Mouse freezes after restarting SC2

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Hi, I installed Starcraft 2 this morning and have been playing through out the day.

I recently took a break, closed Starcraft 2, and then started it again later. After I started it, I began experiencing my mouse 'freezing.' That is, I move the mouse, but the pointer's position doesn't update for roughly 1 second (the time it stays in the same place seems to be constant), and then suddenly it jumps to where it should be.

This occurs regardless of whether Starcraft 2 is open. It didn't begin happening until I restarted my game. I've tried restarting my computer, replugging my mouse (it's a generic PnP Dell mouse), and trying a different mouse (same model). The problem still occurs.

Any ideas on how to fix it? The game is pretty much unplayable, with my pointer freezing every minute or so.
Another note, posted as a reply since editting seems to create a new topic(?)...

dxdiag says both of my mouses are fine. I'm not sure what more to look for.
Mine is doing something similar. The cursor is freezing in one position, but I can still select stuff with an invisible mouse. I can't figure it out either.
Can you try this, rebelyell?
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