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I know that there are tons of threads about the awful performance of SC2 on the mac, and I know it's not all Blizzard's fault, that it's partly 10.6.4, partly NVIDIA, whatever.

This thread is about NEW issues with the retail version that weren't present in the beta. For example, once I get a couple of pylons, like 5 or 6 near each other, I get massive lag whenever I select a pylon or warp in a unit (when the power fields are shown) that slows the game to a crawl, like 2 frames per second. This is on near lowest settings.

I used to be able to play on my NVIDIA 9400m with a good looking config that had some shaders enabled, but now that's unplayable. Has anyone else noticed these issues, and can Blizzard post on when we can expect a fix? Maybe they forgot something simple, like precompiled shaders at the beginning of phase 2?

This release has been really disappointing. Random freezes during placement matches don't help.
I was just about to post about this same issue when I read yours.

Everything works fine on mine, if I play around with the graphics. I have to set some to low and some to medium. (Much below what the system recommends I use) I have the 2010 MacBook pro with a 512 mb 320M.

But no matter what I do, the moment I have a few pylons grouped together, the system lags badly, so badly in fact that I can't even play Protoss in MP at the moment.

As you said, I don't recall that problem happening in beta, so it must be something new.

I'm considering installing windows on bootcamp, but I'm not sure if the hassle will be worth it. :/
I ran perfectly during phase 1, but I don't know what could have caused it to get messed up in phase 2 and retail. I'm starting to get paranoid... maybe it was Kotick's idea.
The hassle is worth it if you are serious about enjoying the game as it should be, Rayek. Nobody knows when the problems will be solved.
But no matter what I do, the moment I have a few pylons grouped together, the system lags badly, so badly in fact that I can't even play Protoss in MP at the moment.

I fixed this once mid-game by turning down effects and some other setting to low, and the lag was significantly reduced. It was basically gone, but I haven't tested it that much.
I was able to play the game around 40 fps under low texture settings and everything else medium during the phase 2...but now the game crashes more after I paid 60 dollars for it. Please tell me there is a patch in the works...I can handle having to set my settings lower but when it just outright crashes I get mad. A released game should not crash.
I'll throw in a vote for "worse than phase 2."

In Phase 1, I actually had good performance (MacBookPro5,1 w/ upgraded 2.8GHz CPU), but insane heat issues. In Phase 2, the heat issues went away, presumably because the frame rate cap was working (finally).

Now with the actual release of the game, we're back to Phase 1 issues - hitting 90°C in the frickin' menu!

Again, in terms of frame rate, I am having no issues and the game looks beautiful. It just sucks to hit 90+ on the CPU temp and have to run maxed fans (thus requiring headphones, and even then mostly just hearing the fans!) to be able to play.

I too hope there is a patch in the works. I haven't done any multi-player in the actual release. I'm much more interested in the campaign mode right now. I just want the heat issues resolved like they were in phase 2 of the beta!
When the beta was out, i had everything on low along with maybe some shaders on. I have a Macbook 13in with Geforce 9400M and everything ran so smoothly throughout the beta. Now its horrible. Any battle with more than 20 units, everything lags beyond belief. I just got done with the 3 mission and i was getting annoyed. Hopefully there is a patch or something to make it how it was during the beta phase.
So there's definitely something wrong with the retail version compared to beta phase 2, since all these errors and lags are new. Omnissiah, you can add 2 lines to your Variables.txt in ~/Documents/Blizzard/StarCraft II to cap your framerate:

You can make them anything you want; the "glue" one refers to the menu's framecap whereas frameratecap is the absolute maximum framerate. That will prevent video card cooking; you can lower either as you see fit.
beta played just fine on my 8-core macpro3,1 8800gt running 10.6.3

Now in 10.6.4, loaded up the first single player level with default recommended settings and am getting less than 1 frame a second.

So Blizzard, hey, over here! Can we have some word on when a patch is coming to bring performance back to beta level? I mean come on. I get a beat for free and it plays better than the version I pay $60 for? That's really unacceptable.
Definitely noticing worse performance than phase 2 (and that seemed to be down from phase 1). I used to get a steady frame rate of 30-35 fps on my MBP mid 2009 with the 9600M GT, medium settings. Now I only get up to 25, frequently dipping to 10-15.
I hope Blizzard doesn't keep blaming this all on Apple and NVIDIA, because the performance discrepancy between the beta and retail is huge, and nothing else has changed. As little space as I have on my Windows partition, I may download all 12gigs again just to play with the settings my machine can actually push.
i would have to agree, definitely lower fps then beta.
Okay, this answers a few questions I've had. But how many of these issues (especially the macbook cooking itself... and my lap!) are rectified or at least mitigated by installing it on my bootcamp partition?
EnigMoiD, thanks for the advice, but I had already put the frame rate cap lines in my Variables.txt file, just as I had done since Beta Phase 1.
@Omnissiah: Odd, since I did it for mine and the main menu is definitely framecapped at 30.

@DebtMonkey: If you install it on your bootcamp partition (and add those two lines I mentioned in an earlier post) you'll be able to cap your framerate and keep your machine from cooking (at least it will cook less) and the game will play smoother on higher settings because Blizzard actually cares about PC performance, and the drivers are better.
Running on a brand new 27'' iMac.
Runs amazing.
Never had a problem yet, beta or retail.
Performance was the best in phase 1.
Phase 2 was bad....
I would say performance is between phase 1 and phase 2, it just cant get worse from phase 2.

I do have the issue with the multiple pylons....wish that gets fixed fast :(.

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