Units randomly vanish.

Technical Support
First my specs:

    P7P55D-E Premium (Latest flash)
    Intel i7-860
    (x2) ATI Radeon HD 5700 Driver 8.753.0.0
    Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
    Catalyst 2010.0706.2168.3662
    Framework version 2.0.50727.4927

Problem in short:
1. Cant see units under certain conditions. Invisable
2. Happened in Beta and crashed my OS
3. Doesn't happen in Tutorial

Old Problem: First started with Beta, where units would randomly dissapear, usually when close to certian objects(ramps, objects, etc). Sometimes there would seem to be a "cloak spot" where if I told units to walk somewhere, they would enter a unseen paremeter, then reappear outside it's radius. This led me to talk to some friends and they ofcourse suggest I update my video card drivers. So I did, launched the game, it updated, and after 10min of play or so, it crashed, green screen. Had to do a cold boot. When it came back, I had no peek or Aero. This led to a month long battle between ATI and Microsoft, both of them escalting the issue and suggesting different things (ATI was not all that helpful). I won't go into that issue, but finally fixed it by reinstalling the OS from scratch. Its been up for a month or two, with everything working, and no glitches. Aero works, WEI 7.0, games fly, all is good. Never reinstalled SC2 though after that disaster.

New Issue: Before installing the game today, I updated my drivers and Catalyst (see above). During which I got a error on HydraVision which is a multiple monitor untility ATI has. Rebooted, and installed with no errors. Started up and went through activation with no errors. Cinamatics works beautifully. Finally, I went through the tutorial(Yes, I am a noob) and didn't have one glitch. When I started the Campanign, as soon as Jim gets dropped, I can't see him. I tried creating a drag box, but that wouldnt select him either. Finally, I clicked on his Icon on the right, and that selected him. After moving the invisable him about half a screen, a dog appeared, and I could see him. As soon as the dog dissapeared, I couldnt see good ol' Raynor. Threw up my hands, logged out, and came here.

The thing is, I don't want the game to crash like last time and Fubar my computer. Last time may or may not have been the game's fault, very well could have been ATI, but the point is it happened, and I don't want it to happen again. Has anyone else had this problem and actually found a cause? Rather then just start uninstalling drivers and games and all that, was wondering if the problem itself could be isolated. Thoughts? Thanks

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