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I can play offline, but you can't continue your campaign offline. You have to start a new campaign and therefore will not get credit for achievements.
Well go to hell all you wimps that do nothing but playing games. Not everytime you have access to the internet. There's people that has to work and have family and kids and don't have time to access the net and is very unffair from Blizzard to do this to us. Yes it is a great game! (by the way the end sucks If a want to rescue the princess I would play Mario then). But as I was saying my first and last game from Blizzard untill they fixed the offline playing issue.
I'm a little ticked off that I'm missing out on an opportunity to enter that custom map contest. The fact that you can't even load the map editor is the most rediculous display of control I've ever witnessed. Don't get me wrong, you won't hear me complain about the game or story or any of that but the fact that I was able to play for a month and now I can't....thats just rediculous. If you make a patch, and the patch makes things worse, doesn't it just make sense to remove the patch? I'm no game developer so maybe I'm just talking crazy.
u are not answering the question, if u cannot, dont thread.
There seems to be alot of bashing on people who should have proper internet connections to play. But there are situations when one would want to play the game somewhere where there isn't easily available internet access.
Perfect example is when you're travelling. Wherever you're going, fancy resort, discount motel, or relative's house, there may or may not be a good reliable internet connection. Heck, I just tried playing on a plane only to realize that this "offline" mode is bogus (that would have been a great way to kill a 3-hour flight). I can imagine people on long bus or train rides would want to be able to play and kill some time as well.

It's not too much to ask that we should have the option of playing offline, meaning off the internet. They can make it so that we have to authorize the local client perhaps by "checking out" some sort of authentication cookie which would need to be checked back in when playing online. This way it could only ever be used with one client at a time, so you wouldn't have a situation of one account spawning several game clients that could be played offline.
If its a patch to fix the "authentication required" issue, how will the people without internet get it fixed?
I guess thats the part where an internet connection is required. Before the game came out I was under the impression that you need the net to a) authenticate the game b) update the patches and stuff and c) re-authenticate every 30 days. I still believe that this is their intention but it's just not working right now. In another thread it was confirmed that it will be fixed in the next patch. I just don't know whether it will be the mid september patch1.1 or a smaller one sooner than that.
Yes, this is a silly problem that Blizzard really just needs to get on. The thing that bothers me the most, is that in between my classes I cannot open up the Map Editor without an internet connection. What the HELL do I need internet for to use a program already installed on my computer with no internet components required unless uploading the map to the game??
Just wanted to add in my two cents that this is a bunch of crap. I bought a game that I could play on and off line. I feel like I just got robbed. I don't remember a line in legal saying, 'we can take the game away from you.'
This is extremely annoying when you travel a lot especially while flying on the airplane. I paid for the game I deserve the right to play it whenever I wish. I used to love blizzard game if they are not gonna fix this problem. I am never gonna purchase another blizzard game.
Just a quick fix for this problem on laptops.
Log on battlenet. DO NOT turn off your laptop during you travel. Hibernate it. As long as you do not restart your computer, you can access offline play.
Of course it does not work if your trip is super-long and the battery runs out. But it works otherwise.
Still, the offline authentication thing is stupid. It need to be fixed.

Customer support for this product is pretty weak! Tech support- 'Sidney's response' seems to be dismissive. I don't have a box, I downloaded the software. I have gone to the sites that were referenced and waded through all sorts of high gloss imagery and hype extolling the wonders of Starcraft. Can't seem to find anything that states clearly and specifically that "Once you restart your computer, YOU MUST HAVE ONLINE ACCESS TO PLAY STARCRAFTII".

There is nothing from the Technical FAQS page below!

1) Technical Aspects- "What are the system requirements for StarCraft II?
We'll have more details on specific system requirements closer to the release date."

2) "If I buy StarCraft II but don't buy any of the expansion sets, will I still be able to play online?
Yes. This will work similarly to Warcraft III and the original StarCraft, which maintained separate online gaming lobbies and ladders for expansion set players and players with the base Warcraft III or StarCraft."

Blizzard is clearly spending their budget on programming (a good thing!) and advertising (not so good, but necessary). But this substandard technical support and failure to update their online content indicates laziness at best and incompetence or dishonesty at the worst. I encourage everyone to speak up on forums, write to tech support directly! I think that this is an amazing game, but I would not have spent my money on this product if this limitation was clearly stated. Given the current economy and price for this product, shouldn't we expect more? ok...I feel better now.
WEll guess what everyone? im using my freakin iphone tethering cuz my router somethings or often stops responding. I wanted to just play offline instead of going downstairs to reset my router but oh my i cant play offline. I may be lazy to just reset my router but it is annoying on both parts router and no offline play. This so called evolution on authenticating online first is BS. the usual to get credit you must have credit. ive waited so long for this game and it came to this? why should i even wait for diablo 3 if is going to be like this? believe me, im not going to shoot myself on the foot again.
This is pathetic. I have "an authenticated account/game" and I've played it online for a little while now.

Now, I am on the road and cannot get the game to "connect" to my account. I cannot "play as a guest" and I cannot continue my campaign. The game is now a giant piece of garbage sitting on my HD, unplayable in any way.

Blizzard ought to be embarrassed. Me, I'm tired of this crap and will look to return the game.

You claim to have an offline mode and you claim to have a "guest" mode, but neither work unless one has an online connection. If you need to use the offline mode then you apparently CANNOT be online … so how much sense is it that you require someone to be online in order to play offline!

Good grief ... just pathetic!
Blizzard is part of Activision.THATS THE PROBLEM.

All Activision games are pretty shoddy on release anymore,same as EA's & other large dev houses.It's greed,pure & simple.

It's sad we as paying customers get treated like a third world country.

I too have the offline problem,as long as I keep my PC on, I can play the campaign offline,but once I close the game or restart my PC, I no longer can play offline.I live in FLA & thunder storms interupt my internet once in while.

Hope they fix what they say ain't broke,LOL!!!
Can I say...this is just BS...

I mean in order to do multi-player pvp and epeen competitions obviously you would need an internet connection...but to do the single player campaign there should be no need to play online.

It's my fault for not checking this out before-hand. But frankly I think I'm going to deactivate my SC2 and WoW accounts because of this.

Way to lose a LONG-TIME customer Blizzard.
he obviously doesntunderstand anything
I've never had this problem, but my fiancée did. Don't know if this will work for everyone, but after a quick uninstall and re-installation of the game it worked just fine.
I went over to a friends house yesterday to show him SC2, but i couldn't because there was no internet connection. For $60 i expect to be able to use the program whenever i please. Instead we just played Metal Gear Solid.
HAS ANYONE come to any sort of conclusion on this?
i find it entirely pointless to argue about something for this long and people are continuing to have the same problem.
now, i didnt read all 8 pages of comments but i think that if a conclusion was reached people should STOP COMMENTING so that other people who have this problem can read this and find the solution

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