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I have purchased the game, installed, logged in, created a character, played the tutorial, played a campaign mission and played 1v1 across the Internet.

When I try to get back in without an Internet connection, I get:

"To enable offline play, connect to to authorize your game client. You also need at least one StarCraft II character on the account."

Screenshot -->

How do I play offline single player?

I'm in your same boat. Wheeee
man blizzard dropped the ball with this one. Did they really expect everyone who buys the game to have an internet connection 100% of the time?? I'm pretty angry with this whole thing, this game has been in development for years and you cant even play offline. . . Blizzard PLEASE fix this. . .
I'm noticing a trend in game development lately where the developers put out sub-standard products because they believe that the advent of the internet has given them the levity to just issue patch after patch to fix the bugs. Personally, I think it's great to be able to fix bugs with patches issued via the internet but this should be the exception, not the rule.

It almost seems like Blizzard is trying to make this an MMORTS but failed miserably in that regard as well since there isn't a region chat with individual chat rooms so that people can communicate and set up games easier than just randomly sending out a request and hoping that the person(s) they are linked up with is willing to play with the same game configuration.

They definitely need to fix the offline play issue as not everyone has an internet connection all the time, which Skipper points out. I think they expected people to always be logged in because of the achievements. All they need to do is configure BNet to search your account when you log in and see if you've met the criteria for any achievements and award them when you first log back in.
Some have mentioned "Play as guest" and some have mentioned getting it to work for 15 mintes before getting booted. The closest I got was it appears you have to authorize the game using battle net, before you can use the game off line by either paying $.99 to have a text sent to your cell or paying $6.99 to get some blizzard keychain thing that will give you a text.
I'm truly hoping I'm wrong about this, but I if do a search for "play as guest" I get back:
XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 191, Column 762:

So what is the deal Blizzard? Ever hear of a "stickey"?
Those are authenticators... You dont need them to play offline There an added securty password type thing.
i just had the same problem too , i like this stragedy games , i bought this game from
my pcgame store of choice , and find out that u can play offline mode and i had the same problem please let me know if anything changes with this offline mode i dont have internet 24/7 i actually called the the tech number on the box , and couldnt leave a message the message seemed like it was not taking any recording at the time , so i decided to take the game back to my pc game store of choice, and let them know of the problem, they told me the only they can do is give me a replacing of the product, and i was able to play with the same screen name with out the original dvd rom so let me know what happens.....hey how about those particles at the smallest thing next to nano life? ..............get over it .....
Blah tried calling blizzard several times along with tons of emails and still no resolution!!! flying tomorrow and would love to play my campaigns!!! will someone at blizzard resolve this issue soon!!!!
Would really like them to fix this issue. I rarely have internet at home, being that certain people go over the bandwidth limit before I ever get home, and having to fight to connect to the internet to play vs AI is simply stupid.
I am having the exact same problem. Can't even begin to describe how angry I am. I paid 60 bucks and waited YEARS for this thing! If I pay for a thing, I have the silly belief that I own it, and have rights of use! I understood going into this that I would not be able to play LAN games with my friends anymore, and that we would have to play through an internet connection, but the single player? Why in goofy god's name do I have to be online for that? I have, as stated above, activated my game with battlenet, and have a character. There are no other instructions.
I have the same problem here. The offline play - at present - is definitely broken.
GOOD Grief Blizzard, I waited 7+ years for your sad excuses, and delayed production for a game that quite possibly is more cartoon like and contrived then the first. And now your treating it like a MMOG???? its a single player game with a multiplayer component, not the other way around, get off your WOW laurels and fix this crap! 60$ I shouldnt have to report online to you everytime I log in.
This is stupid! What's the point of playing offline if you have to log in to play!?!?!? WTF Blizz?!?!?!
You guys throwing little nerd tantrums need to cool it. This is obviously a glitch that will get sorted out. Let's see you make a game that never has a single problem. You can't. It's impossible.
just wish it could have been a different glitch :( lol oh well no campaign for me on my trip
Great, pretty much I purchased this collectors edition to have something to do on the plane...

No internet = no game, any chance I can return this?

Some people are so dense -_-
I admit, it is pretty stupid to have a game only online. Cod made it that offline people could still prestige next to their friends. Starcraft 2 could get alot more customers if it didn't require internet. -TelFire, do u know anyway to play offline?
Yeah you people have no right to expect something to work and then complain about it in a support forum! NO RIGHT!

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