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Great post!

Thank you for taking the time to do this, I'm sure it will help many of the lower lvl players like my self.

Thanks. I'll be referring to this often.


This is a great guide for a lot of the basic Terran macro principles. I like the fact that you did not go into any specific build orders or counter-unit strategies as it leaves room for interpretation for other players.

A+ and Liked (for all the posts)
If you ever see replays of HasHe, he plays a hugely heavy macro style, almost akin to Zerg. Very entertaining to watch and certainly fits the theme of this thread. His stream is linked to TL if any of you are interested.
Thanks for breaking it into chunks with nice paragraphs :) i can't read ones that are just continuous, cuz i always lose track :P
I think I learned a bunch about protoss macro as much as terran macro! Great job!
Posted by imsux
I woulda said tl;dr for just one of those walls but wow I got ninjaed by like 6 walls of text - very nicely done.

So, taking into account that I didn't read much of that

1) make lots of scvs and make them mine stuff

2) Mules go mine stuff too

3) 5dddaaa

4) 6sssss




5 = my barracks hotkey

6= cc

That is all the macro you need for terran beyond simcitying.

Which is any different from protoss or zerg? oh wait replace mules with larva inject or chrono boost, and for zerg hot key all hatches.
sdddddddd, oh wait getting attacked szzzzzzzzzzzz. hmm need mutalisks. sttttttttttttt. get a life.
Yes this should help all aspireing players wishing to be Terran low dimond and below in some way. Nice post.

Now if only we could get someone to do one for the zerg and protoss.
Excellent post, i think i knew most of this stuff before, but you putting it all into numbers and explanationing it out helps me grasp it all.
P.S. This "1/1/1" build that people eloquently named is actually called the Destiny Cloudfist build, its a common mistake that peeps make. :D
Well this combined with he other stuff you have helped me with has really helped. I think one thing that really helped was the DON'T CUE!!!! Thanks for all the help!
thx for the write up. very intense and in-depth
Thanks :D
Love it man, though I recently switched over to Protoss
I know for a fact this will work up until the high diamond level, with few exceptions. I have little experience playing 2k+, but I'd assume, from watching replays, it is still viable there as well. I'd love to have some feedback from those 2K+ diamonds who have actually tried macro styles up there and know how it works/ doesn't work.

Coming from a 2k who focusses on Macro. I greatly despise the 3 rax openers. 1-1-1 into expand is what I usually do and then I add more factories and starports as i transition nto my third expansion. However, pressuring is needed in a macro game, especially against Zerg, because mutaling/bane is just ridiculous to handle at the moment. I'm sure most Terrans would agree and Muta magic box is also a load of BS.

Macro will win you 90% of your games, just learn your expansion times and how to defend it and saturate it.

Ps - great post, even for high level players.
hard to get some good stuff out of it but all in all it was really good
Thanks! Very helpful.

I was loosing very often and I realized it was b/c my macro sucked! I could micro all day but it's to no avail if I don't have the macro-numbers to boost it.

Been working on it since and it has proven successful.

Post helped me to take my macro now to the next level.
I look forward to working on a lot of this. Thanks for taking the time to post.
Awesome post, just finished reading it all and it has lots of good tips!
Good stuff, haven't played in months and this may have just made me stray away from CoD and go back to SC2!!!

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