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08/14/2014 01:35 PMPosted by SardineS
"Produces enjoyable games to watch"

This is the most picked choice, as well as, in my opinion, the most vague and ambiguous one. Overlaps with the purpose of the other choices, making it tempting to pick.

It is kind of broad, and for a lot of people, many of these choices factor in. For this poll, it was just what option influences you the most. For some there may be situations where new maps are released that have features and art they don't like, but if it produces some fun tournament games, they end up loving it. That's not everyone, but it's a situation we've seen before.
What has the biggest influence on determining how much you like a map?
Poll ended on Aug 18, 2014
Option 1.I like maps with something unusual.Standard gameplay it´s kinda boring,specially on top level because you see the same strats and metagame over and over.I like watching starcraft,and i like watching the pros,using the maps for their strategy/build,that doesn´t happen at all on standard maps.
1. Produces standard gameplay, at least from the starter position (no weird debris ramps, inbase 2nd's, etc). I don't mind gimmicks that kick in during later play (island bases, timed rocks, etc)
2. The more it looks like Terminus art-wise, the happier I am. The more it looks like Shattered Temple art-wise the sadder I am.
3. Inbase air vents / smoke screens / tall grass are a plus.
4. If it's Ohana I will choke a puppy.
08/14/2014 12:25 PMPosted by SliTaz
I wish there was less focus on 4p maps. Blind buildorder wins are pretty boring.

It's not so much that there are 4 player maps, it's that the maps are so much bigger than they used to be. Foxtrot and Nimbus are good sized 4 player maps. Metalopolis and Shattered Temple, as old old school examples, were too small. On Nimbus or Foxtrot, you can send, as a Zerg for example, your 1st overlord one short rush direction and have a drone scout the other 2 bases in about the same time. Foxtrot has other issues though.

As for blind build order wins, well, that's just dumb luck, and there's nothing wrong with that. They are also extremely few and far between. I have watched probably 400+ pro games so far this year and gave seen maybe 3-5 blind wins and 40-50 blind losses.

Bear in mind, the purpose of 3 and 4 player maps is so you have to make your first build order choice based on map related probabilities rather than hard data. This map design fosters game variability. If scouting were made easy, games would get far too repetitive, and metas would stale far more quickly. I will admit that the 2 current 3 player maps are a reasonable compromise between fostering this variety and allowing a reasonably early scout.
I like any map that offers features unique from more standard maps and has tons of open space. I dislike maps with far distance expansions though, and some of the maps that come out are waaay bigger than they need to be for 1v1. I prefer more medium sized maps, I don't like all the drop space in the main bases, very inconvenient for any zerg player. It's always nice when the maps have little bits of high ground by enemy naturals so you can park overlords there, and having extra space behind a mineral line to hide an overlord in ZvZ to spot the drone count is very useful.

Hate maps like alterzim or nimbus where you get the basically free natural next to your main base. I don't like maps that weaken pressure strategy's that punish greed by doing that and having the main ramp tiny. I'm not sure exactly how different they were or how they'd affect sc2 gameplay but I kinda wish you guys went a bit old school and made maps more like in BW, just for the sake of having differently designed maps from the typical main and natural layout with the same old ramp and the same high ground layout.

Or at least bring back some classic Wol maps.
the maps now are so big, i dont like that so much
I like maps that are unique, different features make it interesting. That of course doesn't mean everything should change every season. I'm not good enough yet to judge if the map is balanced and all, I can only say more or less what strategies are possible.

The art style is also important because it has to be easy for eyes. Apart from that I myself like graphics, so I pay attention to small details. So the art style has big influence too but if the map isn't enjoyable to play and watch games on, it doesn't matter that much.
Make smaller 2 player maps please.
Seeing how successful other esports games are becoming, i think thats enough proof to go all in with sc2 esports future. Do all you can to make the best game blizzard.

08/14/2014 02:16 PMPosted by RegiCidE
Make smaller 2 player maps please.

Agreed! "1v1 size"

Though some of my best games have been on bigger maps. Just pros and cons i guess. Maybe 2 spawns on a big map in medium range from each other.
I've always wondered if it would be feasible for maps to be randomly generated, most of them are symmetrical in some fashion.
Maps have to look cool, ugly stuff is just no fun. stuff like Waystation, Alterzim, and Numbus just don't look neat.

2 base are the best......4 is too many
WOL had some good looking maps vs HOTS
WoL maps > HotS maps. They were smaller and had more love in detail but nowadays the maps all look alike more or less. The Mappool feels like a clutch of clones which offer no contrast to the all so stagnant matchups.
Offers a CHANCE at a standard game. I'm all for maps that have unique bits to them, but if the third and/or fourth is completely unatainable and forces you down a certain road, it's garbo and not very fun to play on and I'll veto it.

Something like habitation station is perfect even though my winrate is awful. You CAN play can also do something unique, or gamble to come back from behind. There's also tons of crazy games on that.

Maps like frost however are just undeniably 'solid'. The choice of where to pick your third based on spawns, the bridge....there are unique aspects, but, it's just so solid. You lose on frost that was your fault, not the map. no tears only dreams <3
"has a units tab" isn't one of the poll options. but we're lying to ourselves if we think that we look at anything other than the units tab.
08/14/2014 12:34 PMPosted by Kherion
Art style is a major factor for me. Enough of the dark, dreary maps please.

Edit: And yes, more 2 player maps.

Yes. Like Out Boxer.
08/14/2014 12:32 PMPosted by GreenRoom
The most important aspect is balance in all match-ups. After that it's fun game play.
i agree
am exiting that blizz does this kind of stuff it good for the game guys gj blizz
And by enjoyable games to watch I mean well balanced and a good equal playing ground
Why can't we pick two? Unique gameplay and relatively balanced.
Maps that offer good games to watch and play are the best,all those maps provide 3-4 lanes for attacks,enough bases but not too many ,watch towers,they are not blink heavens and there are not spots to pull off random shenanigans.

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