Really slow install.

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Hello everyone.

So I am running Windows XP, not sure if that's the issue, but it is taking FOREVER to install. going on 45 minutes and almost at 50%. Anyone have any quick thought as to what the problem could be? I have shut down all other programs...this is pretty much the only thing running.

Thanks a bunch!
I also had a really long install time for the game. Some additional details...

It took approximately two and a half hours to just load the files from the install disc, not including patching up to the latest version. During this time trying to start up any other program (firefox, thunderbird) resulted in extremely slow/no loading of the program.

system: windows xp pro, 32 bit. 4gb ddr2 ram, ATI Radeon HD 3850, AMD 6400+ dual core processor. Some of my drivers are probably not 100% up to date.

Mainly I'm wondering if it would be faster to install via the bnet download as opposed to the disc. Also curious as to if a reinstall is necessary if I'll run into the same very slow load. Don't really want to take that long to do it again :/


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