6870 suggested Medium and Low settings?

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I've just built a new computer that should not be having problems running Starcraft 2 at Ultra settings. Before this new computer I had one with a 8800GT and Starcraft 2 suggested higher settings on that 2 year old machine than it suggests for my brand new custom built computer. On my old machine everything was on High settings and on my new computer I have suggested settings of Medium and Low. I've tried reinstalling new drivers but it did nothing. I do notice frame rates dipping into the 40's and 30's and it feels choppier than my old machine. If anyone knows what could be happening any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

AMD x4 955@3.8Ghz,
Sapphire 6870 1GB,
4GB G.Skill Ripjaw Ram,
1TB WD 64mb Cache Hard Drive,
525w Seasonic PSU,
ASUS m4a89gtd Pro/USB3
I have the same build as you buddy, except I've got a 6850, haven't overclocked my processor and my PSU is 650w. I think that maybe its your PSU thats bottlenecking your system. I'm not sure yet so maybe its another bug.
What driver version are you using?
becuase it looks awesome on ultra
525w PSU should be enough considering the 6870 draws about 250w at full load. Just make sure you are connecting both 6 pins directly from the PSU to the video card. I would say that it is pretty normal to get around 30fps at some point if there are alot of units on the battlefield. But if you feel it is choppier than your old machine, there might be something wrong... What is your Windows Experience Index score ? You could run some benchmarks (like 3dmark) to make sure the problem is directly related to the game and not your system configuration. It might be driver related... not specifically your video card drivers but some motherboard components or any other peripherals. Try unplugging every devices that are not necessary.
i have a 5770 and everthing is recommended ultra except one but i have a 850wt psu not sure if that would make a difference though

kinda wierd to have a more powerful card than mine wanting less i would think it would want more
I've seen 6850s and 6870s run fine on Ultra minus the very large battles but it's more CPU-limited at that point. If you're feeling some stuttering, make sure that you disable AMD's Cool n Quiet setting and also check the Catalyst Control Center's Overdrive setting to make sure that it isn't on.
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make sure overdrive is OFF? I know blizz cannot recommend overclocking (for obvious reasons) but overdrive is an issue?
Hmm thats weird...
I have a ati 5830, and I usually get avg 50-60 fps.
i know but i have great cpu and ram so that may be helping the 5770 along

i7 930 @ 2.8
Corsair DDR3-2000 ram 4gb(had 6 gb but one died)

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