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I have a intel duo 2.6 based macbook pro (15") running the 9600gt and i find that my mac temp skyrockets the second i launch the game. On average my mac (while playing sc2) will be at the high 90c. I find this kinda a bit tooo hot for comfort.
ingame the game wont let me scroll across the map...I have no idea why any ideas?
My story in short: Late 2007 Macbook Pro with 2GB RAM.

Beta 1: Ran excellent at Medium Settings plus 1920x1080 Res. Had awesome battles and got up to the gold league.

Beta 2: Got cussed out by fellow players to lower my settings down to the point of where EVERYTHING was on the lowest settings and still am getting "You should lower your graphics settings" box. I was on the outer edge of the Bronze league.

Release: All low settings, game lags but it's playable but isn't necessarily enjoyable. The game's supposed to get better throughout development, not worse right? Blizzard, please get your act together on the Mac issue. It shouldn't be like this.

Similar story here!

Summer 2009 Macbook Pro:
4GB Ram
2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
7200 RPM HDD.
9600M GT selected as card under energy saver settings
10.6.3, afraid to update to 10.6.4, if others are saying performance is suffering, I can't imagine it getting much worse

First phases I was able to play just fine, first via boot camp before the mac client became available.

During that last month or so of the Beta performance dropped for almost no reason, I heard about the shaders issue or w/e but honestly have not seen any solid answers on IMPROVEMENT from Blizzard since then. Shame, I'd love to enjoy the campaign and some more hardware intensive custom games, but it just isn't smooth enough to play, no reason the game should be performing this way considering the specs
I've had a very specific crash, where the game crashes whenever I play campaign and a cutscene with that news reporter begins. As soon as he comes up on the screen, the game crashes.

Anyone know why / what to do to fix that?

I've capped fps and have a fan going in the back of my laptop, but that happens anyway, and that's the only time the game really crashes . .
I have same performance issue where when the game hits a cut scene, all game play after is terribly slow. I did find if you minimize the window then go back into full screen, the performance returns. Blizzard, I wasn't aware I bought a beta, but I'm happy to be playing. Please fix soon!

I have a 2.8 Ghz quad core (1 processor) mac pro with Nvidia 8800 GT, 512 Megs Ram, 6 gig ram running 10.6.4.
I wouldn't say I've had the over heating issue. My Macbook Pro does get warm, yes. But even when running Steam games it gets nice and warm with the fans going pretty fast.

I am having an issue where the frame rate drops from 60 to 12 in regular intervals. Every few seconds it'll dip down to 12 and go back up to well over 30's. Anyone else having this issue?

I'm running a Late-2008 Unibody MacBook Pro, 2.53ghz, 4gb ram.
Starcraft II on my brand new unibody Macbook is unplayable. I capped the FPS at 30, all settings are as low as possible. The client launches just fine, but as soon as I exit the loading screen to start a game the graphics get all glitchy and the program will crash within the following minute.

It's odd, I've heard a lot of people who can play Starcraft II on their Macbook, just at the lowest settings.

Just for reference, my specs are:
2.4 Ghrz Core 2 Duo
2 Gigs of Ram
nVidia 320m 256mb VRam

I'd like to point out that theoretically I should be able to run Starcraft II on Medium settings, and I can't even run it on Low.

Microsoft recently had a discount for Windows 7 for students, so I'll be getting that soon. I bet you anything it will run smoothly then, but this is still quite frustrating.
Any way I can revert back to an earlier OS X to avoid these random crashes?
I'm getting massive grey geometric shapes while in multiplayer, which obscure the map completely.

I'm on a 2006 macbook pro with an ATI Radeon 1600.
for whatever reason, my computer crashes every time I try to open the armory console, the lab research console or the laptop you hire mercenaries from, the game crashes. this also happens occasionally when I try to enter a new mission from the holo-table on the bridge
my issue is that hotkeys are conflicting and theres no way to change them. pretty stupid and useless.
StarCraft II
Mac Known Issues
  • No user interface/menus

    • When you log into the game you will see the spaceship, but there is no place to enter your information.Rebooting your system will resolve this issue.

    rebooted nothing worked any other tips and im 9400m geforce just fyi, game has worked fine till 15 mins ago

    EDIT:not sure what happened, opened in windowed mode after i let it sleep all night and now its working, since this is a bug please start working on it asap, we mac users dont like to be kept in the dark just because we are forced to play on a nice laptop
    MAC OS X 10.5.8
    Processor : 2 x 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    Memory : 8 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
    Graphics Card : Nvidia 8800 GTS
    VRAM Total : 512 MB
    total number of cores : 4
    L2 Cache : 4 MB

    Viewsonic VP2650wb :
    Resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz

    I ran beta on nearly Ultra settings very smoothly and that was multiplayer. Cannot even run low settings on Single Player with my copy. Have to sign in on special occasions to my bro's comp to have a game or 2.

    PS anything wrong with my specs?
    I have a problem when I play some missions or maps, paper-thin white blobs covered with pink and lime green plaid obscure large areas of the screen, any help would be greatly appreciated. Is this a known issue that others have? If it is please help.
    When is this thread going to be updated to reflect the *current* known issues? I think there are several large ones that aren't mentioned presently in first post, which sends a lot of people off to repost problems or forces us to dig around for them. It would be helpful to know what's being worked on and what hasn't been brought to attention yet. If you don't plan on keeping this thread current, then please unsticky it and let it die so it isn't just an unusable repository for an amalgam of user end and legit problems.
    I'm having a problem, I start playing the game for a while and all of the sudden the computer exits the game and tells me an issue occured. What is this? Does it have to do with the performance? I'm using SC2 on an Macbook Pro 13 2010 with 9400M nvidia or something like that. Help would be appreciated.
    I have a computer running mac os 10.6.4 and it will not work most of the time in which it freezes my computer and i have to force shutdown it. Some situations have been where a single player video will start and after a little bit i have to force shutdown the whole computer. this happens alot. I mainly have to have it windowed in order to play starcraft 2.

    Can anyone help me?

    i have a ati sapphire 4870 hd 1GB video card and 2GB of memory with a intel core 2 duo processor.
    is your snow leopard 10.6.4 if so they are working on fixes and its graphics card driver issues
    You don't actually need to reset the game however, you can (command+m) to exit full screen and send it to the corner for a time out and then when you cmd+m again to full screen it resets the problem and the countdown to mega lag resets.

    Thanks Freq, that was exactly what I was looking for. That clears up the lag on the cut scenes right away for me.

    I have the same setup, MacPro with 8800GT and 10.6.4.
    In a game, if you type a long message into chat (eg, longer than the box) you don't always see the last few characters of whatever you're typing. I'm running at 2560x1600.

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