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Why does blizzard make everyone suffer because of what pirates do? It's so unfair.. I paid money for this game and I did NOTHING wrong, and I know the game can be played offline.. it's just sad that blizzard purposely leaves out features just because they're afraid of pirates -- as if they didn't make boatloads of cash off SCII as is... I really like SCII, and I'm not going to say I'll "never buy another blizzard product" because that would be a lie, but I hate being punished for what pirates do.

Because you know what blizzard? People who don't pay for your game are going to find ways to hack it anyway -- the only thing you've ended up doing is severely inconvenience the legit users.
I am having a similar, but slightly different, problem w/ offline play. Please help.

I originally installed the game on my desktop and registered it there. I can play in offline mode on my desktop.

Then, I installed the game on my laptop so I could play while I travel. My internet was down the other day, and I found I couldn't play offline like I could on my desktop. Same problem as everyone else now - asking me to activate my account, yet when I go to the my game is already registered/activated.

Any suggestions? I didn't read every single post (Got tired of the same thing over and over) so please no flaming if this has already been listed/answered.

I leave town for military training and for work often and would like to be able to play during off-duty hours. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Ok, you have to log into your account through the game. then you log out...once you do this, it will bring you back to the connect screen with you email address and click on play as guest. It will ask you to select guest 1, 2 or 3. Have fun!
People who bought the game to play on long train trips with no internet can't play the game, and these alleged fixes don't work when you power off and power up again. You should not have to worry about identity fraud or spyware just to play a single player campaign. I bought most of what Blizzard made going back to Warcraft 1. It will be a cold day in hell before I buy Diablo, Warcraft or anything else buy these people unless they release a patch to fix this.
For what little gaming I do after work, I have a console in the living room.

Blizzard, fix this or you will lose lots of customers. And if we ever get any malware on our computers because of BattleNet, there WILL be a class action lawsuit.
You don't have the internet at home? Not even a really cheap dialup?

It's 2010. The Internet is pretty much core to being a modern human.

LOL, so naive, and clueless. Open a map, and take a look at it, see all those places with trees and water and hills and stuff? Yeah. Not everyone lives within the confines of a metropolis.

I still can't believe this has gone on this long with no fast fix. Is it really this hard? Or is it they don't care about their customers needs at all. Haven't been able to play since patch 103.

Terrible service.
Ok, you have to log into your account through the game. then you log out...once you do this, it will bring you back to the connect screen with you email address and click on play as guest. It will ask you to select guest 1, 2 or 3. Have fun!

Why do people keep acting like this is a solution?! This is NOT a solution! To do this, you have to have internet access! Sorry, but before I leave on vacation or training or whatever else it is, I don't want to have to log on, then leave my computer on constantly during hibernate just to play the freaking game. I don't want to have to refuse to shut my computer down, or worry about some error occuring and the game force closing, or anything else that won't allow me to start back up and play. Stop acting like this is an acceptable work around - it isn't.

Edit: Thank you for offering the suggestion, though.
I am in the us navy. there is no internet connection while out to sea. why do i have to wait 6 months to play a game i payed for?
I'm in a dorm that doesnt let me connect to, which is all find and dandy... But now i cannot play offline.... I HAVE the INTERNET and I PAID FOR the GAME and still can't play.
As told in another post, Blizzard should be actually fix it in the next patch... you will be able to play offline!
This is simply insanity. It worked n my brother's computer, but it won't work on mine. What's up with that? I could go straight to Guest Mode since I didn't have an account, but now I can't enter Guest Mode without being online first.

I have a 4-hour bus ride coming up, and the only way for me to play this game is to leave my computer on before I leave my dorm. The hell is up with that?
If there's not any internet connection and we are not able to play (having purchased the game) it is legal that blizzard dos not allow us to play?... we paid for playing the game at anytime we want whether connected or not to internet
Well I had my first customer service experience w/ Blizzard over SC2.. I emailed them about this problem, wondering why I can't play offline, and do you know what their response was? Nothing. I never received one. I received a confirmation email saying they got my problem, and then the next email I received was from John asking to take a survey about my customer service experience! Well, of course, I rated it as bad as possible considering THEY NEVER RESPONDED. How are you going to ask me to take a survey w/o even addressing the problem first?

I've always been a HUGE fan of Blizzard, and honestly all of this complaining and hating on Blizzard has always bothered me - I just assumed people were being picky and whatever just to do it.. but the fact that I've seen no responses to anyone's concern on this, not even a 'We are addressing the issue,' and then my recent customer service experience.. I am now slowly jumping off the Blizzard bandwagon..
Ok, you have to log into your account through the game. then you log out...once you do this, it will bring you back to the connect screen with you email address and click on play as guest. It will ask you to select guest 1, 2 or 3. Have fun!

Now try this with a notebook that you shut off (NOT sleep or hibernate) in between play sessions and you'll discover that you cannot play in offline mode without once again authenticating it online.

The funniest thing just happened! I went to try and play SC2 on my laptop during lunch and couldn't play because the port is blocked on our firewall. So I saw the play as guest to play offline. Tried to see if it would work, but guess what.... It told me to activate the game on for offline use. So I go there to see how you do that and found nothing. So now I have spent $60 on a game that everyone else here has said the same thing now...

So now I am stuck laughing because the game is actually laughing at me too. Blizzard? I fully understand the usage of authentication to prevent piracy, but can you please create something simple. IDK, maybe a proper key generator of your own that will plug in an encrypted code in my registry to enable offline play permanently? Hmm. I got it. One that will take the combination of the following: CD Key, username, and possibly the users address to create a unique key? Something hex based with 128-bit encryption involved...

Just a thought from the standpoint of a small-time programmer...
Blizzard is part of Activision.THATS THE PROBLEM.

All Activision games are pretty shoddy on release anymore,same as EA's & other large dev houses.It's greed,pure & simple.

It's sad we as paying customers get treated like a third world country.

I too have the offline problem,as long as I keep my PC on, I can play the campaign offline,but once I close the game or restart my PC, I no longer can play offline.I live in FLA & thunder storms interupt my internet once in while.

Hope they fix what they say ain't broke,LOL!!!

Im from Brazil, I have the same problem - I can't play offline properly, and I am a paying customer. FYI, we buy games here.

So, I bought the game, and you too. I don't see why we should be treated differently.

Please release an Officially Supported Crack.

I moved house last week and have had no internet connection, therefore unable to play your game. The 'offline mode' should really be called 'regular online mode which you can turn offline during play if you really want but what's the point - you online right now, aren't you?'.

Visiting lots of forums at work trying to remedy the problem, I've come to the realisation that the only people who're playing offline mode without a hitch are the pirates. Pretty ironic, no? That the DRM mechanics you have implemented to stop pirating has only penalized paying customers, whilst pirates are having absolutely zero problems playing your game.

So, I reiterate. Give us a crack so we, the paying customer, can enjoy the game just as our brothers and sisters on the other side of gaming morality are.

Altharren 'you probably know my "RealID" anyway, right?'


Agreed(3). I bought this game to play during downtime on a very long overseas trip which I'm currently on. I have not had and don't foresee myself having much access to the internet during this trip, without having to take transportation to random spots and paying for it constantly. Not everyone stays in the basement of their mother's house or goes straight home to their spank station after work. This is B.S.
All I see in those letters is neglegance. I could not even read them all.

I have a problem right now that we can discuss. While they tear down the servers to fix their problems, any mode of Starcraft 2 becomes unavailable. While the servers are down for 6 hours you don't have the ability to entertain yourself and dink around in offline mode, comp stomping or campaigning, both hindered by the fact that the servers are down. Besides achievements what is the reasoning for only allowing SINGLE player mode available when you are ONLINE.

Starcraft, same advice I try to give myself. Don't smoke to much medicine before you play the game... DO NOT smoke to much medicine when building the game. The diversity of Blizzard fans I think calls for a little bit more respect.

Is your intentions to just release an epic sequel to another game in order to cover up the sloppiness of the last?
I try to log in, servers are down for maintenance. Fair enough.

I click 'Play Offline' or 'Play As Guest' because I'd like to watch some replays. It tells me I have to connect to to authorize my account.


Thinking to get your money back is not really bright... no store will take back an opened game dvd box. NO STORES AT ALL! You opened the box? You live with it.

Because no stores will be stupid enough to buy back something that can be copied... and at this point, just had the account key taken.

I certently doubt that even blizzard will give back your money because you just feel like you want it.

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