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Started to read but then..... it kept getting longer and longer then I found the reply bow.
I read the entire guide and it is good stuff. A lot of it is common sense, but the part about your income rate and how many production buildings you can support per base is useful. I never really went into a replay and watched the income tab based on how many workers were mining minerals, but I had a good sense of when a mineral field was saturated.
12/30/2010 3:47 PMPosted by James
lol terrans need a guide to tell them what macro is. pro

Yea, because Terran macro is actually harder. All you have to do is take another base. We have to take a base and build buildings to make troops.

And i love how you make it seem like Zerg are macro experts. Like there are no lower league Zerg players struggling to learn it.
Was gonna see what this was about, but then it looked so long. And it didn't have pictures like the guide on this site. I'll learn as i go, thank you
Don't mid James he just trolls terran forums all day.
This is an amazing post. Thank you!
I cant download your replays!
hopfully u can make the art of protoss macro same time since most protoss players i see are micro players :)
12/20/2010 4:07 PMPosted by TheWookie
Very very long but I think I learned alot especially from the whole how much income do you need for X.

honestly a lot of players have trouble knowing what they can afford on what

for instance,

collosus, carrier, stalker
is too expensive (probably for even 2 bases)

I can tell you that, in fact, you cant afford constant production on base with this, as a matter of fact you can barley afford just the medivacs (200, 200 per min if you constantly building 400, 400 with reactor and you only get about 266ish gas a min from 2 refinery)

has a good tool for what you can afford on x bases and you can set if for gold patch's too

while you cant use it irl because you want to also expand (so getting 100% effectiveness would hurt that but is usually good because some times your macro slips) you can at-least look at a strat or unit composition and say, I cant afford that
Terran is OP only when you let them build an enormous army. If you're any other race and you let a Terran army build up 15 siege tanks and mass marines, how can you call them imbalanced?
Watch Day[9]'s cast about Banelings. He states that the unit composition may not even matter when you have fully lost 15 minutes prior to actually saying GG.
12/31/2010 2:20 AMPosted by Decebal
I cant download your replays!

Is the site not letting you download them?
You should just be able to click download, and it'll give you an option to open with Blizzard launcher (only works if game is closed) or to save.

If you save, to to your documents, starcraft 2, account, numbers, numbers, till you see replays, save it in mutliplayer and it'll be in your replay pack when you launch game
you could easily make a strategy guide out of all this and publish it.
I got all the macro master things like Terran macromaster,Zerg macromaster, and protoss macromaster and I say that it was to easy to get they should make it harder.
12/31/2010 3:54 AMPosted by DreamRaider
hopfully u can make the art of protoss macro same time since most protoss players i see are micro players :)

Honestly, this guide is helpful for everyone, even Z, it just takes longer for Z's income to outpace its production capabilities.

While it's true that much of it has a Terran flavor, the basic ideas behind it are fully applicable elsewhere. Just use your head :)
12/30/2010 3:47 PMPosted by James
lol terrans need a guide to tell them what macro is. pro

Excuse me sir but we definitely know our macro and it's pretty complex! Man you zergs will never know how stressful it is to see our OC's at full energy and go 'crap! I need to catch up!' and throw down 12 mules at a gold expansion, suddenly see 3k minerals and have to pull 10 scvs off the line and make barracks then double click and hit C to make the reactors and hold down A for the next 5 minutes + A move + T!

Dude you have no idea how stressful it is...
I am currently a bronze and #20 in my League & Division. Honesty my midgame sucks, BIG TIME. I appreciated your post, thank you. Good work. I was able to download all your replay and watch it using 1st person view. Trying to visualize what u were going through. Thanks again, great help!
thank you winter born!!!!!! I am a total noob so...

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