in econ you just win no matter what the opponent makes. All units should have an Achilles heel!!!!

    7) Zerg should be the underground race! Virtually all Zerg units should be able to burrow and move underground (very slowly without upgrade). Zerg should also be able to make tunnels that units can enter then then travel very quickly while underground, like underground creep. Right now SC2 has air, land and burrow (to a very limited extend). We need to expand the underground realm of SC2. More units that can attack and do other things while underground. I think it would really add a 3rd dimension to the game.

    8) Give every unit an ability. For examples see 9.

    9) Zerglings should have the ability to bite-and-hold onto other small units like marines SCV, probes, drones, zealots ETC. During this time they do no damage and take double damage but each zergling ½ the movement speed of the unit they are holding onto. Marines have stim which is pretty cool and can be deadly if overused. Zealots need something, like maybe ‘parry’ mode where they deflect attacks with their blades so they can tank longer but do reduced damage. I don’t know, I need to think of a better ability for Zealots. Any Ideas?

    10) All building can be rotated before they are placed so the workers / unit comes out in a specific location. This also mean players will have to plan out their building placement more carefully.

    11) Terran building have fuel that will run out in 10 minutes. Once landed the fuel will regenerate over time. This way a command centers can’t chill in the corner of the map forever and would reduce stalemate possibilities without the need for a stalemate counter.

    12) Dropping creep slowly damaged structures.

    13) Multalisks can land and burrow, and will land on their own if left alone for a set time period. As soon as an enemy unit comes near they will jump up and attack like normal (unless burrowed) . They will have no ground attack and will walk extremely slowly. What’s the point you might ask? They could hide from a flock of Vikings for example. Also they must get tired flapping their wings all game long right?

    14) LotV better have lurkers! Or I’m not buying it! (I’m not even joking about this)

    15) Terran needs real mines! Not these silly widow mines that can jump up and hit air targets and somehow indefinitely keep recharging. I’m talking about serious thermonuclear mines that you bury in the ground, and when something walks over it (including your own units) everything in the blast range disintegrates! This mean you could accidentally move your own units over your mine field killing them. Minefields could make parts of the map no man’s land.

    16) Also do something with nukes, you have this cool explosion that doesn't fit with its killing power. Make them 10x or 100x more expensive, whatever it takes for balance, so when a nuke goes off, everything dies!

    17) This last idea is the most radical. Right now to win in SC2 you have to destroy all your opponents buildings. I propose adding another condition, kill all building OR kill the king, like in chess. The king dies, game over. But we wouldn't call it the king. Each race would get it’s own unit, a leader that controls all the other units. This unit would be tricky to kill, maybe it could teleport to different bases or units. Has a very wimpy attack. But what this unit will do is no matter how far behind you are in a game there is a small chance, if you could just somehow kill the king you could still win. I love how in chess a player will sacrifice all their pieces to get at the king. I would love to see some element of that make it to SC2.
    I want to see eSports viablity stuff like what Valve does.

    Microtransaction unit/building Skins and Voices to let us build WCS prize pool and show our support for SC2, plus cool new stuff to show off in game. Portraits and the logos are okay. But let us customize our units too! The initial skins were good, but we want more choices :/

    Plus you know, WCS can finally sustain itself, if only with Prize Pool and its not as big of an expenditure for blizzard to go for.

    Hell, you're already developing the infrastructure for Heroes of the Storm. Just port some of the code over since it's in the same engine and....

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