Howto Install 2 clients of SC2 ? US + LA

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I Buy 2 CD-Keys, im installed and using the US Client and Key.

I need to play with LA friends, but i dont know how install 2 clients of the game?

Need help!
Hey Kliff,

Here is a forum post where someone asked a similar question (He wanted to play US and Australia)

And here is something someone said on that thread:
I've got both an American account, and a Taiwanese account. It is dependent on the account locale.
Live in the US. Both Beta keys were US bound.

I don't know if it's true, but I thought I'd try to help :) Goodluck!
hey! its nof found!

i need a blue post plzzzzzzzzzz
Im having the same problem. Install a copy on my son computer working fine added it to battle net account. Then installed a 2nd copy on my computer & can not add my copy to the battle net account manager. keeps telling me i already have.

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