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We've received quite a few crash reports from players that are attempting to play the game with an unsupported graphics card. Please be aware that if you are using an unsupported graphics card the game will most likely crash and/or fail to launch.

Here is a list of unsupported graphic cards:

Nvidia GeForce 7300GT
Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
Nvidia GeForce 7600GS
Nvidia Quadro FX 4500
Intel GMA950
Intel X3100
I played WoW on the Nvidia Geforce 7600GT with every video option enabled at 1920 res. and still had one of the best fps rates in my guild. It ran in the 50-70 fps range all day and hit over 100 fps regularly.

Now I realize that they're entirely different games and I never expected it to run anywhere near as fast in SC2... but to go from reaching three digit frame rates in one game to being entirely unsupported in the next seems a little odd.

I didn't realize that these cards work in the Windows version. Makes it even more strange.
Can someone explain why the Nvidia GeForce 7600GT is unsupported on the Mac side of the game but is supported on the Windows side of the game? I own a 24" iMac that isn't "that" old and was very disappointed and didn't expect this at all after I installed SC2 and was met by crashes at the character creation screen.

I just went through the non too pleasant rig-a-ma-roll of installing Windows 7 via Bootcamp and the game seems to play fine so far. Just starting though.

If it's supported in Windows is there any chance of it getting supported in Mac OS X since the card itself seems fine?
Because the Nvidia Mac Drivers suck... they have has what 10 years to get their stuff working on mac... and they still don't work right. I don't know if it's Nvidia's fault or Apple's fault but fact is if you can avoid it don't go with Nvidia.
I am suprised that SC2 doesn't work on the Geforce 7 series, even on low. On low settings, SC2 looks about as good, if not worse than warcraft 3, which I might add, runs pretty well, even on a lowly GMA 950.

But I suppose the blame must go to apple for this one. Mac graphics drivers are generally poor, and not as up-to-date as it's PC counterparts. Even my Radeon 4850 on OSX performs only half as well as it does when running in windows. It is a shame, but until apple releases better graphics drivers, many of you might have to stick to windows for gaming.

BTW, if you guys are running snow leopard, the upcoming 10.6.5 update is supposedly focused on improving graphics performance, especially for nvidia cards. Perhaps geforce 7 users will finally be able to get some SC2 action on their macs.
Please make a patch or something!!! I waited for this game way to long to have it freeze up on me.
I'd like a "Blizz person" to chime on as to whether any currently unsupported cards could become supported.

And if not, why not? If it works on the Windows side it's not the hardware. Is it Apple, Nvidia, or Blizzard causing the "unsupport?" I'm thinking it's Blizzard...I mean if the card works in other games it's not Apple or Nvidia right? They don't make "game specific" drivers really. WoW works fine with my card still.

I'd rather not have to reboot to play and I feel a bit "out of water" on the Windows side.

Is the ATI X 1900 XT on this list and no one is saying anything??? I can't get past the first campaign cinematic without both screens going completely black. Nothing will reboot the system, so I have to do a manual shut-down (holding power button, which I should freakin charge you for every time I have to, btw). But lo and behold, when I turn the system back on, both screens are still black. Please, INSIGHT!

It's amazing being on a beast-like digital editing workhorse that is my MacPro (2.66 gHz, 3gb Ram) that I use for the full Adobe Suite along with Final Cut Pro and ProTools, yet I download this silly little game and can't even experience proper cinematics. Notice how I didn't mention the game itself? That's because after 3 hours of trying, I still haven't been able to.

Really Blizzard? Don't tell me I have to run bootcamp after I just paid 60 bucks! That's sad. We could have waited another month for you all to make this Mac Client better, but nooooo ... you'd rather go the route that relies on patches and gets you more money up front. Right?

So tell me, what's up with the ATI X 1900 XT?
CheefBird, I also have a beast of a mac pro (octo core, 16gb ram) with the ATI X1900 XT. This rig plays WoW like a champ with like unlimited fps even in the most intense raids. This computer basically blacks out after a minute into the SC2 tutorial.

There is no doubt that the SC2 client is accessing some openGL functions that are just not implemented properly in the osx stack. Either by Blizzard or by Apple. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future patch.
I am not sure if this works because I do not have the issue, nor do I have a mac pro, but have you folks tried switching between windowed/fullscreen mode? I had a game back in the day that would freeze, but when I moved it to windowed mode, it would start playing properly.

The window mode shortcut is cmd+m.
Adding the following (as reported elsewhere) to ~/Documents/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Variables.txt made the game playable:


SC2's uncapped frame rate was burning out the video card.
Interesting will try it. Thanks a lot for the tip. Which video card, in particular do you have?

If it's that easy why doesn't Blizzard implement or disseminate the workaround information I wonder?

Yooo-hooo....is there a Blizzard employee in here that could comment on this thread, please? I know someone has to be reading it since a Blizzard employee started it.

Question #1 - Why the lack of support? Who's issue is that?
Question #2 - Any chance of support being added for any of the currently unsupported cards?
Any reason Starcraft II is unplayable on my brand new Macbook with a nVida GeForce 320m? I meet all of the minimum system requirements, yet I can't play the game.

This is quite frustrating.
Game launches, I can browse Battle.net and everything fine. It is when I try and actually play the game. It will load just fine, but as soon as I enter the game the graphics and UI will be all glitchy, I can't move around very much, and it will usually crash outright within the next minute.
If you can put up with random crashes and some graphics which don't look quite right, it is possible to play the game on one of the 'unsupported' graphics cards.

I've got an older (2008) Mac Pro with 2 x Dual Core Intel Xeon Proccessors, 4GB of Ram and Dual Nvidia 7300GTs OSX 10.5.8, and I have played the campaign upto the final missing.

Most of the crashes seem to happen when I am trying to access the armory, mercenaries, or the laboratory.

What seems to be successful in getting the game to restart and not crash for me is clearing the kernel cache after I have a glitch or a crash.


step 1: Open Shell
step 2: sudo kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions/
step 3: restart StarCraft II
step 4: play StarCraft II on your outdated Mac Pro

Checking ver

Adding the following (as reported elsewhere) to ~/Documents/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Variables.txt made the game playable:


SC2's uncapped frame rate was burning out the video card.

Checking Vertical Sync works, too. It caps mine easily enough.

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