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Hello fellow starcrafters! Id first like to give a tiny background on myself to keep it 100!
I no longer play, I just watch due to PC being down.
I was a toss player, although enjoyed Zerg as well (toss was diamond)

This thread is designated to explore the future of Protoss regarding the healing mechanic (or lack of)

Protoss is the only race that does NOT have some way to heal lost HP, whether in combat or out of combat.
This puts Protoss in situations, especially near end game, where retreating successfully can be just as harmful to the success of the future Protoss army as if the units stayed and died. Retreating and saving a dozen stalkers with <50% hp missing can make their next attack/defense even many minutes later, feel very handicapped as the units are heavily damaged and thus devalue the strength of the army.

Now, a few understood statements to help us in finding a way to fix this mechanical flaw in Protoss play
- Zerg units heal passively, more so on creep, and also have active healing options such as Queen/Burrow
-Terran bio can heal passively, and also has heavy on the spot healing in the form of SCV mass repair and Medivacs
-Protoss only has 1 way to regenerate any damage, and that's passive and only applies to shields
-Protoss does NOT need an active, combat ready heal
-Protoss DOES need a way to replenish HP, in a way that does not require huge changes in game programming, playstyle, or unit/spell additions


Any Protoss unit within range of 3-5 pylons is given a passive regeneration to their HIT POINTS (NOT shields)
Units within range of 3 pylons regenerate at similar speed of zerg bio off creep
Units within range of 4 pylons regenerate at similar speed of zerg on creep
Units within range of 5 pylons regenerate at similar speed of burrowed zerg units
The healing effect does not trigger on any units affecting by combat within the last 20 seconds
This "Mechanic" can either be upgraded via cyber core, free passive from the get go, or however else you guys think it could be implemented

How I personally feel this is as balanced as I can make it (Open to suggestions, please)
1. Given it takes 3 pylons, units to be within the pylon range, and the out of combat trigger, this mechanic would not benefit Protoss on an aggressive engagement across the map
2. It allows Protoss to make interesting building placements within their own base
3. It allows versatile play through giving Protoss options to create little "Healing nodes" at strategic places around the map, opening up players to im sure numerous innovative ways of creating prolonged attacks and split attacks more interesting
4. It does not make it practical to abuse my 4th tip all over, as an investment of 4-5 pylons at remote spots would be needed to POSSIBLY aid the Protoss army

Please let me know if you guys like it, or even if you don't, Let me know ways to tweak it, scrap it, or even add more ideas.

I strongly feel Protoss NEEDS a way to regenerate lost hit points, as it is a silly mechanic to essentially have to sacrifice units end game to make room for units with more hit points, just to give yourself a fighting chance in an equal army supply fight. Also sad to know if you manage to save half your army and they are terribly damaged, they can no longer be as effective, unlike every other combat unit from zerg/terran.



Now, why I feel this is balanced
Hm...., I think the reason why protoss doesn't have anything to heal themself in the first place is because it requires player to be more micro intensive, especially in mid and early game. T needs medivac because they have stim and their bio unit has low HP, similar reason apply to Z. Protoss, on the other hand has high HP and shield unit right from the

start in exchange for low dps (stalker is the perfect example), another reason is the BALL, imagine your colo can withstand more damage than I could right now. I also play T aside from P so I know the pain, with 4 colossi, the protoss player can burn a whole bio army with a few shots, vikings can deal with them but it takes time and need some proper micro. However, I think your suggestion is quite interesting but it looks like it can encourage turtle Protoss *giggle (which I never seen before)
Appreciate the input man! I do disagree with some points though. Micro or not, units take damage. Being able to heal units post fight at a fair rate based on the pylon idea just doesn't punish Protoss players in future engagements.

Also, any point regarding the strength/weakness I feel is invalid, as this idea would not affect engagements, due to the out of combat timer, along with the reasonably slow regen rate to begin with.

Again, the goal of this idea is not to "buff" the strength of a Protoss army in any engagement. It just allows Protoss to be able to be able to retreat without feeling like they are now at a disadvantage despite saving some units. Imagine a thor you invested all that money in, surviving a fight and going back tgo base with 40hp....and not being able to repair it. Despite the thor surviving the engagement, properly returning him to base, and having ample time with him out of combat, he is still essentially now useless. Just taking up army supply that could be used for a "better" thor.

Thanks again for the input! Any suggestions?
Being able to heal unit is good, but using pylons feel somewhat OP to me, because in late game, when you have lots of resource, warping in a bunch of pylons is no big deal, and protoss could enage or lure enemy to the area around them. I think it should be a spell from nexus (cost: 50 energy) that can affect the area around it, imagine you mass recalled and your army can also replenish HP. What do you think?
I actually like that idea to be honest. I see what you are saying about warping in pylons late game being easier, but 2 things regarding that. 1 would be in order to warp those pylons in to be effective, you spend 500 minerals. If a fight is that close , I would think 5 zealots would be far more effective than pylons, especially because the pylons do not heal while in combat, and have a timer, so it would not affect the fight , nor would it help a Protoss retreat, again due to the 20+ second out of combat cooldown, so no healing upon active retreat.

And about the lure; luring would cause no different outcome, as again the heal does not apply to a unit until 20+ seconds of no combat, so if they engaged you at your "trap" the pylons would be zero use, as every unit would be engaging in combat.

I do like your idea too as well, and I am very surprised this thread attracted nobody else from Protoss or other races that are tired "(like me) of seeing Protoss armies, minutes after no combat, walking around in the red/yellow...or maybe im just OCD
02/13/2015 10:47 AMPosted by BROZILLA
I am very surprised this thread attracted nobody else from Protoss or other races that are tired "(like me) of seeing Protoss armies, minutes after no combat, walking around in the red/yellow...or maybe im just OCD

People care, they are just fed up with new "suggestion" that swarm up after the LotV trailer, players are now more curious about "how to" or "why" thread like this , maybe because player's ideas are extremely difficult to be approved, unless it can attract a significant number of people who like it a lot.
Walk it down to a 1, 2, 3 pylon ability instead.
Yea, guess you are right on point there. I know the feeling of being ignored from many years of playing WoW =D

Well it was an interesting idea, and made me think about your nexus targeted heal as well. Maybe one day someone from blizzard will either see one of these ideas and run with it and make it work or god at least see the thread name and wake up to the fact that toss needs some out of combat heals!!

1-2-3 pylon would work, I just think it would not encourage toss to build pylons any differently, as a base can have areas of 2-3 pylon shine without even thinking, but again 1-2-3 is just as untested as 3-4-5 , and since im not a developer, I wont get to ever see it in action for myself =(
If I had more time, I would love to imply some changes to the game myself through modding, unfortunately, I can't even play 6-7 games per week now *sigh
Going to revive this thread and idea.

My suggestion is: Anything that is within pylon range (units and building) regenerate at zerg healing speed (1hp every 3 game second if I remember it right).

The unit repair/healing should be a research (to be used only for mid to late game). Potentially a separate upgrade for buildings could be implemented, or get both in the same upgrade.

I created a thread about a scout that has 10/10 HP 40/40 health 3 attack ranged, super fast, but is a preserver from the arena game in arcade mode. This unit would be a scout but can heal shields as AN ACTIVE ability. They allow probes to concentrate on working while they can go scout the enemy.
  • The attack is an upgrade (so midge rushes with adepts would cause havoc!)
  • Anyway this makes it so the Protoss don't devalue. It's easy to counter because the Protoss would have to deal with Zerg swarming them, or other Thors/ siege tanks trying to kill them. They'd be a unit that can 'heal' buildings. It's like the shield batteries, and the best part is that it fits in with the Protoss storyline as there's a preserver master in the ranks of the heroes in the storyline
      the breakdown
      25/25 energy 1 recharge battery use 0/25 energy left and recharges somewhat quickly with (perhaps a suggested upgrade but idk that might not work. )
      When it's used this 'shield heal' would allow units to be healed. for late game use.
      Preservers would be cheap so you can build a lot of them since they are in the scout class in and of themselves they aren't that much but like 1-2 supply and 75 minerals or 50 min and 25 gas would allow a swarm of them, and be able to heal. However they're not strong and they aren't front line soldiers.

      They also help make immortals better.
      Why pylons as this mechanic is dumb. It's just plain OP people will cry OP.
      [ul] Protoss could build in the center with the death ball.
    Mechanic dead already. Buildings are passive and boring. Protoss already kinda are turtles a turtle mechanic would make the game worse.
    Having a regenerating shield and hp that can't be healed or repair is one of the core characteristics of the protoss race in the game. It balances the trait of having strong expensive units.

    It forces a players to value almost every unit he has. The protoss doesn't need repair or healing on HP but another Shield mechanic.

    I say just bring back the Shield generator from broodwar, as protoss are restricted of making offensive moves and relying on all in timings or wait until they gather enough for deathballs because their bases can be expose to counters.

    Zerg has queens and movable crawlers and terrans can repair defenses. And both races can manage to divide their units into 2 or 3 minor forces, while protoss needs to gather nearly all its units to make a push effective.

    The MScore recall, and overcharge isn't enough imho. As an opponent can simply make a counter on a protoss base and forces a recall and the protoss offensive is neutralized. The nexus with overcharge has long range indeed but it can only fire so much, its just another cannon with limited firing time.

    With shield generator protoss players can leave a handful of units for defense and can increase their durability while another force can do damage.
    .... it`s fair to get healed inside Pylones ... even if Pylone get an upgrade to replace shield with health by one click on Pylones , it makes things better thou ...
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