How do the names work?

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So I assume that the name works differently than in beta. For one, we only have 1 part to our names instead of 2. Secondly, it seems that anyone can create the same character name. So my questions are:

If you do not have "Bob's" real ID/bnet email, and there are 10 Bobs online at that time, how do you send that person a message? I'm not understanding the current name system very well. In Beta, people are able to have two parts to their name. One as display and the second part for private: Bob.bob.

Are we able to change the name that we chose? I see now that to add a friend just by name, they need to provide the character number on the top right of the "add friend" box, but I still don't understand how you can tell one player from the next in any game or ladder if they have the same display name.

Discuss? Elaborate?

So I read on another part of the forum that there's up to 1000 of the same name, but how does messaging someone who is not on your friend work? And all other rank type displays?

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