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If you look at my profile, it says I have played 7 league games, but in truth I have only played 2. I have had so many game crashes, and crashing of my computer, its pissing me off enough to make a post about it.

Every single league game I play has some sort of error from the beginning. Be it, my units disappear when i go over a random patch of terrain, or i dont even see some minerals or vespine guisers. Some times my units randomly chill in the air, yea they dont touch the ground, they are high up on my screen chillen with the clouds.

Every other game I play works just fine, this is the only game that does this. Weirdest part is, these problems never occurred during beta (well the disappearing units were there, but no computer/game crashing). So I need a solution, so i can correctly play league and have it accurately display my skill level and not my skill level based on errors.

Dxdiag: http://i30.tinypic.com/5amedj.jpg (windows vista)

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