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My biggest problem is never building enough production facilities. When I lose my army and have 2k mins in the bank I think... Hmmm, why can I only build 3 marines at a time, xD.
Well no more, xD.
Very great post! You've helped me allot!!
That is one very long guide, nice.
omg this is awesome
awesome guide man. this is very helpful to lower leauges... like me.
Well jegus, that's epic.

I'm bronze myself, and low at that, so obviously I need improvement. Micro-wise I'm usually very capable, but my usual gaming partner is an ultra-macro-heavy toss player-- and I'm weakest at macro right now. I've been learning more or less everything you listed here through games with and against him, especially multiple production and avoiding queues, but it's extremely helpful to see it all laid out so clearly.

Having played a macro-heavy FFA recently against (mostly) a Zerg player, even without all the nicely-arrayed points of this guide I quickly realized that:
a) My own production soared, and I had so many floating resources I frankly didn't know what to do with them
b) I was destined to lose, as Zerg had 6 expos compared to my 4 by endgame
c) My normally effective combat micro kill rate was immensely aided by instant loss replenishment and an overall more effective build

Also, though I agree that marines and siege are unbalanced at the moment, Terran tier 3 can be fine depending on exact usage. BC's are too slow, but en masse the damage output is frankly ridiculous, especially compared to that of other tier 3 (BL or Carrier mobs). And Thors are always great.

Thanks for writing such an awesome summary!
Extremely good post, thanks for the time and effort needed to put this together.

I am high gold and familiar with many of the concepts you mentioned, however it seems like recently I hit a ceiling which is probably caused by the sum of a few small mistakes and/or not having enough structure into my macro game, I feel your post will definitely help with this.

I wish there were many more posts like yours, instead of a bunch of QQing crap in these forums.
Well organized. Although there was nothing that I did not know, this analysis will definitely help people grasp the basics of macro.
Excellent thread here, I'm constantly adapting new macro styles
This was an amazing read. Some of the concepts were simple but the amazing part is they opened my eyes to thinking about Terran macro in a more specific scientifc way. I run into a lot of problems with deciding on how many unit producing structures I should build based on my economy. It never occurred to me to sit down as you did and calculate these out. I usually just decide on the fly which leaves me either without enough structures or with too many to support with all of those wasted minerals in structures that can't build. These concepts should at least help me tune and refine my builds so I can start losing games because of poor micro instead or macro issues. :)
have anyone try 2 barrack fast planetary fortress rush?

remember to abuse pf to the maximum before it get nerf XD
Very nice post :)

I'm a Zerg player, so it didn't help me all too much, but my buddy is doing his practice matches as Protoss at the moment, so I'm sure that parts of this will be really helpful to him :)
impressive. I've been wanting to write one of these for Protoss for a while but have not found the time to.
This is much better than people just telling you to build at whatever supply count.

How does anyone think about the 2 rax FE build? I've been messing around with it in random 2v2's and found it very good build, much like the 1 gate FE of toss. With 2 rax constantly making units it shouldn't be too hard to defend the expo plus a couple of bunkers. after the expo goes up get 2 more rax or factories and start macroing up. It may lose to very aggressive early play but IMO the advantage is worth the risk.
2 Rax FE is a very good FE build, probably the best FE we have.

I'm more into 1-rax FE though, and I'm not afraid to use that at cross positions on large maps.
Dude, phenomenal post man. Thanks for all of the time you put into this and all the great info you're sharing.


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