Screen Freezes with Continuous Music Loop

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My game "freezes" after a couple minutes of playing in-game. The screen stays perfectly still, and the music/background noises are still heard. I cannot alt+tab, nor can I bring up the task manager... the screen never turns black or resets itself, so I'm pretty sure it's not an overheating problem.

I have updated to the latest ATI drivers.

Other more demanding games that I play never cause any problems.

Please help? Thanks.
I have the same problem i can watch the cut scenes just find but as soon as i hit the game it crashes
I have the same issue. Sometimes I'll just be chatting in the bnet menus, and the screen freezes. The music and mouse still function properly, but then the game crashes and i get that error sender box.
Same thing happening to me. Load up the interactive screens good, but once I try to go into a game, BAM, crash.
damn. i monitored my temps and my cpu never goes past 60 degrees.

my gpu never goes past 70...

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same thing happens to me, but after 20ish seconds the driver restarts or something and im on my way again. It was happening more frequently but now much less often

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