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i have though of a very wierd idea for reapers
what if reapers can hit air
what if reapers can throw d-8charge for whatever it is like it was in vultures
reapers have 3 charges to throw.
this way reapers will be used in a terran army for some back up
also is reapers are AA then zerg will have more trouble with MMM instead of winning all the time
i think blizzard should make reapers shoot air and give them a research for grenades that do the same damage as the grenades that are thrown at building. they should also take out speed cause it is impossible for banelings to hit reapers
12/24/2010 6:21 PMPosted by ArconTe
D-8 Charges are a good idea for a replace to spider mines, But the problem is that you cast them instantially. So that would rofl stomp zerg armies.. Imagine 5 reapers, put down d-8 charges behind some hydras, they all blow up and die with no lose.

how about a 3-5 second warning before it explodes and it shows where that will make it microable but also very dangerous for harras ment as well
like a tiny nuke dropping
I'd like the reapers in HotS to do some sort of splash damage such hitting a unit behind the target and dealing something like half damage. This way they are still good for harass but aren't one shoting workers with 3 reapers. And just think, if you could position them correctly you could even hit spell casters as well as letting them be mixed in bio balls especially in TvT. Any thoughts?
meh would be fun but seems so ridiculous, imagine the arm you would need to throw a grenade at a flying unit! i mean its already pretty unfathomable that marines could hit air with an assault rifle but throwing a grenade that high would be impossible.

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