continue campaign issue, crashes b4 load

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well I played the game for a while, then computer got turned off, i went back to load game, i can get to the continue campaign option, click it but then during the load screen it ALWAYS crashed back to windows?? what happened? please help, im running ati 3600 hd radeon,3.2 dual core, i have enough ram and ive got vista 32 bit.. it had NO problems the first time i played the game..
oh my god..tried uninstalling(took two seconds is that coorect?) and then installing the game again, it wont even LAUNCH now.. great
i cant uninstall the game and install it.. id like a response please?? come on.. i called technical support the guy asked me to send my dxdiag etc etc i sent it, he said hed get right back to me, well went to sleep, woke up, went to work, back again and no email.. not even a response on the forums.. i cant even UNINSTALL .. what the **** is going on??
hey look ill pay whoever is gonna help me figure this out and RESOLVE it with NO continuing issues.. seriously..
I have the exact same problem you described on your first post....although i didn't uninstall now i just cant load campaign. I cant play multi player loads then crashes about 5 mini into the game. someone please help!
updated and patched
windows xp
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260m
intel core duo P8700 2.53 GH

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