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Hello fellow gamers and terrans I am here to provide you some key tips and tricks to playing terran. This is how I'd like to do it. I'm going to allow you all to ask questions and I'm going to do my best to answer these questions as clearly and succinctly as I can.

Now you may ask yourself, why am I qualified to do this? Well to be honest I'm not expert. I'm not Day9 and I'm not a pro player. I am a very good player and I feel like I have an extensive knowledge of terran so I feel like I am somewhat qualified to answer these questions.

A little about me. Obviously my name is Beammeup, I played SC 1 and BW for about 5 years before moving on to other games (Other games being Day of defeat, Natural Selection, Counter Strike, WoW, etc...) I used a friends account to be able to play in the beta and have been playing since. I love games and I love community so I feel as a good player I owe it to the community to help and thus perhaps grow the community.

Now as for you trolls, I know you're there... you know you're there... even God knows you're there... I ask for the sake of all humanity to try your best to control yourselves.

Finally, if you feel like I have answered a question wrong please feel free to correct me. I am, as previously stated, by no means an expert; if I am wrong then I am wrong and as this is to help the community I'll do my best to check my ego at the door.

Thanks to you all and happy posting.




EDIT: I'd also like to add a section for threads I think are very informative and helpful.

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This is my How To: Attacking guide, it has a link to many other guides and although the guide(s) are a bit dated and I have learned a great deal since then they are still good reads.
Disclaimer: I'd like to ask that you post any questions you have from that guide (and others) here, so the information is all in one place.

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WinterBorn has an excellent macro guide, I highly recommend it.

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My new thread on How To: Advanced. Should be a good read for explaining some concepts.
Which fe do you think is better? 1rax fe or 2rax fe?
2 rax is safer and thus I would say is better. This all depends on the map as well. For instance, I would 1 rax FE in jungle basin but I would never do that in steppes of war. Distance plays a key roll.

That being said, all things even 2 rax FE is safer and thus, in my opinion, better.
What build order you go for protoss? and vs protoss is better to atk early or more lately game?
I'm not a big protoss player by any means, but when I play them I'm a fan of 1/2 gates into robo into expo + 4 gateways.

Against toss I think it's good to pressure on multiple fronts. I really think that is the key. More often then not theres going to be collosus and since the toss ball needs to be together in order for collosus to work at it's most effective multiple fronts = terrans best friend.

This really depends on what you're comfortable with. Are you a micro or macro style player? If you're a micro player then attack early, if you're a macro player then pressure and expand.
Have you ever considered a strat where you lift your CC into gold and turn it into a PF?
Considered, sure. Done it? No. Really gold isn't worth it I don't think. I'm not sure if these numbers are concrete but from what I've heard gold is like 1.4 a normal base. I think golds are great for a third or when you're behind and need to take risks to get caught up, however, getting caught up on thinking about the gold constantly is a mistake I think.
How come it says ur MVP - startcraft II?
Because when I was active in the forums I actually made multiple terran how to guides and blizzard felt that I deserved the honor of the puke green text. I'm sorry... avocado green text.

It's because I try to be a productive member of the community.
Ok Then,

I'm new to the online gaming scene and have limited time to spend practicing in order to be effective online (i.e., a full-time job and a kid) . Can give me three fundamentals to work on in order to be an effective player quickly?
OK ... After reading the posts above. I realize I'm going to have to find a forum somewhere that someone's set up newbies like me. Any Suggestions?
I'm just going to Like this post for the sake of promoting friendly Q&A for the community.

As for my question:

Do you prefer to do hellion drops with blue-flame or without? This is assuming you are attempting a timed drop with the hellions, thus every second and minute counts.
@NoisyNinja see last post.


In my opinion, in order... macro, scouting, planning.

What do I mean?

Macro: Keeping your money low and expanding at good timing. If you can get this down you will have a punchers chance in every match.

Scouting: Being able to effectively scout to see if he is expanding AND understanding what you scout in their base. No gas for terran is probably going to be a fast expand, quick second gas is going to be fast tech. With this it will give you great insight much later. Also be able to scout their front and army composition and understand that.

Again, check when gas is coming down and you will be able to understand what he is doing.

Planning: Understand what you're doing and do it. Have a plan for your mid and late game. Don't say to yourself "I wanna go marines/tanks" and then try and make banshees and blue flame hellions for harass.

Does that all make sense?
Everything except the Gas bit!

This is the original post I had for some of my guides, feel free to look at them but I'd request that you ask your questions here.
Thats how to Attacking but you'll see links to my other guides there.


If you plan to use the hellions extensively in your build then get blue flame, if you plan to just do a drop then don't bother.

Heres the thing, don't just say "I saw QXC do a blue flame drop and I think I should do it to", if you're doing a build don't dilute it for the sake of doing something you think is effective. I'll reference my last post about tank/marine for that. So assuming you have a good build to do a hellion drop, are hellions continuing to be effective after the drop? Do you continue to use them? If not drop the blue flame and instead you can spend that money elsewhere.
I am getting pwned by Zerg as of late. My few victories are when they can not respond to Banshee harrass. I have tried going with a 6 BF Hellion push transition into rine/tank composition but cannot keep up with Zerg. Also done the Hellions moving into Thor/Banshee play, no luck. Any good build ideas or replays you can recommend to help me?
01/03/2011 3:40 PMPosted by RobinForward
Everything except the Gas bit!

When you start playing the really good players you'll understand a bit better but basically if you drop a gas and then get a second gas very quickly there is probably a plan behind it.

For instance, if you see a toss drop a gas, and then get a second gas before cybercore you can bet he is going dark templar. You can then go ahead and get some detection and you can probably expand pretty quickly. The key is to understand why they are doing something and then to plan accordingly.

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