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09/08/2010 05:11 PMPosted by Davidedl
Offline mode is intended to be available for 30 days upon authenticating your client by first logging in with an active internet connection; however, we are aware of an issue with the offline mode not functioning properly after the computer has been restarted. We are working on a solution for this issue to be included in an upcoming patch. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this matter.

Ok Blizzard, since this was posted a year ago, why am I still having the same issue? Where is this patch? Ive been deployed to Afghanistan for 10 months and the only time I am able to play the game I payed 100 dollars for is when I have a constant internet connection. I think this promised patch from a year ago needs to be released..........
You know, the funniest part is... I remember reading that exact post at the beginning of my deployment. I guess a multi-billion dollar company cant figure out how to rewrite some code.....
Dear God I feel you DemonHunter...I'm in the Stan myself...and apparently my net won't let me connect...just like I can't connect to Steam...guess who's playing hearts and solitaire? ...FMML
I think the Internet requirement is appalling. That's right: appalling. It isn't surprising, though. In my experience, IT wonks of various types and importance for the most part do not give a flying flock about end users. They just shove whatever they want down the users' throats. I don't understand this behavior, particularly when the relationship is a B2C one.
I gave up on getting this POS to work a long time ago. I finally bit the bullet, uninstalled it, got a hacked copy with the latest patches applied (with LAN support), and haven't looked back. I hope blizz enjoyed that 60 bucks, since they aren't getting so much as a penny from me ever again.

a lot of games say broadband connection required on the box, but that usually only refers to multiplayer, not single player.
wait.. after reading just about every comment on here... all i can think of is... if everything isnt tracked when you play offline.... then whats the point of blocking it eh?
Here's a fun aspect to the madness... Try being stuck in Afghanistan and unable to play because the only internet you have is Via public computers. So the 60$ I spent on this freaking game is totally worthless.

On another note, Blizzard only gives you 30 days of authentication IF you manage to connect to the internet... I'm trying to figure out what to do with these guys.. Looks like I won't be purchasing any other Blizzard games from here on out, if they want to do stupid configurations like this. Way to F@#$ anyone in the Military Blizzard.
tire of trying to log in to battle net.. even on offline mode i cant play. even i bought i real deal game.. what the. ..... :(
bought original game and u cant play it offline? ... this is S#&%(t..
The amount of Blizzard Entertainment fan boi turds who just take it in the !@# no matter what they throw at us makes it impossible for the rest of us to get what we want. What needs to happen is for all of us money making and spending game enthusiasts need to do is just STOP PAYING FOR THEIR SERVICES for 6 solid months and see how they feel. Maybe even longer. If blizzard loses that much business because they do NOT make games for the players but only for their bank account then they would have to change something or another developer would take the leading hand in computer games. I f***ing hate a required internet connection. Does anyone remember back in the day.... Cartridge based games :D No need for f**k all except a tv, console and controller. Those were the good times. When you purchased a game it was a done deal. good to go. Updates weren't needed because the games were a pure and true image of the company who created it. Kick it old school for a while and pull your SNES or Sega genesis out and relieve some stress with some old school $%^ kicking fun.

They need to start creating games that are perfect. In every single way.... If they need to hire more people to ensure the prime quality of games. Then do it.... The fans should be the voice and direction of the future of a company. If blizzard produced HIGH quality games I would be pre ordering every single one of their games no questions asked. After the sad release of D3 I am going to take my time on anything I purchase in the future. I also work out of town almost all year round. Fort McMurray has the worst satellite internet the world has ever seen... Throwing my computer to california and then back would give me faster speeds.... I myself have been forced to play Solitare and Monopoly which is starting to drive me insane and also pushing me to just stop playing games on the PC. If things don't shape up with blzzard over the next year I am selling all my custom built pcs, games. everything and buying a PS3 and XBOX so I can play my games at will.

The sad thing is I truly enjoy the game style and content of almost every blizzard game but their lack of drive to ensure the happiness of ALL their customers is just brutal.


Yours Truly. A pissed off customer...
while I am encouraged to see I am not alone with this problem, it is disheartening to see that nothing has been done to fix it.

I've encountered this problem recently (last 8 or 9 months) since only recently I've been living in an area without internet. Specifically I could access offline mode exactly 3 times before i got hit with this weird error about my copy being "starter edition". its a pain in the !@# but basically every time i got to a spot where i could access the net i would authenticate my account and get 3 more offline plays.... its utter BS... i feel really bad for the people that cant even get those 3 shots at offline play...

Just my 2 cents
Just a quick necro from 2015... same issue still going on 5 years later! My guess is people just felt complaining about it because it fell on deaf ears.
um its a requirment for updates only. the offline option has been in game since its launch. Also even if its 2015 not having internet is still very much standard based on income.
Try this at your friends house.

1. Connect to in the game.
2. Hit menu in the corner and click log-out.
3. When logged out click play as guest and it SHOULD work this time.

I just "figured" it out for a friend i have who spent quite a bit of time %#@*!ing at myself and others over how "its gay you have to have internet 24/7 to play"

To make sure it really does work I suggest after getting it up to exit the game, disable the internet connection, and try again. I did and it still allowed me to play offline after what I did above.

no that didnt work...... and

07/28/2010 01:52 PMPosted by Xyphius
I had this problem when I installed it on my iMac to use it. Seems you need to log in once on the computer you want to use Offline or Guest Mode on to play it that way, after that you can play w/o being online.

This is how I'm seeing it anyway.

no thats not how it works
maybe one day they will actually work on the game instead of just trying to make money..
Kind of ridiculous that you need internet to play. A**holes.
The thing is, i used to be able to play offline, now i cannot anymore. What the hell ?

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