We want chat rooms!!

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This totally ruins the game experience for me. I can't believe they wouldn't have chatrooms.
They are adding chat rooms later on
Thats not good enough chainheart..this is a must..Not a later on..imo
I agree. As soon as possible would be nice. It would be nice to be able to hang around with people without being in a game.
Chat rooms would be great it builds community and when u are bored u can speak to people and make friends.

I made most of my friend while chatting in sc1 :(
I also think there should be a way to add account names without doing a real I.D. There is a lot of information that I don't want people on the internet to know, but would enjoy it if there were a way to save the people I like playing with.
We just have to be patient and learn to use other forms of communication while the Starcraft 2 team takes their launch cruise.
Chat channels are coming, Blizzard said it's in the works. Just have patience.
yeah i agree.. i need to go afk in xroc
From BlizzCast:

Some will have features in them, some will only address balance, they'll ebb and flow as far as how big they are. We have something planned probably a month or two out already with some minor features being added in there, just tweaks to things. There will also, I'm sure, be some balance reaction in there. And then, before the end of the year, we're intending to put out a fairly larger size patch, which has some things related to tournaments or, really, the eSports community. So, the specific features we're still working on for that patch, I don't have any specifics to go into, but that's something we hope to drop before the end of the year. Something every two or three months will definitely be coming out.

From discussions in the beta and via Blizzard representatives, it can be hinted that one of these patches will at least add some type of chat room support. Unfortunately, Blizzard rarely announces something before they are comfortable with it and things like this can take time.

It's not like they can just add

Dim ChatRoom As New System.Battle.Net.Chat.Service
God dammit, Polychrome...

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