no select mode/race button...

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All of a sudden under the quickmatch mutliplayer search the is no select mode (1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 ffa) and the is no select race button showing up either.

ive been playing fine all day and now all of a sudden i cant search for matchs because i have no race / mode selected.

and on my profile (in game) it says i have no league games played... I have over 800...

i have already logged in/out and restarted the game. no effect.

anyone else experience this problem ?
just happened to me too
The same thing happened to me a few minutes ago. I tried running the repair tool but it did not seem to fix the problem.
Just happened to me about 10 minutes ago, I wanna rank up already I'm 5-0 against all higher ranked players today
just happened to me too, a bnet wide issue maybe?
Wow, created a thread with exact same problem just before you did. That means were all experiencing the same thing at the same time.

Mac users are having a hard time with sc2... Third time the game stops working until blizz finds a workaround.
^^^ same here
same thing in the other tec support forum, maybe its just bnet
Same thing here.

Can't click on "Find Match" or "Map Preferences".
Same here. Starcraft has been fairly unreliable on my mac as well.
fixed now
same here for one week

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