Disconnected from Battle.Net while playing

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I can't get achievements while I am disconnected, which happens while I am playing. I'm also not sure if I can even save if I am disconnected, either. Is there any way to obtain achievements in offline, or anyway to reconnect and have them be obtained then? I refuse to play without being able to get them or save if that's also hindered, so this is really frustrating for me.
I've been having the same issue. While trying to play I constantly get disconnected. Without an easy way (like a button that says "Reconnect to Bnet") to reconnect, the only thing that I've found that you can do to get achievements is to save your game, exit campaign, re-log into battle.net and then go and load your save.
Thank you. It seems ridiculous to have to do that over and over, though. Do they even care that this problem exists, enough to somehow fix it or offer an easier way to get around it? I would rather not play than deal with this the way it is now.

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