Smooth Campaign and Custom Game Lag

Technical Support
I can play the campaign just fine, although, when I make a custom game I can't even get my workers to the mineral patch within 20 secs.

I was thinking it is my ISP. I checked my rates and it was at 54 Mbps and still doing this.

Anything helps,

I also wanted to mention that I have 4GB of memory, AMD phenom II X4 3.2 Ghz Quad and Radeon 5770.

Drivers are supposed to be up to date.

I can put the graphics settings on low instead of ultra(default) and still get this lag.

Please help
I have the same computer but, I have a AMD phenom II X4 3.4. I am getting pretty bad frames per second. I got better frames in the beta. I hope Blizzard will optimize this game correctly.


I have set all of my settings in my video command center to "HIGH PERFORMANCE," still fps is bad. I hope blizzard will at least optimize. (I can run Crysis with 100fps, Tf2 300 fps, and the list goes on)

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