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I have been playing for a couple missions now but as soon as Tosh showed up everything went all freaky. I say this is a driver or possible video card issue as this problem only happens on the Hyperion itself.

What happens is that all of the characters are replaced by these white orbs or bubbles assuming what I would say would be each in game character's space or coding "zone" if thats the right terminology. It is still possible to talk to characters but all I am looking at is the white bubble itself.

Also cutscenes are cut short as the subtitle alluding to a scene in the Cantena will appear on screen but I just find myself looking at an white bubble infested Hyperion room. Much of the environment itself is intact as I am able to click on the Star Map and select Tosh's mission or the very first mission of the game on Mar Sara (Not sure why that is there.)

Any help would be appreciated and I am relatively sure its a driver issue so I am updating again. Extra feedback would be appreciated and I could probably get some screenshots if it would help on your guy's end.

Driver update was a no go.
Same thing happened to me last night. It was after I completed "The Dig" mission. Well really started during it. I thought it was odd I couldn't build ANYTHING. The option screen from the SCV's were blacked out. So I just assumed it was a "this is how you play this mission" issue.

Afterwards when I entered the ship I experienced the same issue as the OP. Even got a screenshot of it.

Before coming here I did a repair and updated my drivers. Still having the same issues.
Hello TheMechanic and Scythe,

Go ahead and try running the SCII repair utility. This may just be a case of corrupted files.

Also, if you have a screenshot, can you post it on a site like imageshack or such and link it here? I would like to see if anyone else has had reports of this occurring.

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