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Favorite StarCraft II Community Show in 2014
Poll ended on Mar 17, 2015
Remax but only because half the things they said are BM or really stupid or funny.
Also the bias is rocket high there.

Its basically a dumb and dumber show.
Rip Day9
03/10/2015 12:09 PMPosted by Hyperion
Rip Day9
Yeah, RIP...

Still <3 Day J, but Remax is the new Sc2 show. Artosis' Meta was good while it lasted, but Remax so far has beenmmore consistent, so it getsmy vote.
Hey, you forgot to add recent and my favourite SHOW - Rottis show matches. It is a mixture of both Community and GamePlay. He invites a lot of pro players on Skype and chats a lot of different things while pro players do show matches. And the most respectful part of Rottis shows is that he gives some of his own money if he can't collect it from other sources.
Remax got soo much better after huk joining, desrow has kind of a hard time forming his thoughts
The only shows that really deserve votes here are Remax and TLG. They're been so consistent every week. Mad props to Desrow and Lycan for making great stuff.
unfiltered is the only answer
why even include day9 at this point? I vote remax
Day9 is still a good watch on the rare occasion he ACTUALLY posts starcraft-related content. But he barely does that so IDK why even bother mentioning him in this list. That's like asking who's our favorite sc2 youtube commentator and putting Husky, or Psy-anything-but-starcraft on the list. Neither of them do anything with sc2 anymore.

Saw some episodes of unfiltered, and it's quite interesting, and at least from what I've seen they refrain from being too bias.
as much as i love day9

there's really no reason for him to be on this list
Remax by far. Unfiltered stopped in 2013. Day9 doesn't do SC2 anymore. Meta has new episodes once every 6 months.
Unfiltered is the correct answer.
03/10/2015 02:04 PMPosted by PcH
Remax by far. Unfiltered stopped in 2013. Day9 doesn't do SC2 anymore. Meta has new episodes once every 6 months.

No, the last episode of Unfiltered was Aug 2014. You're probably thinking of State of the Game which ended around Aug of 2013.
I miss Starcast! T.T
No Arcade Night? It may not be popular, but it's been a pretty consistent show on Sinvicta's channel. I wonder why it's not on here.
RIP Day9
I'd vote for Day 9 if he made SC2 stuff RIP
I vote for Winter
WTB Basetrade TV.

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