[LAN] SLCN.SYF Domination Cup 29/11/2014


Silicon Sports and SYF GAMING with sponsors Village Cinemas, Blizzard ANZ, Tt eSports and MC Internet Cafe 2 are proud to present the inaugural Domination Cup. Something we hope will be a regular occurrence on the StarCraft II LAN tournament calendar.

Enter the Domination Cup Now at http://siliconsports.net/domination-cup

What: StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm 32 Player LAN Tournament
When: 29th November 2014
Where: MC Internet Cafe 2
Watch: twitch.tv/SiliconSports

The tournament will kick off on Saturday November 29 at MC Internet Cafe 2 with entry at $25 per player. Entry covers computer usage for the day, prize pool, prizes and access to the StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone tournaments. The main event will be a Double Elimination Tournament format where all rounds are a Best of 3 until the finals. The Third Place Play-off & Grand Final will be a Best of 5.

Cash prizes will be paid out to the top four and the winner will also walk away with the Domination Cup trophy to commemorate the victory. Those who don’t make the top four will be eligible for random prize draws from our sponsors.

But the fun doesn’t stop there as we will be also running a casual Hearthstone tournament for all tournament players as well. This will be a basic deck, Best of 1 tournament with some Blizzard Loot up for grabs. Entry is included with the SC2 tournament entry.

We would love to make this a premier tournament ($1000+ prize pool) and are hoping those who can spare a few dollars here and there to donate to the prize pool. You can donate here (http://siliconsports.net/product/donations/) if you wish.

Spectators are welcome to join us at MC Internet Cafe, so come down and say ‘Hi!’. If you can’t make it to the LAN itself, we will be casting the action live on twitch.tv/SiliconSports with Insano casting the action with special guests through out the day.

For full tournament details and rules please visit the official Domination Cup landing page http://siliconsports.net/domination-cup

For further information or sponsorship enquiries, please contact info@siliconsports.net.


Village Cinemas (http://villagecinemas.com.au)
Blizzard ANZ (http://twitter.com/Blizzard_ANZ)
Tt eSports (https://www.facebook.com/Thermaltakeau)
MC Internet Cafe (https://www.facebook.com/pages/MC-Internet-Cafe/103231826426947)
Meet the Players Interview Series

Apoc - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-apoc
Redemption - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-redemption/
Pezz - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-pezz/
MightyKiwi - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-mightykiwi/
Soundwave - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-soundwave/
Rival - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-rival/
Phoenix - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-phoenix/
Kez - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-kez/
Petrify - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-petrify/
Alopex - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-theplayers-alopex/
PiG - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-pig/
Pox - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-pox/
UMADBRO - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-umadbro/
Law - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-law/
Kreamy - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-kreamy/
StoicWilly- http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-stoicwilly/

Results TBA
Dam it Rez, I just started Heroes =P

This looks great, Silicon always run the best events.
11/07/2014 10:11 PMPosted by Twoezy
Dam it Rez, I just started Heroes =P

This looks great, Silicon always run the best events.

Cheers! You can play SC2 and then go back to Heroes - I am sure I'll be up for a game or two during the day ;)
Just play both! The tournament looks great Rez, hope you have an awesome turn out!
11/11/2014 04:41 PMPosted by Arcagnion
Just play both!

If they let me move the Heroes minimap to the correct SC2 side I would =P
11 days to go and its time we start checking out who will be playing for the Domination Cup on November 29.

Meet the players: Apoc - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-apoc
Meet the players: Redemption - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-redemption/
Meet the Players: Pezz - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-pezz/
Meet the Players: MightyKiwi - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-mightykiwi/
Thanks for the updates Rez, I'll be tuning in on the 29th.
There are plenty more! Its a good way to give a bit of a story about the players in the lead up to the event.

Meet the Players: Soundwave - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-soundwave/
Meet the Players: Rival - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-rival/
Meet the Players: Phoenix - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-phoenix/
Meet the Players: Kez - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-kez/
Meet the Players: Petrify - http://siliconsports.net/2014/11/meet-the-players-petrify/
The line up looks pretty strong, I would say Pig is the fav atm but there are a so many dark horses.
I got a feeling it's the year of Probe as his clan name suggests.
Meet the Players: Alopex - http://slcn.pro/15hpGz6
Less than 4 days to go until the Domination Cup kicks off in Melbourne. There are only 8 spots left in the bracket with$1500 in prizes up for grabs on the day across the StarCraft & Hearthstone tourneys including loot from Blizzard, MC Internet Cafe & Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand!

All skill levels welcome! Bring your friends, meet up with fellow gamers and join us for what will be an awesome day of LAN action!
Meet the Players: PiG - http://slcn.pro/1C3EkZj

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