Starcraft: Enumerate

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The Concept of SC:EN is to be one based off of the ideals of establishment and rewriting a universe completely of its outcomes and history. Following the concepts of the First Game and the Manual, with some elements of the Brood War Expansion, the entire thing follows a change of history, where the outcomes of the Three Races, the All Resilient Terrans, the All Powerful Protoss, and the All Mighty Zerg, as the combat each other in the Korpulu Sector and beyond, reaching towards an endless war where the Three Races strive for their own goals, reaching towards a change that will inevitably change not only the three races, but the stars themselves.

This is not a campaign, rather a ‘universe that holds a large amount of different campaigns’. With there being plenty of things to tell of Pre-Great War, Great War, Brood Wars, and Beyond. There will be many settings in which the Three Races will be part of, with the first being majority wise Terrans and Zerg, and later the Protoss becoming also a major part of the story in terms of higher quantity. This is to tell of the different changes and settings established for all three races.

Timeline Ideals -

Table of Index

Post #2 -
- The Overmind
- - Psionic Capabilities
- - Biological Capabilities
- - The Knowledge it Holds
- - Personality of the Overmind
- - Outcome of the Overmind
- The Cerebrates
- - Individual Cerebrates
- - Coma State
- - Psionic Potential

Post #3 -
- The Cerebrates (cont.)
- - Classes of Cerebrates/Broods (Umojan)
- - Classes of Broods (Confederacy)
- - The Connection
- - Feral Zerg
- - Feral Brood
- The Overlord
- - Senses
- - Transportation
- - Connection to the Cerebrates

Post #4 -
- Overlord (cont.)
- - Endurance and Control
- - Aged Overlords
- Queen
- - Hive Structure
- - Classes of Queens
- - Parasite Types
- - Powers of the Queen
- Defiler
- - Use for the Swarm
- - Chemicals based on Strain
- - Consumation
- Mutalisk
- - Different Morphs (New Units)

Post #5 -
- Scourge
- - Short Flight
- - Ground Bombardment
- Creep Colony
- - Creep Colony Metamorphosis
- Hatcheries and its Kin
- - Relationship to Overlords
- - Different Hive Structures
- Hydralisk
- - Lurkers and its Cousins (New Units)
- Scyllisk, Stactling, and Morralisk (New Units)
- - Scyllisk
- - Stactling
- - Morralisk
- - Other Special Strains
- Assimilated Terran
- - Conexus
- - Commisceo

Page #6 -
- Assimilated Terran (cont.)
- - Pararius
- New Overmind(s)

Page #7 -
- TL;DR Zerg

Page #8 -
- Terran
- Powerhouses of the Korpulu Sector
- - Confederacy
- - Umojans
- - Kel-Morian Combine
- - Newfound Dominion
Kel-Morian Combine
- Pirate Subfactions
- - Jolly Rogers
- - Rebellions
- - Mercenaries
- - Conclusion

Page #9 -
- Kel-Morian Politics
- - Conducator
- - Overseer
- - Assistant Overseer
- Kel-Morian Security Forces (New Units)
- - Marines
- - Enforcers
- - Goliaths
- - Vultures
- - Larua
- - Formido
- - The Following

Page #10 -
- Kel-Morian Military Force
- - Reapers
- - Dreadnaught
- - Vindicator
- - Nuclear Missile
- - Kelanis Orbital Mine
- - Morian Orbital Mine
- - Generals of the Military
- Kel-Morian Structures
- - Command Centre
- - Refinery
- - Supply Depot
- - Engineering Bay
- - Barracks
- - Icehouse
- - Academy
- - Factory
- - Armoury
- - Starports
- - Physics Facility
- - Missile Turret
- - Bunker
- Kel-Morian Miners

Page #11 -
- Marine Corps (New Units)
- - Sword Marine
- - Shield Marine
- - Mace Marine
- - Rule of Left Suits
- The Armoured Core (New Units)
- - Aleksandrushka UGV Miniature Tanks
- - - Leopard Variant
- - - Jaguar Variant
- - - Cheetah Variant
- - Fyodor Orlov Siege Tank
- Naval Core
- - Valkyrie Frigate
- - Freyja Starfighter
- - Yorith Battlecruiser
- - Dropship

Page #12 -
- Specialist Core
- - Shadowguard
- Scientific Establishment
- - Pro-Chemical and Physics R&D
- - Bio-Mechanical R&D
- - Mechanical and AI R&D
- Research & Advancement Accomplishments
- - Proto-Synethetic Apathon (New Unit)
- - Caballero Walker (New Unit)

Page #13 -
- Research & Advancement Accomplishments (Cont)
- - Larvae's Metamorphosis
- - - Aberrant
- - Different Researches during Pre-Great War
- - - Zergling Strain Pens
- - - Zergling Breed Manipulation
- - - Spawning Pool Research
- - - Drone Mutational Process
- - - Overlord Research
- - Biological Weaponry
- - - Anti-Hive Cancer
- - - Anti-Hive Necrosis
- - - Anti-Hive Spores
- - Hivemind-Related Devlelopment Tech
- - - Psi-Collar
- - - Psi-Overlord
- - - Confederate's Tech
- - Psi-Tech Development
- - - Cyberlord
- - - Metalord (New Unit)
- - - Psi-Disruptor
- - - Psi-Collars
- - Establishments made by Bio-Mech R&D
- - - Overlord Farms
- - - SCHMD-G4 Experiment
- - - Slave Fleet
- - - Mobile Science Fortress
- - Mechanical and AI R&D
- - - Predator (New Unit)

Page #14 -
- NF Standalone Turrent Division
- - Nuclear Reactor
- - AC-AA Turret
- - AH-AA Turret
- - AL-AA Turret
- - Siege Turret
- - AL-AU Turret
- - AH-AG Turret
- - Ion Cannon
- - Sentry Martyrs
- Umojan Protectorate Structures
- - Command Centre
- - Supply Depot
- - Refinery
- - Engineering Bay
- - Barracks
- - Physics Centre
- - Shadowhelm
- - Factory
- - Remote-Control Satellite Station
- - Armoury
- - Starport
- - Turret Battery Core
- Umojan Protectorate Miners
- Umojan Protectorate Leaders

Page #15 -
Terran Confederacy
- Old Families
- - The Beauregard Family
- - The Breckinridge Family
- - The Buchanan Family
- - The Buckner Family
- - The Cleburne Family
- - The Cockrell Family
- - The Duke Family
- - The Forrest Family
- - The Hampton Family
- - The Mahone Family
- - The Mengsk Family
- - The Pemberton Family
- - The Ramseur Family
- - The Wheeler Family
- Korpulu Squadrons
- - Alpha
- - Beta
- - Delta
- - Gamma
- - Epsilon
- - Omega
- - Zeta
- - Nova

Page #16 -
- Colonial Magistrate
- Confederate Armed Forces
- - Marine Corps
- - Vulture Boke
- - Goliath
- - Siege Tank
- - Siege Battery
- - Wraith
- - Dropship
- - Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser
- - Behemoth-Classed Battlecruiser
- - Ziz-Classed Battlecruiser
- - Science Vessel
- Nuclear Weaponry
- - Ghost
- - Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile
- - Apocalypse-Classed Nuclear Missile
- - Cataclysm-Classed Nuclear Missile
- - Holocaust-Classed Nuclear Missile
- Terran Covert Ops
- - Ghost Program
- - - Electronic Soldiers
- - - Psionic Assassins
- - - Secret Police
- Confederacy and Science
- - Confederate Psionic Research
- - - Psi-Emitter
- - - Neural Resocialized
- - - Psi Disruptor
- - Electronic Research
- - Nuclear Research
- - As a Whole

Post #17 -
Terran Dominion
- The Old Families
- Confederate Remnants
- Deal with the Kel-Morian Combine
- Umojan Restrain
- Enforcing Law
- Extermination of the Ghost Program
- Raynor's Raiders
- Capital and the Dominion
- The Concept of the Terran

Post #18 -
The Protoss
Protoss of the Void
- History of the Outcasts
- Argus Crystal
- Tresu'loth
- - Tresulla
- - Flosklish
- - Barrgurgon
- - Stra'loth
- Xel'Naga Artefact
- Void Language
- Xel'Naga World Ship
- - Circles of Truth
- - Circles of Fight
- - Circles of Meditation
- - Circles of Knowledge
- - Circles of Flight
- - Circles of Skin

Post #19 -
- Void Tribes
- - Boros
- - Bor'Ichu
- - Bor' Bastruga
- - Bor'Rychanga
- - Bor’Isallar
- - Bor’Nyon
- - Drashaka
- - Grothsamar
- - Groth’Kasarr
- - Groth’Dag
- - Groth’Dag’Hassatar
- - Groth’Claggoth’Carro’Passolon
- - Lenassa
- - Lena’Drasha
- - Lena’Grasso
- - Lena’Hassoloth
- - Lena’Krath
- - Lena’Strass
- - Zuroth

Post #20 -
- The Void
- - Tenants of the Void
- - The Schools
- - Meditation
- - Self-Severance
- - Tribal Leader
- The Unity from the Great War (New Units)
- - The Serf
- - The Acolyte
- - The Sentinel
- - - Walker Form
- - - Battery Form
- - - Turret Form
- - - - Electricity
- - - - Plasma
- - - - Storm
- - - Shield Form
- - - - Cloaking
- - - - Shielding
- - - - Hallucination
- - - Warp Form
- - Lenassa Warrior
- - Lena'Drasha Sorcerer
- - Lena'Krath Fighter
- - Lena'Grasso Raider
- - Lena'Grasso Corsair
- - Drashaka Maro
- - Lenassa Starseeker
- - Boros Warrior
- - Bor'Ichu Link Master

Post #21 -
- Unity from the Great War (cont.)
- - Drashaka Hunter
- - Groth'Dag Rider
- - Groth'Kasarr Knight
- - Zuroth Meditation Orb
- Structures of the Void
- - Vorota
- - Gur
- - Servant Factory
- - Furmigator
- - Circles of Truth
- - Circles of Fight
- - Circles of Meditation
- - Circles of Knowledge
- - Circles of Flight
- - Circles of Skin

Post #22 -
Protoss of the Khala
- Castes
- - Judicator Caste
- - Templar Caste
- - Khalai Caste
- Conclave
- Khala
- Khaydarin Crystal

Post #23 -
- The ProtossMass
- - Nexus
- - Assimilator
- - Pylon
- - Gateway
- - Stargate
- - Robotics Facility
- - Forge
- - Cybernetic Core
- - Citadel of Adun
- - Robotics Supply Bay
- - Observatory
- - Templar Archive
- - Judicator Assembly
- - Fleet Beacon
- - Arbiter Tribunal
- - Photon Cannon
- - Warp Cannon
- - Shield Battery
- Protoss Warriors
- - Zealots (Unchanged)
- - Dragoons (Unchanged)
- - Praestes
- - High Templar
- - Sactraton
- - Vicilian
- - Scout (Unchanged)
- - Carrier
- - Aquila
- - Noctua
- - Scrix
- - Arbiter

Post #24 -
- Protoss Warriors (cont.)
- - Sentry
- - Observer (Unchanged)
- - Shuttle (Unchanged)
- - Reaver (Unchanged)
- - Adherent
- - Super Carriers (Unchanged)
Protoss of the Pre-Aeon of Strife

Post #25 -
The World of the Korpulu and Beyond
Terrains and Doodads
- Resources
- - Blue Mineral Field
- - Yellow Mineral Field
- - Red Mineral Field
- - Green Mineral Field
- - Black Mineral Field
- - Brown Mineral Field
- - Silver Mineral Field
- - Large Vespene Geyser
- - Medium Vespene Geyser
- - Small Vespene Geyser
- - Organic Vespene Critter

Post #26 -
- Worlds of the Milky Way
- - Orange Desert World
- - Blue Desert World
- - Volcanic World
- - Ice World
- - Asteroid Belt
- - Lunar Moon
- - Gas Planets
- - Khala Space Platform
- - Terran Space Platform
- - Terran Installation
- - Protoss Installation
- - Terran Terraformed World
- - Protoss Terraformed World

Post #27 -
- Terran Critters
- - Alpacon
- - Callux
- - Camullin
- - Dreedhorn
- - Gout
- - Gayulla
- - Water Buphaloon
- - Yackayack
- - Bysadon
- - Koya
- - Honey Bee
- - Addux
- - Boarkyn
- - Rhynadon
- - Vermoon
- Protoss Critters
- - Bengalaas
- - Tipacurra
- - Calgorrianu
- - Corwulocks
- - Leck'Ruugu
- - Ta'Ta
- - Gr'rothbag
- - Crassitudino
- - Crassitituu
- - Spissuu
- - Credcrab
- - Turror

Post #28 -
Terrain Effects
- UI/Gameplay Changes
- Reasons for Changes
The Zerg – Rise and Fall of the One

The Zerg, one that will be looked upon the most out of all the races, whether being a major enemy or the protagonist in a campaign. Being a hivemind that spans with billions, if not trillions of minions, the Zerg are the greatest in terms of numbers, able to throw all of its might at a target, and building that same number in a manner of a few days. Being a race of pure destruction and mayhem in the eyes of others, the Zerg have a much deeper role and mindset, with much reserved with its leaders, the Overmind and its Cerebrates. With the Zerg have a strong source of lore in its arsenal, the Zerg have no lacking of content in which makes them a formidable foe.

The Overmind (Hivemind):

The Will of the Swarm, the Overmind holds the swarm together with its power alone. Whether it truly has its own form or not, the bodiless entity grasps onto the swarm with an iron fist, the Zerg unable to depart from the Swarm by their own right, with most not even wanting to at all. With such a great being holding the Zerg together, the Overmind was one of the few final creations of the Xel’Naga, before their own creation ordered their extinction. Although having a firm grasp on psionics and biology alone, the Overmind itself has been greatly known as the one that makes the Zerg one of the greatest species in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Psionic Capabilities:
When it was created, the Overmind was designed to be what held the Zerg together, designed to be their hive-link that unites the Zerg under the banner of the Swarm. Given psionics to control the swarm, it later assimilated the corpses of its creators and the khaydarin crystals, which gave it even more wisdom and power within itself. This has left the Overmind have a firm grasp of psionics, being similar to that of what the Dark Templar hold in their grasp.
The Overminds Psionics include the capability to warp space, allowing travel across the galaxy to be more or less easier for the swarm. Although it is not able to warp the entirety of the swarm under one wormhole, the Overmind is able to warp thousands upon thousands at a time, making the Overmind able to direct the Swarm across space easier.
The Overmind is also able to use Psionics similar to the Dark Templar when it comes to manipulation of manner, in which the Overmind uses to help direct the manipulation of biology; things such as the Hydralisk were created by experiments the Overmind had done to its assimilated ancestor, the Slothian, which the Overmind used its powers to alter its DNA to better suit the swarm as one of the most feared and iconic minions of the swarm.
The Overmind also uses its strong aspect of psionics to hold a firm grasp upon its most precious minions, including the Cerebrates. With such connection, the Overmind is able to preserve the mind of its creations so that, even when their body fails, they can be brought back to life once more, whether it be from the spot they had fallen, or be resurrected at another spot all together. With the Overmind able to preserve the consciousness and the mind of its minions to later be placed into a new body, this has allowed the Overmind to give its most prized followers and creations immortality.
The Psionics of the Overmind alone challenges even the most strongest of Psionic Protoss, thought the Overmind prefers to lead instead of fighting its enemies head on. Although the Overmind, when it is not tampered or hurt, is able to use its Psionics to make any trespassers of its current form a living hell if not instantaneous death, the Overmind prefers to use its millions upon millions of minions to do its work.

Biological Capabilities:
Due to the Power of the Overmind, it does not need to stay in a form always, and can be bodiless and yet still rule the swarm with an iron fist, only taking form when it deems necessary. When it does, the Overmind often takes a form in order to heighten its capabilities of not only its psionics, but itself; although the Overmind can do many things without a Form, the Overmind, during special occasions, takes a form in order to do the more complex scenarios, such as trying to assimilate the Protoss into the Swarm.
When the Overmind takes a form, or forms, the Overmind does it for the purpose of being hands-on, although it does not always need a form; from it being able to communicate and resurrect its most precious of minions, to infesting/assimilating its prey into a specific form of its own ideal, the Overmind is powerful enough to do so without a form of its own. To stay alive without a Form, the Overmind uses the many Overlords and Cerebrates that exist within the swarm as its carrier, making the Overmind near immortal so long as the Swarm exist for the most part.
Although it is similar to a Cerebrate in terms of it being vulnerable to enemies, the Form of the Overmind is able to use its psionics to defend itself from its foes when necessary, so long as its state of mind is not tampered. Not only this, but the Overmind is known to also have biological superiority in comparison to a mere Cerebrate, often having a form that can take even the blast of an atom-ripping atomic bomb. With its single form often being greater than any zerg structure that exists within the Swarm, the Overmind is able to withstand a great amount of damage. Depending on its form in which the Overmind takes, its biological body and functions/capabilities can change, though the idea of psionic superiority and large amount of endurance to even be classified as immortal, if not indestructible, is near certain.

The Knowledge it Holds:
The Overmind, assimilating the Xel’Naga and its Khaydarin crystals, was able to gain a foothold of knowledge that not even the Protoss can look down on. Having many memories and thoughts/feelings of its creators, the Overmind has a firm grasp of not only the Galaxy and Beyond in its past, but also knows a great deal of the Protoss and their past, before the Aeon of Strife.
With this knowledge, the Overmind has a great deal of knowledge of the past that it uses as a basis of its advancement; with all of what it assimilates and creates for the Swarm, it was meant to reflect as a possible means to compete with the Protoss of Pre-Aeon, knowing that their power could easily decimate the Swarm until there was nothing left. With such great power held in memory, the Overmind has spent centuries, if not thousands of years, to prepare for the coming war.
This has often left the Overmind to have a firm grasp of what the Protoss’ grasp of the Galaxy was in the past, with many of their locations upon planetary worlds held, although not of the present; although it is able to identify as to where the Protoss Homeworld is and other Protoss Planets when the Xel’Naga first met them and left the Protoss, the Galaxy has changed much from what it was. Not only this, but caution and fear keep it from exposing itself to the Protoss too early, when it knows that it is in a possible state of extinction before the great advancement of Aiur could begin. This has left the Overmind to be very specific as to how the Swarm will be designed.
Much of its knowledge has left the Overmind creating the Swarm into what it is now; the Swarm’s structure and design being precise, the Overmind still lacks what it deems a necessary component to finally throw out the Protoss as an independent species, and assimilate them into the Swarm to make them ‘perfect’: lack of Psionic Minions. Although the Cerebrates, like their creator, has psionic potential, they were designed for the sole purpose of leadership, not for the purpose of combat. Being too feeble and weak by design, the Overmind needs a psionic life form that will make a formidable base of the structure for psionic warriors.
Thus, when the Overmind detected that the Terrans in the Korpulu Sector held a large amount of mutations that holds onto Psionic Potential, the Overmind ordered the entirety of the Swarm to migrate towards the Korpulu Sector for over 60 years, sending its vanguard broods ahead to test the might of the Terrans, while sending its probes to analyse the space in which the Terrans grasps, preparing for the coming assimilation and extinction of the Terrans.

Personality of the Overmind:
The Personality of the ominous entity has often been noted to be extremely educated and enlightened, having a speech that tells of the being’s great power that it grasps upon its swarm. Although an entity that is one of great wisdom and intellect, the Overmind is not noted to have a personality that is of brute emotions and the ideals of others. The Overmind is noted for being an entity that sees much of what is under him, part of him, seeing the well-being of many of its minions being the well-being of himself.

Outcome of the Overmind:
The Original Overmind will be a main element of issue for Starcraft during and before the Great War; acting as the primary antagonist that threatens both the Terrans and the Protoss, the Overmind will die at the end of the Great War, giving rise to the Brood Wars and the Swarms splintering into many hive groups. This will lead to the Overmind to be a concept in which many Cerebrates will ‘try to reach metamorphosis into”, leading to many different kinds of Overmind Mimics. In the end, the Will of the Overmind will ‘return’ near the late-middle and end of the Brood War, with many new entities, Cerebrates and others, competing for the title as the Will of the Swarm, uniting the Zerg once more. The Overmind will transform from an Antagonist to a Concept in which many Zerg entities will strive for, whether it be its philosophy or its over-embodying will that grasps onto all.
The Overminds death will be just as powerful as its life, causing drastic change for not only the Swarm, but the Protoss and the Terrans. With the death of the Overmind, the Protoss and Terrans will both be exposed by the changes of the Swarm into a splintering of many, and they will both deal with the consequences and opportunities that arise from it.

The Slugstills (Cerebrate):
Underneath the Overmind, the Cerebrates are creatures created from the Overmind, being portions of its thoughts, feelings, and ideas that are embodied into its own being. From Curiosity, Rage, Interest, Melancholy… many Cerebrates are often created from such different feelings and thoughts, in which the Cerebrates start from. As they age, they are formed from the Will of their master into more than its original design, maturing into an entity that grows its own strategies, preferences, tactics, skills, and assets. Controlling smaller categories of the greater whole, called Broods, the Cerebrates were design to each hold onto a Brood and take control of the many minions and hives that are under the Swarm, helping create a greater whole. The Cerebrate is designed to represent the Zerg before the Overmind was created, with their body looking similar to the Larvae.

Individual Cerebrates :
Unlike most entities of the Swarm, the Cerebrates are designed to each have their own personalities, having the most individuality out of all other minions of the Overmind. Designed for the purpose of leading Broods for Specific Tasks, the Cerebrates require specific identities in order to idealistically run broods in a specific way.
Individually, this has also helped Cerebrates to individually function in a separate way as well. Often times, individual Cerebrates have their own ideals of supporting the swarm in their own right; many individual Cerebrates use their psionics in their own way, from them being able to pump energy to make Sunken Colonies almost invulnerable to damage, having an ever-resurrecting Torrasque minion that continues to be resurrected after death, to using its psionics to have better detection and communication. Many individual Cerebrates, embodied with Psionics like their creator which they stem from, use it differently than others of its kind. Mainly to better the Brood it leads, and in turn the Swarm.

Coma State:
While Cerebrates are able to move around like other Zerg, they often are noted to be motionless, usually in a non-reactive state, even when sustaining injuries. This is due to the fact that, unlike the Overmind, the Cerebrate often requires being in a meditative-like state to hold onto the Broods it controls. The greater the Brood, the more likely the Cerebrate will barely move at all, and always be in this state of stand still unconsciousness.
The Cerebrates that move around more freely are noted be in smaller broods, while those that move in larger broods are also noted for being far powerful in terms of Psionics. The Cerebrates are noted to be weak in terms of body, even when they are fully conscious and moving. This is due to the fact that, unlike other minions, the design of the Cerebrate was to lead and use their psionics, while leaving physical labour for everything else it leads. This has often left Cerebrates moving around to be resorted only to relocate with the Broods when the Overlords are not there to lift them up. It is unnatural for a Cerebrate to be in the front of battle, leaving such for the Overlords that are under its command.
This Coma State that leaves the majority of Cerebrates into an unconscious state has left many cerebrates to not be physically aware of the self, with many using its minions alone to lead the brood, acting as its own body. This along with the promised covenant of immortality and preservation by the Overmind has often left many cerebrates to lack much grasp of its own body that is its own, being more comfortable with the Brood at its body than the vessel it rests in.

Psionic Potentials:
The Cerebrates all have their own Psionic abilities that they each master and use, and these are some of the examples:

Specialist Reincarnate – Births a special minion, or minions, that are connected to the body of the Cerebrate, being birthed from the flesh of both its master and the creep that surrounds the Cerebrate into its own form. Minions such as the Torrasque are an example of such a minion, being an ultralisk-like servant of a Cerebrate that is stronger than a normal Ultralisk, while also being able to be revived after it falls in battle.

Immortal Colonies – Using the ability that colonies use to pump creep, the Cerebrate directs the creep to pump its feed into the colonies that create it, causing it to be constantly feed and rejuvenated. This has often left the Colonies to be almost indestructible in many cases, almost, due to its body constantly healing itself of wounds as fast as it can.

Hive Stimuli – Cerebrates pumping its psionic energy and life into other zerg to become increasingly agile, enduring, and driven in their directive is not a rare sight. Many times, a zergling or more may be given enough stimuli from its master to cause a rapid shift of energy into a Zergling, often its master using brain power to cause a rapid acceleration to the minion.

Energy Rejuvenation – Using the Creep and its own, or others, life force, Cerebrates are able to direct energy to be converted into other minions, or itself, in order to upkeep health and energy. This is a common practise that Cerebrate have been known to use to make sure its units are fully capable of continuous combat, while also rejuvenating its own psionics to use them more frequently.

Creep Apparition – When times are tough, Cerebrates are able to create many feeble, grotesque creatures to rise from the soils of Creep, being chaotic and monstrous looking as an infested victim of a Brood Queen. This use often used in emergencies of the brood or the cerebrate being in danger, often using these week apparitions to support the brood’s numbers and act as cannon fodder in desperate times of need.

Although Cerebrates are able to do other things, these are a few examples of what a Cerebrate is capable of doing with its Psionic Prowess.

The Slugstills (Cerebrate) (Cont.)::

Classes of Cerebrates/Broods (The Umojans):
With the Terrans often categorizing what they witness of the Zerg, the two powerhouses, the Confederacy and the Umojans, have separately categorized the broods and its cerebrates differently than the other, with the Umojans categorizing them greatly than its competitor due to studying the Zerg greatly in terms of their body, rather than their psionics (mostly their hive connection). This has left the Umojans to categorize and study many different kinds of Cerebrates and their Broods, with many examples of categorization being listed below:

Tentamen – Broods designed to defeat their enemies with stress, the Tentamen Broods are designed to use hit and runs and guerilla tactics in order to wither their enemies down, and making them formidable and weak. They often attack their key areas, such as resource hubs and economy/facilities, as well as damage their defences inch by inch, before sending their full mass to finish the job. They often attack their enemy from many places at once to make sure their enemy has their forces splintered, if not leave their vulnerabilities exposed. These broods are often small in size, however are noted to be very intelligent and cunning. An example of such a brood type would be the Garm Brood, led by Zasz.

Vis – Precise and Accurate Broods, these Broods are designed to go after specific targets and either weaken or decimate them, and are known to use forces that are specific and of a relatively formidable size that can threaten any army. Although not as en masse as most of the massive broods, the Vis Brood Types are designed to attack a target and move away from it as soon as it is decimated. An advanced and ruthless cousin of a Tentamen Brood, they are not afraid of attacking their enemies when they are not in a weak state.

Inpes – These kind of Broods favour fast moving minions, favouring minions such as the Zergling and Mutalisk due to their rapid speeds. They often move around a lot from place to place, with lots of other fast-moving minions following right behind to increase the numbers. They favour swarming targets with rapid speed, surrounding the dangerous targets first and removing them, before clearing out the rest with en masse. Even while the first batch of minions are attacking the bunker lines, the next batch of hundreds follows right behind in a few seconds to minutes. Their tactics of fast-paced action and continuous movement is a signature that most blunt broods often try to reach, yet are slower and less damaging.

Oppugnatio – Siege Broods, designed to be the near opposite of Inpes. While the Inpes was designed for fast, constant attacks, the Oppugnatio is designated for continuous heavy/medium minions that attack fortifications. This brood is meant to target more resilient, enduring enemies, and push the lines of their enemies by replacing them with its own line of creep colonies and minions. This kind of Brood has often showed itself to be hard to remove, with the Brood designed to not only push the line, but keep its own line from breaking as well. Many planets often showcase lines of creep colonies and its mutations stamping as to where the brood drew its lines against a formidable enemy.

Indagator – Small Broods by design, they were meant to act as hunters, hunting down specific targets for the cause of the Swarm. Whether it be for assimilation or extermination, the Indagator Broods are capable of chasing their targets across the stars and back, and never rest. Capable of always being on the move, the Brood was designed to be able to move constantly, often leaving hives to be small in size, with a lack of creep spread in response. Such examples of the Indagator Brood include the Fenris Brood.

Terpidatio – Broods designed to target biological feelings, both instinctive and of the consciousness. From fear, to hunger, to sex, and so forth, these kinds of Broods are meant to target foes that blunt force cannot. Meant to be psychological terrors, these kinds of Broods often design themselves to target a specific kind of target (whether it be fear, hunger, sex, etc), and then use it for their advantage against a target. These kinds of Broods often have Cerebrates that also use their Psionics to help give the illusion of terror and extortion to its minions, and even forming its own minions to target such formalities that their target holds onto. Such an example of a brood includes the Baelrog Brood, which targets the instinctive nature of terror towards their advantage.

Imperium – Commanding Broods by design, they are meant to lead the other Broods towards an objective, while also acting as the second of commands for the Overmind. With these Cerebrates being the ones with the greater grasp of leadership and knowledge, they often advise and assist other Cerebrates. This has often left such Broods to be the leading brood, with others following underneath them. Such examples of a brood would be the Tiamat Brood, led by Daggoth. At times, these Broods are noted to be fleet-based by design, often holding a large quantity of air forces to make sure the other Zerg Broods are protected during transition from planet to planet, as well as defend against enemy fleets, which are a great concern when facing the Protoss.

Turba – The Broods that designate quantity as the greatest aspect, they are noted to be the largest of all the Broods. While many brood types often number to at most a few million, Turba Broods can number to a total of ten million minions. Although such Broods often have Cerebrates that neither use their psionics nor are capable of moving due to the large amount of mass, not to mention often lack precise leadership in comparison to other broods, numbers alone are often a contributor as to why they are a formidable brood. This has often left these type of Broods to be the first to come against enemies for the first time.

Adiutrix – Although often mistaken for being part of a brood with another Cerebrate, these types of Broods are designed to be an assistant to a greater brood and cerebrate. Although many think that it is part of a Brood already led by a superior Cerebrate, these smaller Cerebrates are meant to help a Brood when times come. If a siege brood is incompetent enough to break the lines, this brood assists to make sure the enemy line fractures; if a fast attacking brood is unable to send its units deep enough into enemy lines without siege weapons tearing apart, the assisting brood makes it so that an opening shows up long enough for the zerglings and mutalisks to reach the siege enemies and replace them with scraps and dust. When not physically supporting the brood, they are designated to make sure that the Cerebrate it is supporting as well. Many of these Brood Types have competent psionic using Cerebrates leading them, to make the small broods they lead formidable.

Tutella – The Specialist Broods that are designed to act as guardians of the swarm. Although the Imperium is designed to follow such tasks of defending the broods under them with air support, the Tutella Broods are meant to be solely for protecting not only other Broods, but also key units and targets that the Overmind deems needing protection. As the Overmind knows that the enemy it will soon face will be capable of wounding him and the Cerebrates it commands, the Tutella Broods are designed to make sure that such attempts do not happen. Their numbers are quite small in comparison to other Broods, however are rapidly capable of creating larger numbers as well as using their psionics to their advantage. Many of these broods often increase their numbers greater than any other Brood, when they are assigned to a task, while eating itself into a smaller stature when such tasks are lacking.

Salvia – Broods designated for the sole purpose of Psionic manipulation, they were designed to help with the use of Khaydarin Crystals and are the masters of such technology. Capable of manipulating Khaydarin Crystals that they have in hand, such Broods were created when the Overmind gave the Xel’Naga Crystals it found and hadn’t assimilated to these Broods. These Broods were meant for the sole purpose of one thing: to stress the Khaydarin-Sensitive Protoss. These broods were designed to make the Protoss’ technology turn against them, helping the Overmind break his enemies. Of all the Brood Types, the Salvia are the fewest in terms of numbers.

There are other possible Brood Types, although the Umojans do not have a full grasp of the entirety of the swarms, nor how many Broods that exist. For the Umojans, they think that they number in the dozens, possibly hundreds, though they are unsure if that is the case. Many Umojans are often fascinated and realize that different Cerebrates have different capabilities, and unlike their competitor, often see different Cerebrates different than others. They also note as to how different Broods also have different strains and specific differences that differentiate one brood from another.

Classes of Broods (The Confederacy):
Unlike the Umojans, the Confederacy focused mainly on the Hivemind Connection, and not the Hive itself. In many cases, the Confederacy often labels each different Brood as a different mythological entity in human history without any rhymer reason as to why they name it such other than for the Brood to have a name. The Confederacy often is noted to see Cerebrates as one and the same as another Cerebrate, and sees them only as a target for their projects.

While the Confederacy and its categorization is petty in comparison to its competitor, the Umojans, the Confederacy has often been noted to be the greatest threats that the Cerebrates have during the Great War and Pre-Great War, due to the Confederacy having a large interest for the Cerebrates and their ability to rule a Brood as its master.

The Connection :
The Connection between the Overmind and its Cerebrates spans across the Stars and beyond, with the Overmind capable of having direct communication with all of its underlings. With the Covenant written by the Overmind to its Cerebrates, the Overmind has the closest connection to them than any other minion of the swarm, due to the Cerebrates being based upon the being that is the Overmind itself. This has often made the Overmind capable of vulnerability, due to the death of a Cerebrate capable of causing a severe whiplash and weakening for the Overmind for a certain amount of time, and in doing so weakening the will of the swarm.

The Connection has left the Overmind to make sure its vulnerabilities, the Cerebrates, to be immortal, making sure that a Cerebrate truly never dies, only in body and not mind. This has left the Overmind to make its followers immortals and in the eyes of some indestructible, incapable of dying for long. The Death of a Cerebrate causes a fracture within the swarm that is not only felt by other Broods and their Cerebrates, but also causes the death of the Overminds Grasp; any Cerebrate that truly dies means the death of a Brood, with the Brood transforming the Zerg under in into what is called Feral.

The Dark Templar are the easiest to exploit this, capable of killing a Cerebrate with its matter-manipulating psionics that many of them wield. However, with the power of psionics and khaydarins, the terrans and khalai protoss, respectively, have found ways to not only weaken, but sometimes fracture broods from the Swarm for a certain amount of time until they are either freed or exterminated… some are even controlled by such manipulators. Many of these vulnerabilities often causes the Overmind to go into great stress, sending the nearest broods possible to eliminate the threat as soon as possible, and either allow the Brood to join itself once more, or remove them from being a threat. When removing them, this often causes the Overmind to forcefully fracture its covenant with its Cerebrate, meaning that it is lopping itself from itself.

Feral Zerg:
The Cause of when a Cerebrate dies, all broods are led by one Cerebrate, and when its Cerebrate dies the entire brood as a whole dies, with all the minions becoming Feral. Depending on the minion strain and breed, this often causes the minion to react differently than others in its feral state. Many times when a Brood dies and the zerg become Feral, a few symptoms are known to occur to the fractured whole:
- Turning against other broods with violence
- Minions ripping their own bodies apart
- Minions ripping at their brothers of the same former brood apart
- Minions stop functioning, and fall into a vegetable state
- Hive Spasms, which includes many of the structures becoming dysfunctional and malfunction. Sometimes the minions begin to do things that are not based on their primary function at all, and do things that are no ordinary for such units or structures
- Cell disorder, where the cell of certain units and structures begin to turn on itself, causing Larvae to become unstructured units, while creep begins to grow random growths from its body. Even other structures and units can have random growths sometimes.
- The Broken Brood is unable to respond to another brood leader/master
- Rebelling Hives, happening when large amounts of Overlords begin to try and lead these hives in order to save them from death

This happens to all Broods that have lost their Cerebrate, and often leads to the Feral Zerg to transform into something else. This is mostly caused due to the Zerg being designed to be led by a hive unit, and are not individually designed to function on their own. These symptoms are when a Brood/Hive lacks any leading hive units, this being the Cerebrates.

Feral Broods:
While Feral Zerg happens when a Cerebrate or other Hive Unit dies, Feral Broods happen when the Will itself dies. Unlike Feral Zerg, Feral Broods that happen when Cerebrates lose their connection to the Overmind, thus causing a consequence that changes Cerebrates forever.
As the Cerebrates are disconnected from the Overmind, Cerebrates gain more of an independence, and thus as what created them is dead, these segments of the Overmind are capable of transforming into an identity that is its own, and not just an identity fracture of the Overmind itself. This often causes Cerebrates to be capable of changing from the purpose the Overmind created them for, and even capable of changing the personality of Cerebrates as well.

Another symptom of Feral Broods is the cause in which Cerebrates begin to fight or flight from each other; while the Will may have united them together as one, when the Will dies different aspects of thoughts and feelings begin to disconnect from other Cerebrates of a different identity, thus causing a possible civil war between the Broods and their Cerebrates, due to different ideals and thoughts. This has causes many Broods to tear others into nothing as soon as the Overmind dies at the end of the Great War.

These Feral Broods designate the stare of the Brood Wars, which is designed for the Swarm to restructure itself until one or more of the Cerebrates is capable to mutate and transform into its own being, thus becoming the new Will of the Swarm, the new Overmind. With may probably failed attempts, this process was designed by the Overmind in order to make sure that the swarm’s hive mentality stays strong, and that the Zerg Swarm will unite under one will, even after its death.

The Cerebrates during this Feral State have a greater amount of structure than when a Brood lacks a Cerebrate and becomes feral, however a Cerebrate that has lost its will can have a few symptoms of its own which, in turn, will impact the swarm.

- Melancholy: the Cerebrate begins to react a state of deep depression and uninterest with the world, often causing the Cerebrate to have a lack of concern for itself and the hives it leads. This has often causes many of its minions to either grow very slow, even turn into a vegetable state.

- Anger: the Cerebrate enters a great rage, often resorting the Cerebrate psionically lashing out on not only others, but itself and its own Broods. These Cerebrates often cause their Brood to begin to get severely angry, targeting anything that is close to it as possible in order to clench its thirst.

- Jealousy: Envy and Jealousy reaches the Cerebrates that have had grudges with other identities, whether it be its own brethren or other outsiders. This often causes the Broods to try and match what it envies, transforming the Brood into something else altogether.

- Denial: Cerebrates that are incapable of knowing that their Will is dead, they often try to be fully conservative as possible, continuing to try and follow as what their former Master and Will wanted it.

- Lust: The uncontrollable desire for something, this often causes the Cerebrate to become extremely focused on something that it desires to happen, often causing the Brood to respond to fill that uncontrollable desire.

- Greed n’ Gluttony: This often causes the Cerebrates to begin to reach overdrive, often resulting in the Broods growing numbers that often hurt the Cerebrate psionically, and thus weakening the Brood, despite its constant need to have more. Other kinds of Gluttony includes trying to not have a larger amount of minions, but often over collecting minerals and gases until the Hives begin to react to such over burden of over collecting without over using.

- Mental Disability: including splitting of personality and developed schizophrenia, Cerebrates can develop mental breakdowns and disabilities due to the separation of the Overmind, often causing the Brood to be severely changed by such disabilities.

- Lack of Connection: Some Cerebrates get severe mental disability that causes Cerebrates to turn into a feral like state of mental and/or physical mutation, making them either change into something else or die due to defection of themselves or the feral zerg it has caused to rise.

The many different back lashes that a Cerebrate does towards the Overmind, often impacts the Cerebrates greater when the Overmind is hit. This is greatly empathized during the Brood Wars, when the Cerebrates begin to try to maintain themselves (or not), after the Overmind is gone. This has caused many Broods to separate into dozens of different groups competing against each other, while dozens disappear in history forever.

The Overlords (Ratiocinates):
While the Cerebrates and the Overmind lead the Swarm as a whole, the Overlords are the last yet just as important leading minions within the Swarm. Designed for multi-purpose tasks, these hands on lieutenants of the Cerebrates that hold onto them make sure that the entirety of the Swarm functions as they should. The Overlords are giant behemoths that are greater in size than any other lesser minion of the Swarm, even greater in size than the Ultralisks. As many of the Minions of the Swarm are made for either harvesting, creating, or killing, the Overlord fills up every other role a Hive needs, being possibly one of the most important components of a hive. Without the Overlords to run the hives, the swarm would be set back greatly.

One of the greatest components of these blimp-like creatures is there senses. Assimilated for their extraordinary sensory organs that the Overlord’s ancestors held, the Overlords have been the sentries, watchdogs, and scouts due to their abilities to make sure that their Cerebrates have full eyes on the Terrain that they must deal with.

These sensory organs are a main component that makes the Overlords great scouts, which is why many Zerg Broods often use Overlords to scout ahead to make sure that they can clear away fog of war, while also using them to detect and see if there are any barricades or traps up ahead. Their heightened sensory organs often allow the Overlords to help watch over hive colonies as well, making sure that everything is safe within a hive, and that there are no undetected threats in the shadows. Even when the swarm’s minions march to kill, the Overlords follow to make sure that the warrior minions have all eyes on the enemy, so that none can escape from their gaze.

This has often allowed the Cerebrates to see everything that is happening within a Brood they are leading, allowing the Cerebrates to react accordingly. This makes the Overlords greatly powerful for the Cerebrates, especially when they mass them in great numbers, making the Cerebrates sight crystal clear.

Overlords are noted for their massive scale in terms of size, even trumping the Ultralisk, the giant behemoths that often shred marines into pieces. Act as a transportation unit, an Overlord is able to carry a bundle of hive units from one location and back, which is a great asset to the swarm.

While the Behemoths were designed to help the swarm travel in a large abundance at once, the Overlords allow the Swarm to move from space to atmosphere, and back to space, if need be. With the Overlords able to carry large amounts of hive units, this allows the Cerebrates to make sure that the Brood is able to be mobile, without the strain of physics or terrain keeping the minions set back.

Overlords that are for the sake of transportation has left the Overlord’s purpose to moving with warrior minions into the midst of battle lead to the Overlords even dropping minions upon enemy lines, and even behind enemy lines, due to their tough husks and ability to carry a mass of units in its ventral sacs. The Overlords in these skirmishes often risk death more than any other Overlord.

Many Overlords often pick up other Minions with its large claws, often taking them from the ground to the sacs to store them, allowing the minions to be stored appropriately. The Overlords picking up the minions are often coordinated by the Cerebrates to make sure the hive units are transported as quickly as possible, so that the Overlord can quickly do its job without delay.

Connection to the Cerebrates:
Although Cerebrates are designed to lead the Hives under its Brood, the Overlords are designed to act as their eyes and hand. With the Overlords acting as shepherds for a hive, it is instinctively able to make sure that a hive works accordingly, however it never makes a change of command of its own. The purpose of an Overlord when a Cerebrate is not making commands to a hive, is for the Overlord to make sure that the command is maintained, nothing more.

The Overlords themselves also act as telephone lines for a Cerebrate, which allows a Cerebrate to transmit its commands to the rest of the Brood. With the Overlord’s semi-intellectual brains being used to amplify the signal of the Cerebrates commands, the Overlords make sure that the commands of the Cerebrates are transmitted accordingly, connecting to the warrior minions and others through the Overlords themselves.

This has often led there to be more Overlords within a hive and in general a brood, due to the control a Cerebrate has over a Hive and the Brood itself being powerful when there are more Overlords to maintain control. With the transmissions and control of the brood being essential to a Cerebrate, Overlords have become a necessity for a Cerebrate to maintain control, less they risk minions becoming non-responsive.

The Overlords (Ratiocinates): (Cont.):

Endurance and Control:
With Overlords designed to maintain control of minions, as well as its many other tasks an Overlord has for a Hive, has made these giant beasts main targets for many enemies, both Terrans and Protoss, and later Zerg as the Brood Wars begin. With the Overlords being a target that does not hold the same benefits as its masters, the Cerebrates, Overlords are given a tough carapace and large amounts of endurance towards pain, instinctively calling other minions to protect it when endangered.

When an Overlord dies, often times other Overlords make sure that the control of such minions are maintained within a Brood, making sure that a Hive does not risk caving in due to a leading minion falling during battle or other causes. However, when there are fewer Overlords than what is needed to command the swarm, it often leads towards strain for the other Overlords

These strains often causes the Overlords to endure minimum to large amount of pain inside their brains, with greater percentages of minions being greater than the mass of Overlords maintaining them can cause from unnoticed headaches to internal bleeding of their brains. Often times, this has also caused the motor functions of an Overlord to also slow down, making movement for these massive beasts to freeze, similar to that of a Cerebrate.

Although regeneration often makes sure that Overlords are not endangered, a Hive can go rampage if the few Overlords trying to maintain a mass of minions die from brain damage and overheating, making Cerebrates try to either create more Overlords, or kill of necessary hive units to make sure the Overlords maintain balance once more.

Aged Overlords:
Although not Sentient, Overlords often get the imprint of their masters, their Cerebrates, within their minds when they are controlled by them for a while, often making Overlords capable of using its semi-intelligence to make appropriate actions when a Cerebrate is absent. In a sense, this imprint often is noted to be the Overlord subconsciously learning from one that maintains control over them, growing a mindset and personality that is similar to their master, if not as intelligent as them. This imprinting often affects Overlords differently in terms of time, though Overlords that are often directly control by a Cerebrate and not left on its own to maintain or protect an area often take a shorter amount of time to have the personality and consciousness of the Cerebrate to be copied as theirs.

For Overlords that have existed from months to years, even as far as a millennium long, has caused them to be noted by the Umojans as Aged Ratiocinates (Overlords), while the Confederates mistaken them for common, special strain of Overlord they call Yggdrasil. Although these Aged Overlords are not a new strain of its own, it’s a minor mutation that which happens when an Overlord is controlled by a Cerebrate for a long time, often causing the aged Overlord to have a mutation in its brains and sensory organs.

These Aged Overlords often are noted for being bigger than their younger brethren, while also having a larger brain that has grown from its head to other parts of its body under its carapace, making it so that an Overlord has a heightened amount of intelligence. This also allows greater amounts of Control for an Overlord to have over other Swarm Minions, making Aged Overlords to become far more intelligent than their younger brothers.

These Aged Overlords are often held by the oldest of the Broods, with the Overlords that have existed for the longest time reaching the Apex of age, which is what many confederates call the Yggdrasil. These Aged Overlords are able to make commands and maintain a Hive better than the other Overlords, due to an Aged Overlord independently being more competent than a single younger Overlord. Due to a hive often requiring many Overlords to command one properly, usually when a Brood goes Feral the Overlords lose the connection that they had with each other, resorting with Hives tearing themselves apart. Although some of the Overlords are able to work together to maintain a hive or so, depending how much its leader has imprinted upon these blimp-like creatures, Aged Overlords are able to maintain a small Hive alone, which shows how much grasp these Overlords have over their younger brethren.

During the Brood Wars, small Broods of Aged Overlords that have lost their Cerebrates often independently lead smaller hives, with the imprint of their leader making it so that these aged Overlords try to build the Brood as the Cerebrates Will desired it to be, before it was destroyed/lost control of the Brood. In a sense, these Overlords are an insurance policy for a Brood, to make sure they survive even when they have lost connection to a Hive. It has been noted that some lost hives have maintained support of the Swarm despite this disconnection, due to the Aged Overlords, despite them lacking any hive link connection at all and being classified as Feral.

The Queen (Parasitists):
The Queen cannot be comparable to that of the Overlord and the Cerebrate; while a queen is often associated in most Science Fiction for being leaders of a Hive, the name Queen was given to these creatures due to the carelessness and ignorance of the Confederacy, with the role of the Queen being far different than any Hive Queen from earth.

The Queens in many cases are comparable to a Hatchery, Lair, or Hive, however the Queen’s purpose is far minimal in terms of a Hatchery and its older metamorphoses. The Queens maintain the production and distribution of different parasitic entities within what is classified as ‘Queen’s Nests’, which is the home and working center of these creatures. While the Hatchery simply produces Larvae and stores minerals and gases to help metamorphose larvae into hive minions, the Queen’s nest produces parasites constantly that are often killed off by either other parasites or the nest’s metabolism itself. The Queen is in charge of making sure that certain parasites grow and mature enough to benefit the Hive, the Brood, and the Swarm all together. When these creatures develop enough parasites, they begin to inject it into targets, friend or foe, to make sure that these parasites serve their purpose.

Although these queens are capable of other things, including infestation and slowing down targets with its mucous onto targets, the Queens main benefactor for the Swarm is to distribute and create micro-zergs that make sure the Zerg Function accordingly.

Hive Structure:
Queens are designed to own their own, special kinds of hatcheries, known as Queen’s Nests. This Hive Structure is where the Queen makes all the micro-zerg, which it later stores in itself to be used as a tool to benefit the Swarm.

These Hive Structures often resort in the Queen nestling on top of the nest, using its long to grasp the nest, with its long arm-like limbs and mucous to feed certain parasites and protect them from being eaten by the Nest’s metabolism and other Parasites, making sure they grow and mature into a weapon for the swarm. This often leaves Queens to be nestled on these Nest-like structures for a certain amount of time, before its body is filled with enough parasites. When it is full of these parasites, it then lifts off and flies, intending to use these creatures.

Many Queen’s Nests often number a bit more than other hive structures, depending on how many queens a Brood may use in a hive. Often ones that centre on queens, or uses them a lot, often has Queens Nests that challenges the number of Hatcheries that exist, sometimes even greater than these Hatcheries. Many Queens cannot function its full potential, without the Queen Nests for them to benefit.

Classes of Queens:
Like the Hatchery, a Queen has many stages of different Queen Types, with the sole purpose is to access the greater of the minions that a hive can benefit from. These different queens, like Hatcheries, require metamorphosis in order to access the advanced parasites, due to the parasites either require a specific mucous type for nourishment, and/or the parasites being capable of infesting the weaker queens due them being stronger and more brutal than the other parasitic zerg. These different classes of Queen Metamorphosis is as followed:

Tucte Class – Available when a Queen’s Nest and Hatchery are available. The weakest of the Queens, they often walk around instead of flying, unlike other Queens. This is due to these queens being based on the sole purpose of maintaining the hive and distributing certain parasites to its follow minions, and not so much target hostiles and victims. These Queens are able to leave creep with ease, however they instinctively stay in the protection of a hive, due to the Queen’s purpose during its stage of metamorphosis. Unlike the other Queens, the Tucte is unable to store as much Parasites unlike its other stages, however it has far more abilities that it itself has in its arsenal.

Dame Class – This Metamorphosis causes the queen to grow a fleshy skin between its legs and learns to fly, allowing the Queen to maneuver across the landscape faster than it ever did walking. These kinds of queens are designed for the sole purpose of projecting parasites that are specific for targets and victims, making the Queen dramatically change from a supportive unit into a specialist unit. This often uses the parasites it creates in order to maintain control and a perspective of targets, often making this Queen Class meant to help Zerg to hunt specific targets, and know what hostile targets are doing.

Konigin Class – This Metamorphosis of queen is the final stages of Metamorphosis, reflecting the Hatchery’s final Metamorphosis. An advanced version of the Dame Class, the Konigin Class is designed not to target victims to maintain control and being one step up from the target, but to be an assault unit that causes strife in the ranks. These Queens are able to take down targets using parasites as weapons, making this class of Queen one of the most dangerous on its own. This queen often comes in large masses, within many projecting such parasitic zerg onto victims to cause chaos within the ranks.

These Queen Classes cause the Queen to have different roles within the Swarm, making each of the Queens maintain and create different units, in order to benefit the Swarm.

Parasite Types:
These Queens are noted to store a good amount of Parasites within its body, before it begins to head off into action. These Queens can find and store different kinds of Parasites within its body, often having packets of different parasites built and stored in its body as ammunition, before projecting them onto targets. These are the parasites that a few Umojans have been able to identify:

Tucte Class Parasites
- Parasitic Adrenaline: These Parasites extend a large amount of adrenaline to a target unit to move and attack faster, while leeching off of the target’s regenerative capabilities (if it is Zerg), or leeching off of a targets life force.
- Charter Symbiosis: These Parasites causes the life regeneration of a zerg to halt, however this Parasite turns that life force into energy, which it is able to use to cause instant life restore when it is depleted in its host.
- Martyr Eruption: When a host loses its life and dies, the body of the host reaches necrosis instantaneously, as the corpse begins to be instantly eaten by the parasite inside and erupt as a broodling.
- Sloth’s Ecstatic: This Parasite is meant to cause the host to deplete its capability of movement, yet it causes a strong amount of regeneration to happen, allowing the host to move slower, yet take more hits in return.
- Creep Cyst: Places a Parasitic Zerg onto the Creep, which it burrows and grows pockets of air that bubble, capable of bursting if a hostile of the hive walks nearby with mucous.

Dame Class Parasites
- Sensory Parasite: Allows the Zerg to use the host, in order to use their vision to see what the host sees, allowing the Zerg to have vision behind enemy lines.
- Leeching Worm: Parasite leeches from a target, eating away at their health slowly but surely. This type of parasite often tries to kill a target from the inside, before killing the host.
- Colony Hive: When targeting a Colony Structure, the Parasite depletes its life in order to cause a swarm of bug-like creatures to arrive, protecting the colony from hostile attacks for a limited amount of time before disappearing.
- Mental Rampage: Causes the target host to go on a mental rampage, causing the host to become a neutral hostile that targets both friends and foes alike, until killed.

Konigin Class Parasites
- Razor Swarms: These Micro-Zergs are shot at targets, which swarms the victims with these razor swarms that bite and chew on the target and anyone around the victim.
- Cyst Explosive: causes a Cyst to be laid on the ground, filled with needles and shards that are designed to hurt targets with force.
- Explosive Drone: Controls a target for a few seconds before they explode, allowing the Zerg to move the victim to other targets to cause damage.
- Spawn Broodling: can target others that cause broodlings to grow and rip apart a victim, causing them to spew out and cause havoc as swarm minions.

The Powers of a Queen:
While the Queen holds a huge amount of mucous that is designed to feed all microscopic zerg in a Queen’s Nest, they can also be used in a condensed state, in order to grasp onto targets and cause them to slow down for a while. This often allows the Queen to help support the hive, even when it is out of parasites to use from its body.

The Queens are also able to infest targets; Queens are used to infest places such as Terran Structures, in order to transform them into infested units. This often is caused due to the use of chemicals stored within its body, along with the fires and electric sparks that are caused from a broken building. This leads to the Zerg Queen able to infest Terrans in order to increase the numbers of the Swarm.

These abilities of the Queen allow the Queen to stay with its fellow minions and act as support for the swarm, one way or another, making the Queen Cause major damage to any enemy that runs up against it. This often makes the queen a very powerful supporting unit.

The Defiler (Temero):
Designed to be the opposite of a Larvae, the Defiler is designed to be an assistant of the Swarm, using the billions upon billions of stored Zerg DNA of other strains as a cancerous weapon, making the Defiler a unique minion within the swarm. Designed to use these cancerous chemicals to benefit the swarm, this Defiler is meant to be an innocent larvae turned into a devastating nightmare.

Use for the Swarm:
With the Concept of the Defiler being a terrorizing unit for the enemy, while helping the zerg push forward, this Defiler uses the ever building energy to create mixtures within its body, designed to either support allies or destroy enemies.

This caster, unlike the Queen, does not host any microscopic Zerg, and instead is a hive of chemicals, designed to be used on the battlefield. With the Defiler able to consume the flesh of its fellow minions, a Defiler is able to continuously send out chemicals on the battlefield, making this creature able to decimate targets with ease. Each of the chemicals used are based on many of the strains that exist within the swarm, strains that have been long forgotten in the swarm, and strains that are a mixture of strains. These diabolical monsters are able to use the stored genes within its body as a weapon, using the stored energy within its metabolism to create chemicals rather than reach a metamorphosis. The Defiler is often reserved for hives that have reached the final stages of maturity.

Chemicals based on Strains:
These Chemicals are available if the units born from a hatchery are available, making the tech of a larvae match that of a Defiler. Different kinds of chemicals are available for a defiler, depending on what a Larvae can metamorphose into.

- Zergling; Slick Oil: Allowed to be used on ground units, causes units to move faster where it is laid out on, allowing faster movement of anyone that walks over it.

- Hydralisk; Spiked Saliva: the Saliva sprayed from the Defiler allows the target to be poisoned, where they begin to be eaten alive, before being killed by the toxic saliva

- Ultralisk; Radioisive: These chemical allows the Defiler to spray a radioactive cloud that is able to tear target’s flesh, melting them and causing radioactive poison.

- Mutalisk; Glavers: These chemicals cause a large amount of mutating chemicals to latch onto targets and festering biological targets into aberrations, chemical monsters that eat the flesh of targets and create worm-like monsters

- Scourge; Plasma Metamorphosis: Sends out a chemical bomb that explodes targets, causing them to cause plasmid eruption that tears targets apart.

- Queen; Plague: Sends out a chemical spray that covers targets and burns them greatly, able to cover and eat away even metal objects.

- Drone; Dark Cloud: Sends out molecules in the sky that is think and strong, causing fire squads to be unable to see where they are firing.

In order to gain enough energy continue to fight, Defilers need to constantly eat other Zerg Minions to keep up with its chemical prowess. As the Defiler has a hard time gaining enough within its metabolism to produce such chemicals at a rapid pace, the Defiler has to consume a large amount of Zerg Minions constantly, in order to constantly keep spreading chemicals on the battlefield. This makes the Defiler able to consume a dozen minions in a few seconds, and a hundred minions if given a chance.

The Mutalisk is the Primary Airborne Minion that is designated for combat. Being made for the sole purpose of aerial support, these flying worm-like creatures are fast and deadly, able to launch symbiotic worms to attack and bounce around targets, ripping them apart. The Mutalisk, designed for its high speeds and attack, was also designed to morph into other creatures; this allows the mutalisk to move across the battlefield and mutate into a more vicious killer at any given time, making the mutalisk able to adapt to enemies that are too strong for the mutalisk alone to deal with.

Different Morphs:
Although the Mantis Screamer was known to have changed from its worm-like state that flies across planets and space itself, into a nesting-like creature that is slower and hardier (the Guardian), the Mutalisk is able to change and mutate into different units, due to the changes that were done to them by the Swarm. These mutalisks are able to mutate and change into new, deadlier units, after a Greater Spire is built.

- The Guardian (Tutela): A slow creature, this is designed to act as both a siege creature during an offensive, and a defensive unit during being attacked. These long-ranged creatures are able to kill enemies with globs of acid, hurling them at long range onto targets. Slow, these acid creatures are able to destroy enemies. This was based off of the final metamorphosis of the Mantis Screamer, when it nested upon a world. These creatures are unable to target airborne units, due to the design of the Guardian.

- The Devourer (Tabesco): A creature that is a swarm design of the mutalisk changed greatly into a larger form, deadlier form. The Devourer is designed to target air units, where the Guardian could not. Able to spray targets with an acid-like spray that clings onto targets, these creatures were designed to weaken enemies while also doing large amounts of damage as well. The Devourer is able to melt away the armor of even a battlecruiser, and make them more vulnerable to attacks in turn.

- (Sanguino): A creature that is designed for the sole purpose of targeting enemies, this bleeding creature uses the zergs regenerative ability to deal with the high digestive system of the Glave Worms the mutalisk had, causing the former Mutalisk to have many growths of worm-like creatures springing out from the body. The creature is designed to act as a hive for the mutated glave worms, creating large quantities of them within the body in order to build a large amount, later flinging it at targets with one shot to tear foes apart. Although the creature is unable to target enemies for a long time, the main design was for the creature to attack, flee, build up more of these glave worms, and attack again. The amount of glave worms a Sanguino can store can kill a fire team of Marines with ease.

- (Depleo): One of the most uncommon of metamorphosis that a Mutalisk takes, the Depleo is meant to break down targets with a mutated form of the Glave Worm, the Glave Wasp, which is used to attack targets with small creatures that spit acid at targets and flee. Acting similar to a carrier by design, the Depleo is meant to act as a supporting unit that causes massive damage, though it is rarely used due to the expense the metamorphosis is in comparison to other units. The Depleo is able to hold onto eight different Glave Wasps, while having a body that is of similar design to the Guardian. It was meant to act as a hive unit that acted as a distraction and annoyance to hostiles, while creatures such as the Guardian can attack without fear of receiving. Unlike the carrier, the Glave Wasps are only able to target ground units with acid saliva, when the wasps attack air units with melee range. A Glave Wasp will also fly around a target if the target is alone, while moving from target to target similar to a Glave Worm if they are in a group.

The Mutalisk has many different metamorphosis that is specifically designed to deal with certain situation, when fast attack cannot penetrate an enemy due to its attacks being weak. Due to most aerial zerg forces being born from the Mutalisk, this has often assigned the Mutalisk to be the primary source for both atmospheric and space combat, with its level of adaptability allowing the Mutalisk to be a key unit against the enemies of the swarm.

The Scourge (Telum):
Designed to be a mobile missile, designed to take down targets that are too strong for any of the Mutalisk Morphs to deal with, these flying torpedoes are able to fly into targets and cause a plasmid eruption, tearing targets apart in the process. The Scourge are a simple creature by design that has no basis of any assimilated Zerg, being a creature that the Overmind created from raw material alone.

Short Flight:
This creature is unable to deal with long term flight, only able to stay in the air for a minute and a half before falling down due to a lack of energy. Similar to a Broodling, a Scourge has a limited time before they crash and fall due to exhaustion. This has left the Scourge to nestle upon Overlord, to recover their energy and be later used in combat. This has often left a symbiotic relationship between the Overlord and the Scourge.

This has allowed Scourge to be used by the Overlords as protection from aerial assaults, with the Scourge leaping from the Back of the Overlord to the direction of the threat, defending the Overlord from imminent death. In return, the Scourge are able to live longer than what they are capable of alone, able to use the Overlord to increase its lifespan with at least a few more minutes.

Ground Bombardment:
This kind of act is not often seen with Scourge, as most of the air-to-ground attacks are often reserved to the Mutalisk and its kin. The Scourge, however, are able to act as air-to-ground missiles when necessary. In these cases, the Scourge are able to crash into a target and cause a large amount of damage to single targets, ripping them apart with a blast of Plasma. This has made the Scourge a feared creature, with a few broods often having thousands of these creatures to bombard the grounds of their victims into a desolate waste. This has made the scourge a feared creature to be reckoned with, that the aerial ships and vessels in the sky do not only need to fear.

Creep Colony (Surrepo):
With the Swarm require constant nutrition in order to survive, most if not all of the Swarm requires the nutrients of the Creep in order to survive. Creep, being a purple-like lair of ‘flesh’ that covers the ground with a thick carpet, structures and minions of a hive require the creep in order to stay healthy and function accordingly, less they risk becoming weaker if not die off due to starvation. This has left the swarm to cause Creep to build from Hatcheries and its kin, although it takes a lot longer to build Hatcheries than any other structure. Thus, the swarm has built structures that allows the spread of Creep to go faster without the long wait for the hatcheries to build: the Creep Colonies.

Many of these Creep Colonies are designed for multiple purposes, but the primary one is to make sure that other hive structures have a foundation to build, and to increase the territory of a hive across a world. This has often left Creep Colonies being built more than any other hive structure, often reaching towards there being ten to every one hatchery, to there even being a thousand to one hatchery, depending on the Brood and its philosophy. Not only this, but Creep Colonies are noted for also being able to mutate, transforming itself into a new structure that fills another purpose to help the swarm, making Creep Colonies dangerous for any outsiders.

Creep Colony Metamorphosis:
There are many different kinds of Creep Colony mutations that a Brood can have, thought it depends entirely on the Brood and what they use. However, the Creep Colonies are known to be able to transform themselves into a new structure that is able to help defend a hive from outsiders, making them a formidable asset when the minions of the swarm are distracted.

- Sunken Colony: Producible for a hive when a Spawning Pool is produced, the Sunken Colony is one of the basic defenses against ground forces, able to tear apart ground units with tendrils reaching them from underground. This has left the Sunken Colony being able to almost break marines into pieces with one thrust.

- Spawn Colony: Producible for a hive when a Spawning Pool is produced, the Spawn Colony allows the production of Broodlings within the Colony, able to be produced and then later sent out as creatures, using the Spawn Colony as a form of storage until they can be released.

- Needle Colony: Producible for a hive when a Spinal Ground is produced, the Colony is able to send out large amounts of needles from its structure similar to a Hydralisk, able to attack both ground and air units with needles.

- Plasmid Colony: Producible for a hive when a Spire is produced, the Colony is able to lodge artillery strikes at a surface from a large distance, with a scourge-like creature released from the colony, and bombarding a surface. Although it can attack a target from a long distance, it takes a while to make impact, with a moving target able to move away from the blast.

- Spinal Colony: Producible for a hive when a Spinal Mount is produced, the Colony is able to allow a similar philosophy of the Lurker, sending ground-based projectiles from the Colony towards a target, similar to a Lurker. This is to allow defences of the Colony when necessary against enemy targets.

- Spore Colony: Producible for a hive when an Evolution Chamber is made, the Spore Colony is made to attack air forces, acting as a defence against airborne units with rapid fired spores sent against enemies. (Does not have Detection).

- Impaler Colony: Available when a Hatchery has reached its final staged of Metamorphosis, the Impaler Colony is able to target enemies and send a tendril powerful enough to kill a hydralisk alone. Although slower in terms of attack, the power alone is able to destroy stand-still enemies into nothing, making the Impaler Colony quite powerful in terms of compact.

- Tusk Colony: Producible when the Radioactive Cavern is produced, this Tusk Colony is able to take the most amount of damage in comparison to any other Colony, while able to send a large amount of radioactive gases from it that can infest any biological unit, friend or foe. This has made the Tusk Colony able to cause severe damage against targets with radiation overload.

- Edged Colony: Producible when the Toxoid Patch is produced, the Edged Colony is able to consume any nearby minion of the swarm, and then send that energy to other casters to be used as energy. It is covered with black-like crystals across its body that allows the storage of such energy to be used by others, including Queens and Defilers.

The different amount of colonies that a swarm can arm themselves with allows the different hives to deal with an issue appropriately, allowing drastic amounts of defenses to preserve a colony from the attacks of hostiles that threaten the colony

Hatcheries and its Kin (Nidus):
While the so called queens take care of microscopic zerg, the main minions of the swarm are produced from them larvae, a creature that is similar to that of the original Zerg before the Xel’Naga caused the Swarm to be formed. The Larvae, produced from hatcheries and its kin, are where most of the minions of the swarm originate from, save those such as the Cerebrates and the Overmind itself. The Larvae of the Zerg, weak as they are, are constantly produced and nurtured by hatcheries and its many older kin, taking nutrients from the soils of the creep to create more.

In order to produce hive minions quickly, hives often produce a large amount of hatcheries in order to allow full production of warriors and other necessary units of the swarm. This often allows hatcheries to be produced from almost a dozen to hundreds on a world, depending on the Brood’s ideals of mass production and the necessity of it. This has made Hatcheries one of the most important bases of a Hive Cluster, possibly the heart of a hive.

Relationship to Overlords:
While Overlords, like many other minions, are produced by larvae, starting hives often leave Overlords vulnerable, due to them being produced in their weakest state, lacking the necessary mutations to make the Overlord a formidable asset to the hive. Thus, in many cases, Overlords are able to become stronger once the hives start to evolve and grow, with the Hatchery morphing into its advanced stages.

Overlords have many components of upgrades that relies heavily on what the confederates call the Lair and Hive, allowing the Overlords to become a great asset for the swarm when necessary:

- Ventral Sacs: Causes large openings under the body that allows minions of the swarm to be stored inside, allowing the Overlord to carry creatures across the skies.

- Antennas: Places Antennas onto the Overlord that allows the Overlord to have a greater perception of the field, allowing them to see everything from farther away.

- Pneumatic Carapace: Biologically Modified Vespene Gas is placed within the Carapace of the Overlords, allowing them to move faster than they did beforehand.

- Hardened Carapace: Available when a hive cluster has reached its final stages, the Hardened Carapace allows an Overlord to take greater amounts of damage from enemy foes, allowing them to receive more punishment in the midst of battle.

- Fiddler Claws: Available during the final stages of the hive, this upgrade allows Overlords to use their claws to carry Larvae, storing enough nutrients inside the claws to keep the Larvae alive for a limited amount of time.

- Carapace Pockets: Can be upgraded when the hatchery has upgraded to a Lair, this upgrade leaves pockets on the surface of the Carapace, allowing Scourge minions to rest upon the Carapace, and allow Overlords to carry them on their surface.

This allows the Overlords to become a competent asset, moving away from being watch dogs of a weak hive, to taking on multiple roles that benefit the whole.

Different Hive Structures:
With the construction of a hatchery, and later on the evolutionary stages of the Lair and Hive that greet it, the workers and builders of a hive, the Drones, are able to construct a large amount of different structures that are necessary to allow the Larvae to mutate and construct themselves into the many different units of the Swarm.

Hatchery-Classed Structures
- Extractor: Designed to help extract Vespene Gas from Geysers, with the Extractors taking the Vespene from such Geysers and converting them into pocket sacs, allowing Drones to obtain the Sacs and bring them to Hatcheries to help Larvae mutate.

- Evolution Chamber: Designed to help a starting hive to mature its minions to their fullest potential, the Evolution Chamber allows the different components of a unit to become harder and stronger, allowing them to deal with the hardiest of foes without issue.

- Queen’s Nest: Allows the Production of both the Queen and Microscopic, Parasitic Zerg. These are where Queens rest in order to produce and collect Micro-Zerg.

- Spawning Pool: Designed to help the production of the Zergling, these also allow the Creep Colonies to have their starting set of defenses, while allowing Hatcheries to evolve into a Lair to have the more advanced units of production.

- Spinal Ground: Spinal Grounds are meant to help Hydralisks to be produced from hatcheries, as well as help evolve Hydralisks to their fullest potential.

Lair-Classed Structures
- Spinal Mount: A Spinal Ground that evolves into the Spinal Mount, the Spinal Mount allows the Hydralisk to mutate into the Lurker and Impaler, later on the Tusker.

- Spire: The Necessary component for aerial units within a hive, the Spire allows both the upgrades of airborne units, as well as allow the production of the Mutalisk and the Scourge.

- Nerve Spread: Allows the Production of the Stactling, covering the ground with nerve, like appendages. This also allows a Lair to be produced, as well as allow the production of the Scyllisk with its upgrades.

Hive-Classed Structures
- Greater Spire: Evolving from the original Spire, allows the Mutalisk to evolve into newer airborne fighters, as well as allow the upgrades of these units to benefit these creatures.

- Nydus Canal: Used to help Zerg units move from one location to another without the help of an Overlord, able to connect different hives together to allow hive clusters and possibly the Brood to be united together.

- Radioactive Cavern: Used to help allow the production of one of the most resilient and strongest of the Zerg, the Ultralisk.

- Toxoid Patch: Allows the production of the Defiler, as well as stores a large amount of genetic strands that a larvae would hold.

The many different kinds of hive structures impacts the swarm as the whole, from the larvae, to the creep colonies, to the overlords, and even to the defilers. Many of the hive structures that are seen in a hive are important, with many mature hives having many if not all of these structures in order to complete a hive cluster, becoming a major, proper asset for the Brood.

One of the primary warriors of a hive, these Hydralisks are one of the few ranged ground units, allowing the Hydralisk to target both ground and air forces from the ground, with a horde of them able to decimate even a battlecruiser, and are far more powerful than the Gauss Rifle a marine carries. This often makes the Hydralisk one of the more dangerous of the Zerg.

The Lurkers and its Cousins:
When a hive cluster begins to advance into its later stages, the Hydralisk is able to mutate into the infamous Lurker, as well as its other kin, in order to deal with the enemies of the Swarm. With the Hydralisk acting similar to the airborne Mutalisk, the caterpillar-like Hydralisk is able to morph into other forms, allowing the Hydralisk to become a formidable opponent to others. Many of these different forms require a Hydralisk to morph into a more advanced specimen that requires more willpower for an Overlord to control than a Mutalisks mutations, though the mutations of a hydralisk are terrifying.

- The Lurker (Insidiator): Made to deal with large amounts of different targets, the Lurker was designed to tear apart targets that horde in numbers, allowing the swarm to decimate targets that come in large numbers.

- The Impaler (Infigens): Made to deal with targets that are heavily armored, the Impaler is meant to attack heavy armored units and break them to shreds, making the Impaler an excellent asset against resilient units.

- The Tusker (Rinoceros): A hydralisk that morphs into a unit that attacks physically instead of doing so underground. The Tusker is able to fire similar to that of a Hydralisk, however are better known for their ability for melee combat, able to bust targets while also taking heavy damage. The Tusker is meant to be a resilient tank that takes the damage for the other Hydralisks, while supporting them with its own needles. Unlike the Impaler and Lurker, which are Lair units, the Tusker is a Hive unit that requires as much control as an Ultralisk.

These different mutations are designed to help against the greater enemies. Hydralisks are one of the most deadliest of the Zerg forces, however a simple change to one can cause a great enough change to make an encounter transform from a nightmare into hell.

Scyllisk, Stactling, and Morralisk:
Along with the many units which contend with the Swarm, all of the units were specifically designed to help support the Swarm during the given situations, with their tasks specific by design. The uncommon strains, although not used by most of the Broods, can be still seen by a few Zerg, often seen hidden away with specific kind of Broods.

A creature full of tendril-like arms on the back, with a large amount of vespene gas converted into gases made to fuel the electric currents within its body. The Scyllisk is designed to be able to go from the ground to the air, and back to the ground again, using its tendrils like a jellyfish to paralyze targets and kill them. Many of the tendrils a Scyllisk have many tiny microscopic needles that would hook onto any human skin and never let go, able to tear at flesh with ease. These units are designed to hunt down targets and rip them to pieces, able to chase targets across space and beyond. Designed for specific extermination, the Scyllisk makes the perfect hunters, able to chase any target for a long time without hesitation.

A creature that is similar to the Scyllisk, the Stactling is a creature that has a large tendril for a lower body, while having two forearms with large spines meant to grasp soil and rock and not let go. Often times, the Stactling would bury itself into the soil and use its tendrils to cause electric shock like an Electric Eel, able to extend its tendril lower body in different lengths and sizes to grasp and begin to squeeze targets, until the target finally dies. Many victims grasped are unable to do anything, due to the electric pulses from the tendrils causing many victims to be in too much pain to react accordingly. The Stactling is often used for the sole purpose of burying underground and causing havoc to enemies. The Stactling is an excellent ambush predator, where it will not show itself until a victim is as good as dead, unlike its competitor, the Lurker and Impaler.

A creature that is of a special strain that is not often developed in a normal hatchery, these lobster-like creatures are noted for being blind, requiring the use of special forelegs to be able to use shock waves and vibrations in order to see the environment around them. Acting as Overlords, these creatures are used by the Cerebrates that see stealth as superior than being in open air, due to the Overlord being a creature that is quite easy to see. The Morralisk is often reserved for small broods that are tasked in supporting their much larger brethren, as well as held by hunter broods that are tasked against greater odds, and require to be under the guise and not showcasing themselves in the open. The Morralisk is also used when the Zerg go where an Overlord cannot, going down in the underground. This often makes the Morralisk as an emergency resort for many Broods when an Overlord is not usable for the situation.

Other Special Strains:
Many other Broods have been noted to have specific kind of strains, whether they are based on the ones from the larvae, or they are their own unique strains. With there being hundreds, thousands of different strains and mutations in order to fit a Brood’s needs, often lead for there to be plenty of different strains that exist within the Swarm itself.

The Assimilated Terrans:
As the Overmind and its Broods take the Terrans Psionic Potential into its own body, the Overmind begins to use the specimens collected from the Terrans in order to build the perfect weapon against its enemies; the Overmind, destined to find the perfect solution against the Protoss and their all-powerful psionics, begins a long process of trial and errors, following three different philosophies in order to deal with the Protoss Foe, and begin their fall and resurrection into the Swarm.

Conexus; Philosophy of the United:
The Overmind saw that the Terrans, for the most part, are noted for being very weak psionics individually, with most of their capabilities being that of mind tricks and heightened perception. Individually, the Terrans were obsolete in comparison to the Protoss foe, however the Overmind in its genius saw an alternative: a creation of many minds working together to topple its enemies.

The Conexus is a hive structure that is of a crystal-like substance, black in texture and glowing like amber in its core. Within these crystals, lies the brains of three individual psionics that have been connected together in order to allow its ability to merge the brainpower of three assimilated psionics into one powerful mind, united together. The Conexus is able to transmit psionic power both on the battlefield and in the hive, assigned directly to stimulate and help other hive units that are off to face their foes, while using their psionic prowess to help topple the enemy, using powers that rival that of a High Templar. The Conexus is even able to take the role of an Overlord, able to have psionic control over the minions of the battlefield.

The issue with the Conexus, still, is that these assimilated structures are weak in comparison to the united will of the Protoss, so the Overmind saw that the Conexus is able to mimic the Khala; The Conexus are able to unite with other Conexi, being connected together in order to make their psionic energy to be distributed between all of them, and able to take charge of the battlefield. Alone a Conexus would have to wait minutes long in order to gather enough energy to use their powers again; together, the Conexi are able to use their psionics to control the battlefield almost indefinitely.

With hives able to build dozens if not hundreds of these things, they take a role similar to that of both the Creep Colony’s Defensive Evolutions, and the Overlord’s role as a shepherd.

Commisceo; Philosophy of the Merged:
With the use of the Conexi designed to help bring down the Protoss with large numbers uniting together, the Overmind knew that it wasn’t enough; with the memories of the Protoss printed into its mind, the Overmind knew that a far greater power as needed to be created, in order to defeat the enemy that is the Protoss. Thus, in its image, the Overmind began to use hundreds of the weakest and strongest Terran Psionics, and began a slow, long process of merging them together as one.

The Commisceo, a large brain-like entity that is similar yet smaller than the one the Overmind takes upon Aiur, the Commisceos sole purpose is to be individually powerful enough to bring down the Protoss with the might of sheer power. Although the Conexi are capable of mental manipulation, the Overmind knew that a powerful psionic that could manipulate matter itself was a necessary to topple its enemies. Using large amounts of Khaydarin Crystals and Psionic Terrans, the creature was created with enough power to manipulate the world around them, causing these creatures to shun even the Dark Templar.

The Commisceo, due to its large size and power, was unable to be properly built like the Conexi, with the use of a single Drone. Being based solely for the purpose of the final stages of a Hive, the Commisceo required a long time of construction on Creep with large amounts of Vespene and Minerals, as well as a large amount of Overlords in order to control this mighty beast. Once created, the Commisceo was able to consume other Zerg life and use that energy to continue attacking the enemy, using physics and biology as its arsenal.

Given a mind of its own, the Commisceo was more powerful than even the Cerebrates in terms of psionic power, causing a ripple within the order of things within the Swarm. Thus, the Overmind saw that the Cerebrate would have full control over their Commisceo brethren, although many broods that have built more than one of these often had to sacrifice many of their minions to control these beasts.

The Assimilated Terran (Cont.):

Pararius; Philosophy of Co-existence:
With the Overmind seeing the existence of the Zealots, both on the battle of Tarsonis and the worlds before Chau Sara, the Overmind knew that the Zerg required a creature that was capable of competing against these great warriors. Studying them, the Overmind knew that, in order to make something that could deal with the Zealot threat, it required individual Terrans that were capable enough to have the same psionic prowess as these proud warriors.

Capable of manipulating their emotions to heighten their reflexes and cause constant adrenaline, the Pararius was born to use its psionic powers to do more than what its body was capable of alone. Given a spiked tail and five arms, this slithering creature was given the same arms as a Hydralisk, given thousands of smaller, weaker needles that the Pararius is able to eject from its many arms, projecting them with high enough pressure to go a few inches into neosteel.

The Creature’s psionics were meant to have a symbiotic nature with other minions, both of its kind and other warriors such as the Ultralisk and the Hydralisk. Using limited amount of calculated precognition and brainpower in order to determine the outcome of the battle, the Pararius is capable of causing illusions upon its enemies in order to bring them down quicker, as well as use its psionics to enable itself and its fellow warriors to move around the enemy’s attack easier, causing minimum amounts of damage against their foes.

Due to their incomplete nature, many Broods resort in specially creating them, similar to creatures such as the Hunter Killers and Torrasque. However, many of the Broods have started to use these creatures in order to defeat the Protoss, with the outcomes of success slowly drifting into the Zergs favor more and more, as the Overmind continues to change and evolve these creatures until they are the perfect agents of mayhem and terror.

The New Overmind:
As the Zerg Swarm is decimated at the end of the Great War, the Swarm splinters into a war of the Broods, when they seek to determine what shall be the new Will of the Swarm. The Overmind of the New Swarm it an outcome that is made once the Protoss and the Terrans show themselves as the greater threat, with the Zerg uniting under the Will of safeguarding their race, and continuing their species onwards instead of either the promised outcomes extinct, feral, or slavery given by the enemy races. With this, the Zerg Forces will need to deal and remove the many oppositions within their own race that was once a non-issue due to the Will holding them all together, as well as building themselves into a united force to deal with the Protoss and the Terrans, who have begun to decimate the Zerg with their own united numbers.

The New Overmind will be created with the use of the Cerebrates coming together and merging, as well as using the help of the new Assimilated Terrans to create a merged body that functions with the similar capabilities of the Overmind in terms of psionics and wisdom. The New Overmind will be designed for its will to change from perfection to survival; as the Old Overmind sought to perfect the Zerg with the unity of the Protoss and the Zerg together, the New Overmind will seek to grow the Swarm and deal with the issues of both the Protoss and the Terrans, making sure that the survival and the unity of the Zerg Remains.

The Possibility of New Overminds and other Brood Wars are a possibility, due to the Overmind being receptacle to death by the powers of the Void, held by the Dark Templar and others like them. The Stages of Evolution will have as a whole during the process after the Brood War is for another story.

The New Overmind will function and act similar to that of the Old Overmind, however the New Overmind will have different ideals in mind, with the New Overmind seeing strive for the Protoss being assimilated as a secondary agenda in comparison to the survival of the Zerg and the reunification of the entire race. With the amount of changes that the Zerg will have to take in order to bring the Swarm back into the terrifying powerhouse that decimated both the Terrans and the Protoss during the Great War, the Zerg will have to adapt and change much of what they have constructed in order to fall back into a force that was capable of being stronger and more powerful than the swarm beforehand.

This New Overmind being constructed with the power to unify most of the race will mark the end of the Brood Wars, just as the death of the Old Overmind marked the end of the Great War.
TL;DR Zerg (Things to Note):
- There will be no Kerrigan: The Zerg will have alternatives to Kerrigan, which are the Assimilated Terrans listed. The Reason for Kerrigan being removed, is due to many reasons: A) Kerrigan lacks a character that is stable, and changes entirely to whatever is desired for the writers, and lacks a stable character. B) Infested Kerrigan has showcased a de-evolution to the qualities of the Zerg Race in many ways, with Brood War Kerrigan and onwards be only worthwhile due to ‘invisible armour’ that makes everyone else worthless, and makes her greater (somehow). With these two reasons, the other reason is due to the story being mostly focused on a large abundance of characters, and Kerrigan along with other characters being overly focused to the point she has become, personally, not worthwhile.

- The Zerg will be the Main Antagonist Throughout: Although the Zerg will be splintered and decimated due to the loss of the Overmind, the Zerg will continue to be the bane of all other life, and will be the primary antagonist of both the Protoss and the Terrans. In many scenarios, the Zerg will be an all-hated enemy of both the Terrans and the Protoss, and will continue to be a devastating enemy that has broken the two races with the promise of extinction.

- The Zerg Protagonists in stories will all be Cerebrates: While the Zerg will be a primary race from beginning to end, the Zerg will all of the played characters being Cerebrates. While there will be other characters of the Swarm, including the Overmind and some of the Assimilated Terrans that will be looked upon during dialogues and briefings, the character will always be a Cerebrate when playing as a Zerg.

- There will be no Duran and no Hybrids: Although it was introduced in Dark Origins, and was poorly executed in the sequels afterwards, both Duran and the Hybrids will be avoided entirely.

- The Xel’Naga, along with the Pre-Aeon Protoss, will be Secondary, Distant Story Elements: Although the Xel’Naga and anything attached to them, including Duran, the Hybrids, and their ruins have been overused in many Starcraft Stories, both in games and other media, the Xel’Naga will not be overly looked as they have before, with most of the campaigns that do have any significance of the Xel’Naga being a ‘mention’, nothing more. There will be ruins and so forth of the Xel’Naga that will be explored, but they will be rare. The Pre-Aeon Protoss will be also explored, as they were avoided and retconned by Blizzard to be non-existent. During the invasion of Aiur, the Zerg will explore many of these ruins in order to harvest and use the powers of old to topple of Khala Protoss.

- The Process of Assimilation and Infestation will be explored: As the process of Assimilation has not been looked upon properly, this story will look upon the process of Assimilation, with the first examples of Assimilation being the Assimilated Terrans, which the campaigns will show the Process how Psionic Terrans are processed, changed, and become part of the Swarm.

- Many aspects of the Zerg Units will Change: Many of the Units of the Zerg Units and Structures will have new introductions and changes in order to make the Zerg something new when played upon:
- The Queens will remove the role of a simple caster, and become the Zerg’s Equivalence of a Reaver or Carrier, which the Queen harvests Parasites and uses them on the battle like a Reaver builds Scarabs and launches them.

- The Defiler’s Casting will change to have many spells that reflect what a hive can build, able to cast spells depending on what a Larvae can morph into.

- The Mutalisk and the Hydralisk will both have mutations; the Mutalisk was designed to have an aspect of it changing to deal with certain situations, which the Mutalisk will continue with the addition of two new morphs it can become. The Hydralisk will also have an additional two new morphs that are similar to the Lurker.

- The Overlord will be the only unit that has detection, other than the Overmind and the Cerebrates themselves, along with possibly some of the structures that are Assimilated Terrans. That and the addition of new roles for the Overlords is meant to make the Overlord a wanted unit for a Zerg Commander.

- The Cerebrates are given the ability to use powers and, possibly, move, in order to explore the Psionics that the Cerebrates have, as well as their mastery of bio-engineering and manipulation.

- The Creep Colonies will have many different structures available to be built, other than the Sunken Colony and Spore Colony.

- New Units that are able to be built from hives include the Scyllisk and the Stactlisk.

- The Aspect of Broods and their Roles will be Explored: As Broods have been explored and dropped in Starcraft due to the creators of the concept not giving a damn, the Broods and its different roles will contribute to the story of Starcraft.

- The Brood War: The Entirety of the Brood War will play out differently, with there being many different Zerg Broods fighting amongst each other for power. This is due to the Cerebrates being designed to have different personalities that other Cerebrates may or may not like/agree with, however disputes were not taken towards civil war due to the Will uniting them. With the Will that uniting them broken, as well as the concept of Feral Zerg and the whiplash of the Will’s Death affecting many of the Broods causing a concept of Strife for the Zerg that threatens strife within the Swarm as a whole, causing different Swarms to arise.

- The Pre-Great War: Due to there being hints of the Zerg making contact with the Zerg both in the original Starcraft and the Books about Mengsk, the concept of the Zerg interacting with the Terrans a year before the Great War will be explored.

- Replacement of the Renegade: While Kerrigan was the Renegade Zerg that was the primary antagonist, or protagonist, in Brood War’s campaign, Kerrigan will be replaced with the Assimilated Terrans taking hold of the Broods that have lost their Cerebrates, using their psionics in order to rebuild the Brood under their power. Aged Overlords will also be a concept, however they are only able to run a small hive, being extremely weak in comparison to a Brood.

- The Interactions with the Terrans: The Zerg will be explored by both the Confederacy and the Umojans during the Pre-Great War and the first parts of the Great War, with the Confederacy exploring the Zerg’s Psionic Hivemind, and the Umojans studying the Zerg’s Biological Assets. This will contribute in the rise of the Dominion, later the Umojans, using the Zerg to their advantage.
- The Confederacy will be taking the Psionic Studies to influence the production of Psi Emitters, Psi Disruptors, and other technology in order to be used against the Zerg, later to be taken by the Dominion and the Umojans.

- The Umojans will be using the Zerg to create new anti-zerg weaponry, along with planning on using Zerg, even Zerg-Like Bio-Engineered Weapons, in order to battle against the Zerg and other enemies.

- The Dominion will be trying to run its own program to follow what the Confederacy had left off, however due to the decimation of many scientists and research facilities, the Dominion have to find and collect the scraps and build up once more.

- The Protoss and the Zerg: Although the Zerg will make little to no interaction with the Protoss until the stage of the Great War where the Psionic Terrans begin to be assimilated, the Protoss and the Zerg will become a primary aspect of war, where the tides of Terrans and Zerg being the primary conflict at the start will shift to the Protoss being the Zerg’s target of extermination and assimilation next. This will continue until the end of the Great War, where Zerg will begin to make conflict with all three races, including itself.

- The Zerg will be attacking planets that are held by the Khala, in order to exterminate the race and collect as many Khaydarin Crystals to help the process of Assimilation for the Protoss.

- The Zerg will be attacking the Dark Templar, hunting down as many as possible with its devastating Broods in order to remove the threat of the Dark Templar and the potential harm it can do to the Swarm.

- The Zerg will be attacking Aiur as the primary base of operations after Char and the other Hive Worlds, to plan and start the Assimilation Process of the Protoss by first attacking the Khala that unites them.

- The Zerg will be exploring planets that once held the Pre-Aeon Protoss, finding their ruins in order to help their progress into assimilating the Protoss, and their extermination of independence from the Swarm.

- The Conflict of the Zerg in the Brood Wars will be the primary plot during that Time: Many of the different Broods trying to assert power and become the dominant Will, will be the plot of the Zerg during the Brood Wars.
The Terrans – Monkey in the Middle

One of the youngest races of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Terrans are one of the races that gets stuck between two of the most power beings in the Galaxy, the Zerg and the Protoss. With the tenacity of intuition and adaptability being their strong suits, the diverse Terrans will have to deal with both of the Races, as they try and bring down the race towards extinction.

Powerhouses of the Korpulu Sector:
The Korpulu Sector has a lot of different factions within the Korpulu Sector, being one of the most diverse and splintered races. With there being so many factions that are posed against each other, this has often left the Terrans lacking unity, even in the desperate of times they will see themselves as more important than others. This has often left the Terrans being the most pitied and scorned by its Alien competitors, however the Terrans have proven themselves time and time again that they can hold onto themselves just fine and survive against all odds, even winning against the highly advanced Protoss and the all numerous Swarm.

The Three Main Powerhouses, the ones that have the most control over the Korpulu Sector, are noted for each having their own quirks that has showcased themselves capable of claiming victory against the troubles internal and external. With many of these Powerhouses at each other’s throats, whether it being public or covert, the main three have all demonstrated their capabilities of ruthlessness and deceit, as well as raw power on the battlefield.

The Confederacy:
The Terran Faction that has the most power out of any of the other factions. With the strongest military strength, the Confederacy is run by the Old Families, the founders of the Confederacy that take care of both the politics, the military, and the economy of their faction. With the greatest military force that can deal with both the numbers of the Kel-Morians, and the technology of the Umojans, the Confederacy holds their own with the use of Nuclear Fire, Large Fleets, and devastating specialists and assassins that are under their belt.

With the most sinister of plans to remove their oppositions and claim supreme rule over the sector, the Confederacy has many heads that seek different outcomes for the Korpulu Sector and their fellow Terrans. With the arrival of the Zerg, and later on the Protoss, the leaders of the Confederacy and their servants have begun to arise a full scale change of tactics in order to deal with the menace, with the Confederacy using raw power and unorthodox tactics in order to beat the Zerg and the Protoss all together, as well as their enemies.

The Umojans:
The Umojans are the smallest of all the powerhouses in terms of size, but compensate this by having the most advanced technology of all the Terran Factions. Holding the top tech in their arsenal, the Umojan Protectorate, their military unit, is able to battle against many forces, having the most powerful fleets and soldiers. With their vehicles and men able to deal with even the powerful Confederacy, the Umojans prefer the ideals of peace, and stay away from frontal combat as much as possible.

However much the Umojans are willing to stay away from war openly, they are willing to assist in warfare when possible. Excelling at the use of covert operations and funding/fueling the foes of their foes, the Umojans have been known to be unofficially part of every war imaginable, often assisting rebels and pirates that have been the greatest of thorns to the Confederacy, the superpower that the Umojans despise the most. Even in the Guild Wars, the Umojans unofficially assisted the Kel-Morians by funding them with resources, tech, and men, in order to fight against the Confederacy. This has often left the Umojans to be looked upon by enemies of the Confederacy.

Although the Umojans are known to assist other factions when they deem it a benefit for their own agenda, the Umojans still plan on building their own arsenal in order to not only defend themselves, but to topple their competitors and become the powerhouse of the Korpulu Sector.

The Kel-Morian Combine:
A unity of two of the most powerful businesses from Moria, the Kel-Morian Combine has become one of the most power industries outside of the Confederacy. Spanning dozens of mining worlds that they seek to strip resources from, they are known to see business as their top priority above all else. Even in times of war, the Kel-Morian Combine were willing to trade with their enemies, the Confederacy, during the Guild Wars.

Having a military security force that can compete with the Confederacy in terms of size, the Kel-Morian holds an outstanding amount of forces in order to defend them against other pirates and raiders that threaten to take down their operations. With the Kel-Morians able to make deals with anyone, they are often looked upon by both the two main powerhouses, the Umojans and the Confederacy, as well as smaller factions if business is desired.

The Kel-Morians also have their own stand-alone military projects, being the faction that has been noted for making the infamous Goliath. Many of the Kel-Morians, during times of war, are willing to use many tactics to defeat their enemies, from guerilla warfare to saturation. When the hard times come for the Kel-Morians, they are able to become a staggering force when united under one banner, however due to their philosophy many of the Kel-Morians are often segregated by greed, seeking their own interests above anyone else.

The Newfound Dominion:
When the Confederacy dies, with the Old Families being mostly executed by the onslaught of Zerg that are called upon Tarsonis, leaves the rise of a former Old Families member to become a new uniting force, the Dominion.

With the Dominion replacing the Confederacy, the newfound Emperor, Arcturus Mengsk, begins to send many of his forces, diplomats and enforcers, to unite the Terrans together under one banner, in order to deal with the Zerg threat. This unity has showcased the Dominion uniting the remnants of the three factions to come together under one banner, which lasts until the end of the Great War, when the Zerg finally topple from unexpected reasons.

With the replacement of the Confederacy being the Dominion, many of the remaining Old Family members begin to fall back into hiding, while the Dominion has to contest with the possibility of the Umojans finding out as to how the Dominion truly rose into power, and begin its assault upon the unity. For the most part, the Dominion itself has unchanged in terms of technology in comparison to its predecessor, but how it functions does.

The Kel-Morian Combine

The unity of the two to create a faction that has become one of the most economically superior faction in the sector, the Combine has spread its hold onto many planets outside of the core worlds, creating many different worlds that it sees as necessary in order to have a grasp on much of the sector that is officially ‘non-existent’ to the other factions. This has left the Kel-Morians to have many different subgroups within its guild that seeks the slow ascension as the primary powerhouse over the Confederacy and the Umojans.

The Pirate Subfactions:
In order to topple other oppositions, the Kel-Morians have unofficially made many small raider fleets, designed to deal with the opposing miner guilds and even the mining operations of the Confederacy and the Umojans. Designed to raid ships and take men and resources, the Kel-Morian Pirates often run many banners that lead to them attacking other terrans and taking their resources to be used for their profit. Some of the pirate subfactions even raid other Kel-Morians, to make sure that they are pictured as the innocent bystanders, while competing with their own guild members to gain the upper power.

The Jolly Rogers:
Many of the Kel-Morians have constructed ships that can rival that of a Confederate Battlecruiser, and with their command ship and men that arm it, they often hold an identification banner, called the ‘Jolly Roger’. This form of Jolly Roger often is noted for being a banner and insignia that is placed upon the command ship and men, as well as an interfering radio transmission that raids the communication tech that their victims have on their vessels and settlements. Many of these Pirates often are noted for having a captain of the ship, along with dozens to hundreds of men under their banner.

- Kriss-Cross Arms: A faction with crossed arms that wrap around like rope until the wrist where the hands snap, the faction often runs with black colours and raids many independent settlements and cargo ships. The pirate faction has been noted for playing Brass and Military music, using large amounts of small ships to defeat their enemies.

- Broken Sabres: A faction with broken sabre on a skull, the faction tends to aim for Mercenary groups that have been rivalling the Kel-Morians, hunting down their dealers and commanders to break down the faction. They often attack cargo stations and ships in order to gain enough resources and fuel to live off of. They often play melancholy music towards their victims.

- Devil’s Advocate: A faction with a devil in prayer, these pirates often attack Confederate fringe worlds that are run by magistrates, breaking down many of their settlements as well as tear apart trade routes and industries. The faction prefers to use bombing tactics as well as heavy amounts of ground forces. They often play metal music towards their enemies.

- Beat Drums: A heavily-armed pirate fleet, designed to break down entire mining colonies, often taking the colonists as slaves for sale. The Beat Drums have two drums played by clubs as their banner, and when they come to decimate their enemies, just the constant noise of beating drums is heard. They often break their enemies with fast raid tactics.

- Ginger Skull: A fleet that loves to sabotage and use traps for their advantage, the banner of these pirates are noted for being of a ginger skull being rubbed by a skeleton hand. The Ginger Skulls are noted for breaking down installations and hunting for any information, from schematics to data, to be traded in the black market. They often play country music in order to mute communications of their victims, while using mines to be spread across the battlefield to break down ships or walkers.

The Rebellions:
With there being many designated groups out there that often scorn the enemies of the Confederacy and the Umojans, many of the Kel-Morians often stir trouble for both of them by sending rebel politicians and tactical geniuses to cause the citizens of both these factions to rebel, often to make sure that their enemies never become too popular.

- The Agrithian Remnants: Said to be a faction that was born from the ashes of an independent faction decimated by nuclear fire, the Remnants seek to cause trouble for the Confederacy for destroying their homes, acting as mercenaries, pirates, and civil disruptors. Many of these Remnants are often found trying to stir trouble in the outer worlds that are held by the Confederacy.

- The Protectorate’s Fallen: Former Umojans that were sent to support the Kel-Morians, they were later hired by the Kel-Morians in order to blame the Guild Wars on the Umojans, spreading the information that the Umojans funded an enemy instead of being neutral. This has often caused great amount of rupture within the Umojan’s, due to them being sensitive to politics and their society being held by democracy.

The Mercenaries:
Many of the Kel-Morians have went for the ideals of Mercenary work, often hired by factions to deal with their own problems, or just be hired for security. Many of these mercenary groups often are found competing against the Confederacy in battling, usually fighting against each other with the Mercenaries being heavily unflavoured, yet they deal with it anyways.

- The Hammerheads: A group of marines that are set up to fight against the odds they have a large arsenal of weapons that help them against the odds, usually able to handle themselves against even an Umojan marine. Many of the Hammerheads are known to push hard, using large amounts of grenade launchers and plasma technology to help support their troops.

- The Turkey Vultures: Vulture Bikers that are perfect at decimating their enemies with mines and skirmishes, these mercenaries are often sent as bounty hunters and saboteurs in order to take down specific targets, before they lift off and leave.

- Death’s Grip: A group of stolen Confederate Siege Tanks and soldiers tasked with the decimation of their enemies. Many of the Death’s Grips are often used as kill squads, usually sent to kill off rival groups.

- David’s Bane: A group of Goliath and Marine mercenaries that are often sent out to protect organizations and private groups. These are mercenaries that have descended from the Kel-Morian military and security forces, taking arms for anyone with a hint of money.

The Conclusion of the Pirate Groups:
Set out to be both the bane of their opposition and be an income for them, these Pirate groups are meant to paint both a good image on their part, and a bad image on others. Using these different groups, the Kel-Morian Combine have been successful at what they do. However, given certain circumstances, the Kel-Morian pirate factions, and even the Combine itself, often finds itself fighting against another Pirate Group that is their own, for the price of Greed.

The Kel-Morian Politics:
The Kel-Morians are an authoritarian group that leads with money as the absolute power, as well as material gain. Seeing as the Kel-Morians see the richest people to be the top governing bodies, many of the establishments that exist are often run by Overseers instead of Magistrates, with the main ruler of the Kel-Morian Combine being a leader of both business and military. With much of the Kel-Morian held by different businessmen, the Kel-Morians are not truly unified as one being at times, usually with many led by the Overseers of an expedition and/or mining world, and not by the ruling leader of the Kel-Morian Combine.

A Conducator is the leader of the Overseers, the military, and the law maker/holder of the guild. With the title being held by Gen Mah Sakai, the Conducator often is placed upon the capital planet of Moria, tasked with making sure that all of the Combine is functioning as it should.

The title of Conducator is given to someone of high power, usually to an Overseer, when a Conducator dies. Usually given to those of large amount of power within the Combine, the Conducator holds the largest military of all the Combine. While many of the Overseers have their own security forces that are the size of a small army, the Conducator is tasked with a Fleet that is larger than the Umojans, almost rivalling the Confederacy in size. Most of the ships and vehicles are unmanned, however, due to many of the Kel-Morian military being conscripts of war, and when it is a time of peace they usually work in trade. This has left the Kel-Morians, as of late, have a fleet and army that is undermanned, unlike their rivals whose military is fully operational, for the most part.

The Conducator is also tasked to make sure that the Kel-Morian Combine does not splinter off; many times, the Conducator has sent its military forces to enforce the law of Combine worlds, sometimes due to the fact that some Overseers have used their power to try and dissuade from the Combine, or have been poor in their exercises. The Conducator has often been known as the general of the military, and the judge and jury that is the laws and official documents and tenants the Combine has to follow.

Many times, the Conducator often talks with many of the Overseers via intercoms, usually talking to them through briefings about their business practises. If an Overseer is having trouble with outsiders, usually the Conducator is the first one to know about the situation.

The Overseer:
Many of the Kel-Morian worlds and business operations are run by an Overseer, a governing official and CEO of the entire operation. Tasked with making sure everything is in order, the Overseer is noted for being almost as rich as the Old Families themselves, sometimes richer in some cases.

Many Overseers have their own military faction, officially called security forces, that are assigned to defend their operations from any raiders and pirates that decide that they were a target. Many of the Overseers often have to deal with outsiders that try to get the big gold from them, usually resorting them to have Wars with independent factions and even other Kel-Morians, due to those being the only ones risking conflict with the Kel-Morians.

Many of the Overseers have to contend with other Overseers that desire to take their operations. As Overseers often try to climb up the ladder until they can take the role of Conducator, the Overseers have to find ways in order to defend themselves from whatever it is they throw at them, whether it is terrorist actions, resource saturation, pirating, and so forth. As the Overseers have to deal with their fellow Overseers, even Overseers with high ambitions often finds themselves at risk to receive the wrath of the Conducator.

The Assistant Overseer:
As there is one Overseer in every operation, there is always a small group of assistants underneath them. The Assisstant Overseers, tasked with the governing of the different business areas of their operation, often is part of the table of the executives, usually sitting or working with their Overseer to make a few more bucks come their way.

The Assistant Overseers vary in characteristics, however many A.O.s often find themselves risking both the wrath of the Overseer, and the competition of the other A.O.s as well. Similar to an Overseer, an Assistant Overseer has to usually compete with many individuals, although in a much smaller scale in this case. Many A.O.s often control a fracture of the employees of the operations the Overseer holds onto, thus being given the power in which the Overseers holds. Although some A.O.s have their own grasp of employees, most of them originate from the power of the Overseer, due to good business ethics that makes sure the Overseer looks better on them.

Many of the Assistant Overseers never talk to the Conducator, unless it has to do with a conflict between the Overseer and the Combine itself, so much of what the A.O.s deal with are from the Overseer alone, along with its fellow A.O.s under him/her as well.

Kel-Morian Security Forces:
The Kel-Morian’s many industries, corporations, and operations have their own security force, often numbering in the thousands if not tens of thousands, depending how big the operations is. Many of the security forces all have the similar assets of the military, however most of them are the basics of military weaponry.

Men put into the suits of neosteel, these marines are made to be able to work in both space and atmospheric environments, able to function in most environments without issue. Armored and armed, these marines are the weaker kind, unlike the ones used by the Confederacy and the Umojans. However, despite the Marine Core being weaker than the Confederacy, the weaponry they use allows them to stay in their A-Game, with a squad able to become a formidable foe.

- Gauss Weaponry (Marine): Most Kel-Morian marines use Gauss Assault Rifles that the Confederacy use, the C-14. Many of the marines are issued with this standard weapon

- Projectile Weaponry (Hammerheads): Given that the Kel-Morians often have to deal with greater forces than their own, the Grenade Launcher, using Gauss Technology that helps launches propellant grenade across the battlefield, to cause impact and explode. Able for the use of both space and planetary skirmishes, these Grenade Launchers are able to be outfitted with different kinds of rounds, enabling a marine to deal with certain enemies at a given time.

- Plasma Weaponry (Meltas): Borrowing from the Confederacy’s Firebat units, the Kel-Morians are able to outfit their own plasma weaponry that allows marines to burn victims alive, giving the marines an advantage over close quarters combat. Many of the Kel-Morian’s Firebats are often noted for selling their own fuel for the higher bidder, which many Kel-Morian enforcers have to deal with.

Holding a large sum of power, these Enforcers are held by leading members of the Kel-Morian as a private police force, with the most loyal making sure that the Kel-Morian employees continue on the right direction. Armed with a gauss pistol and optical lenses for seeing farther than most barracks units, the Enforcers also have a grasp upon some technology, allowing them to use their equipment to turn the tieds of battle.

Many of the enforcers go into the midst of battle along with other marines, to make sure that they are all in line due to the Kel-Morians having the poorest of military discipline. In many cases, the Enforcers are designed to give military discipline during times of desperation and opportunity. All Enforcers can be built from a Barracks.

- Wave Paralysis: With the use of a sonic wave at a direction, the Enforcer is able to stop units in their tracks, freezing them with a sonic wave that minimally damages them, some even having their heads explode.

- Executioner: With the use of a limited overcharge to the Gauss Pistol, the Executioner allows the enforcer to send a bullet that is capable of damaging an enemy greatly, even penetrating a siege tank and crippling its crew and engines.

With the Siege Tank being the icon of the Confederacy, the Goliath is the icon of the Kel-Morian Combine. A walker-class heavy support trooper, the Goliath was solely designed for combat, meant to battle against most oppositions with multiple weapons that on itself can decimate the battlefield. Different than the Confederate and Umojan Goliaths, which both have stolen the Kel-Morian’s designs from, the Kel-Morian Goliaths are cheap yet effective, coming in three models.

- Goliath Standard Class (Goliath): The Standard class of Goliath, the goliath holds two arms that hold Gatling Gauss guns, one miniature gun between the legs, and two rocket launchers on the back. The Goliath is meant as a standard unit against both air and ground forces.

- Goliath Artillery Class (Bombardo): A modification of the Standard class of Goliath, this was a response to the Confederacy’s Siege Tanks, which were designed to deal with the Kel-Morian’s walkers and military. The Goliath has the rocket launchers replaced with mortar launchers, with the ability for the Goliath to fire mortar shells from a long range. The Goliath is also armed with a gun that fires tank shells. The Goliath requires stronger legs than the standard class of Goliath, making this a more expensive version.

- Goliath Enforcer Class (Entitled): Assigned to specific Enforcers during combat, these are meant to deal with Goliaths during the heat of battle. Armed with multiple rockets, the Enforcer Goliath’s sole purpose is to bombard areas with large amounts of miniature rockets that match a similar ideal to the Valkyrie, which can be modified from attacking an area to attacking one target with multiple rockets at once. Borrowing stolen schematics from the Valkyrie to use such rockets, the Enforcer Goliath is also able to send out lockdowns to ground and air forces, to make sure that other Goliath pilots do not break the codes and laws of the Overseer and Conducator.

The Goliaths are a formidable asset that both security and military forces use freely, quelling rebellions and raids on Kel-Morian operations quickly. Many of the Confederate military know the devastation of the Goliath and what it did during the Guild Wars, and has marked the Goliath as one of the most successful innovations of warfare the Kel-Morians ever made. Although many claim that someone stole the blueprints for this devastating machine, others speculate that it was sold in the black market.

The Vultures are a vehicle that most colonies use, due to it being cheap and reliable on most terrain. One of the fastest vehicles the terrans have, many military units often use the vulture bikes to do skirmishes, scout terrain, and set down traps and mines for the enemies. In comparison to the other powerhouses, the Kel-Morian Combine excels at the use of booby traps, living off of such tactics during the Guild Wars. The Vulture is relatively the same as the Confederate’s version, although their mines are quite different, and often have different mines that they use to deal with their enemies.

- Cerberus Mines: having a greater blast radius and damage output, the Cerebrus Mine is the newer version of the Spider Mine, with the devastation that it brings often used to defend supply depots from looters, as well as break down enemy soldiers greatly.

- Aeacus Bomb: Used by the Kel-Morians to determine the location of the enemy, the Sensor Mines are able to give sight for the Terrans that is hidden from the enemy, which is able to then detonate remotely to cause devastating damage.

- Achlys Bomb: built for the sole purpose of precision, vulture bikes are able to leave a mine that has a timed life, before detonating into a mini-nuke, meant to break weak structures with ease.

The Vulture Bike has been able to decimate many foes, able to construct new mines after the mines are used. Many vulture bike drivers have often found themselves. Many vulture bikes are favoured by many Kel-Morians, due to the Kel-Morians favouring wasting the least amount of resources for the highest reward, and many of the explosions the Kel-Morians have been a great asset during the Guild Wars.

While the Wraith was a vehicle that has proven itself to be one of the most competent star fighters in the Korpulu Sector, the Larua is a weapon designed to decimate the enemies with rockets and mortar shells. The Rockets of the Larua are meant to be used against air units, designed to break heavy armor and cause massive damage to the enemy.

The Larua also has stored bombs within the hull, although the amount of bombs a Larua has is limited to a certain amount; having the ability to gather energy from heat and light, the ship is able to store the energy into a device that creates and stores plasma. When the ship is fully charged, the ship is able to drop two of these plasma balls, with the impact able to cause a huge explosion.

Due to the risks of the bombs able to overheat the insides and causing the ship to either melt and/or explode, the Larua can only allow a limited amount of plasma to be used in the ships, and must wait before it can drop its plasma bombs onto the ground. The Larua is also capable of getting an upgrade that allows the Larua to power its engines with the same energy, allowing the Larua to go much faster than even a wraith can. With the stored data of the Larua allowing the ships to act as both a bomber and act appropriately for hit and run tactics, it is often favoured by both military and security, even if the ships are weaker than the Wraiths and the other powerhouse’s light ships.

A heavy frigate ship, the Formido is designated for the sole purpose of combat. Made to deal with both star fighters and fleet ships, the Formido is armed with a laser battery that can be changed from rapid short fire, to long heavy fire. With the laser system of the Formido capable of attacking most ships, they often have found themselves in odds against even fleets of Confederate Battlecruisers, to the point where the two have often founded themselves to be long enemies.

By law of the Kel-Morians, the Formido is the largest ship the Kel-Morian Security Forces can have, with many of the larger ships being reserved for the Kel-Morian Military alone. Many of the Overseers have often claimed a Formido as their own private flagship, due to it being capable of deep space travel and being adaptable to face most enemies. The Formido has often found themselves in large numbers, due to the little need of crew to pilot them, while being able to fight against most aerial enemies.

Many Formido ships have found themselves at odds with ground forces, with the laser batteries able to attack ground forces and doing similar damage it does with air units. As well as its capability for attacking ground and air units, the Formido is also designed to carry a small amount of men. Many Overseers have often used Formidos in order to carry cargo around, due to the ship being able to take a larger amount of damage than most cargo ships, while also capable of defending itself and fighting against pirates and raiders.

The Formido is a favoured Kel-Morian ship that has found its way meaning life and death for most Kel-Morians, when the enemy has taken to the air. The Formido, like the Larua, are constructed from Starports.

The Following of Security:
Many security forces have found themselves being an enemy for many, due to them being already established and currently at the location of conflicts between parties. With the many Security Forces being led by Overseers and their ilk, the Security Forces of the Combine have often found themselves fighting other military factions and citizen many times.

During the Pre-Great War, when the Kel-Morians are cut off from their leaders in order to contact them, the Kel-Morians Worlds that are away from Moria usually have to depend with the weapons they have available to them. When the Zerg finally arrive into Terran Space, the Kel-Morian Security Forces were the first true military group to deal with the alien forces. Using large amounts of guerilla tactics and their destructible weaponry that they often used to both protect their assets and to discipline their employees, the Overseers will be using their Security Forces to their fullest extent against the Vanguard Brood, with the forces determining the life and death of thousands.

Kel-Morian Military Forces:
The military force of the Kel-Morians is small and is not fully operation, however many of their military assets that are reserved are ready to be filled by conscripts of the Combine. Within many of their storage areas and garages, the Kel-Morian Combine has enough ships, vehicles, and ammunition to arm an army capable of fighting a hundred battlecruisers and survive. Although the treaty with the Confederacy has disallowed the use of a large military force within the Combine, many of the Combine officials have waited for the day that the treaty will finally be broken.

With the Kel-Morian Combine needed to deal with a large amounts of loopholes to maintain a significant defense force with the use of Security personnel instead of military, the Kel-Morians have a chance to finally bring up arms once more, with the rise of the Zerg threatening the entirety of Terran life, giving the Combine more excuse to put up arms and going full out with their ships and armed forces. Many of their military vessels and munitions make the security force seem feeble in comparison.

The Reapers:
A specialized military force that was born in order to reflect the many different special operation groups that the other factions have built up. Specialized Terrans that are capable of using jetpacks, these Reapers are a special unit pumped full of drugs and explosions, meant to be small units that replace the Vulture and come in larger numbers.

The reapers were taken from juvie and prisons across the sector, taken in and trained to become one of the angriest enemies in the armed forces. A reaper is capable of doing many things as a specialist forces:

- Jump Jet: The Reaper is capable of using their jetpack to jump up in the air, even capable of staying in the air for a short amount of time before going back onto the ground. Many Reapers often used this tactic to go onto ships and jump over enemies, although many have often used the Jump Jet to move over large cliffs and over narrow fissures. This has made the Jump Jet a formidable asset when facing unfortunate odds, or when a blockade has been reached.

- Push Jet: The Reaper is able to send much of the energy stored in its jetpack to be used as a way to move faster, whether it is to run away from targets or to chase after them. Many reapers have often used this to run away from ambush units faster, while also using it to chase after fast units such as Vulture and Zerglings to get close and personal. Most Reapers have been known to have died using the Push Jet and ramming into walls, elevated ground, and even their targets they are chasing after.

- Timed Charge: When facing against large amounts of enemy forces, or when dealing with enemy structures that a Gauss Pistol is unable to deal with, the Reaper is capable of planting a charged bomb on the ground, which ticks down and causes an explosion that can help damage large amounts of units and structures with ease. Many Reapers have used these Timed Charges, in order to stop pursuers as well, and give them a few seconds head start.

Many of the Reapers are usually sent to cause damage against the enemy’s most formidable points, with many squads of Reapers often numbering from a pair to dozens. A large army of Reapers is scarce, however is capable of leveling a military base when given a chance.

Larger than the average Battlecruiser, the Dreadnaught is capable of carrying thousands of crewmembers within the ship, and are armed with multiple laser batteries in order to target against dangerous units. Most of the Dreadnaughts are capable of taking large amounts of damage from enemy Anti-Air vehicles, while respectively giving the same punishment in return, even capable of giving more than the enemy.

The Dreadnaught is often the flagship of many admirals and generals of the Kel-Morian Combine, with it being able to deal with many ships smaller than its own into pieces. Although the Confederate Battlecruisers are able to deal with these Dreadnaughts with more damage than the Dreadnaught can return, the Dreadnaught has often found itself able to fight against the Kel-Morians when the time came.

- Laser Battery: The Laser Battery of the Dreadnaught allows the large ships to fire a single bolt of laser towards a target and cause large amounts of damage to a hull, similar to a battlecruiser.

- Keres Bombardment: The Dreadnaught is capable of decimating foes in large groups, by sending out large amounts of lasers across an area that damages enemies that are clustered together. The AOE of the Laser Bombardment was large enough to make avoiding it with slower vehicles such as the battlecruiser hard, making it capable at causing a build damage against enemies. Many Battlecruisers have found their ships having burnt markings from these Bombardments, though the scars do not compare to what a Yamato Cannon can do.

A large UAV vehicle that the Kel-Morians use to deal with insurgence and enemies, the Vindicator was meant to act as a recon outfit armed with the capabilities to scout enemies and set up traps. Made to support troops in the midst of battle, the Vindicator is meant to support many armies with both detection and orbital weaponry.

- All-Scan Detectors: The Vindicator is given enough detection systems on the vehicle, able to detect heat signatures, motion, and armed with many different visions, including infrared and ultraviolet. The Vindicator has been an excellent tool to find and direct the armies of the Kel-Morians to specific locations.

- Missile Guidance System: The Vindicator is able to direct nuclear missiles towards a location, by pointing at a location and guiding the missile to its direction. The Vindicator has often been found sent to places where the Kel-Morians do not wish to be involved in, with the nuclear missiles meant to take care of enemies easier.

- Heavy Hollowed Armour: The Vindicator has a large amount of resistance to weak weapons such as Gauss Weaponry, due to the plating of the Vindicator having many layers of Neosteel in order to take damage from enemies. Of course the armour held by the Vindicator does not stop the destructive enemies from destroying it with ease, the Vindicator is able to deal with weak hitting enemies and stay strong.

The Vindicator is able to call tactical support for units when necessary, with the Vindicator often seen in all armies in order to give the upper hand to units.

Nuclear Missile (Inferno-Class):
The Weakest of the Nuclear weapons held by the Terrans, the Kel-Morians have learned their lesson when dealing with the Confederacy, and have built their own kind of nuclear weapons to compete with the Confederacy. Although lacking the schematics and hardware necessary to mimic the missiles the Confederacy have held, the Kel-Morians have built their own nuclear program in order to compete with the Confederacy to have some form of upper hand. Although the Terrans have begun to use Nuclear Missiles tactically only, after the occurrences such as the Korhal Incident, the Kel-Morians have, like their enemies, have found a way around it.

The Nuclear Missile, known as the Inferno-Class, is capable of breaking fortifications into nothing, being called upon by a Vindicator to be called upon to the front lines. The Inferno-Class missiles are known to function similar to the average Nuclear Missile that the Confederacy have used from their silos, and although the Kel-Morians may lack the different Nuclear Weaponry necessary to compete with them, the Kel-Morians are not afraid to use this weapon in order to stay in near even grounds.

Kelanis Orbital Mines:
Mines that are distributed from Formido, Kel-Morian military are able to distribute mines that are designed to be placed within space and an atmosphere of a terrestrial body. Designed as seeker mines that target aerial units specifically, they are dispatched within key locations to search and hunt down airborne units when necessary. Due to the mines being vulnerable of being shot, the Kel-Morians have designed these large mines with a self-cloaking system, where much of its body being covered with micro-cameras and screen surfaces in order to make the illusion of the device not being there. Filled with gases stored within a light-weight material, these feeble mines are designed to be able to float against gravity, making these mines able to catch airborne vehicles off-guard.

The Kelanis Orbital Mine, when it detects that a target vehicle is close by, the mine’s many micro-jets that are placed between the screens of the mine allows the mine to be pushed towards targets, moving at an equivalent speed as a slow Overlord. Many usually do not notice these mines moving towards them when they are moving towards them, with the only sign being an unperfect, invisible form moving towards them. When it moves towards its target slowly, it is able to explode and cause enough damage to put a Wraith into critical.

When a target drifts too far from it, the Kelanis Orbital Mine stops trying to move and halts into the same place it was at beforehand, allowing it to disguise itself and save for later, possible targets. The Kelanis Orbital Mine is often laid with hundreds of its kind upon the ozone of a planet, while thousands are laid in deep space in order to attack ships off guard. These Kelanis Orbital Mines were a design that was brought up by the Kel-Morians after their mines in the Guild Wars were shot down or avoided. The Kelanis Orbital Mines were a replacement that was designed, solely, to cause as much damage as possible, without warning.

The Kelanis Orbital Mines were named after the Kelanis Guild, one of the two major guilds that had created the Kel-Morian Combine. Although relatively new for Kel-Morian Technology, these mines will show great promise in order to catch targets off guard.

Morian Orbital Mines:
Laid out by the Formido Frigates, the Morian Orbital Mines are similar to the Kelanis in terms of functionality, although the Morian Orbital Mine was designed to make enemies stay away from specific locations, instead of a terror weapon.

The Morian Orbital Mines were designed to have a small engine along with its gas-filled interior in order to float and move in both atmosphere and space environments. The Morian Orbital Mine is much faster than the Kelanis Orbital Mine, able to chase after Battlecruisers with ease. Designed to make sure airborne and space vehicles stay away from certain locations, the Morian Orbital Mine is showcased in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, to make sure that certain space fleets and vehicles stay away from certain locations. The Morian Orbital Mine has a devastating explosion that is more dangerous than the Kelanis in terms of damage, although due to the mines being easy to spot, many pilots will often fire their weapons upon the target before it makes contact. With this in mind, most of the Morian Orbital Mines will chase after any target that comes to their sight.

Generals of the Kel-Morian Military Force:
Many of the Generals that are elected by Gen Mah Sakai are veterans of the Guild Wars and both the security forces and the role as an Overseer and/or Assistant Overseer, taken in due to their utmost loyalty to the Conducator. With many training the Reapers and the fleet pilots and engineers for the Dreadnaughts, the Generals are tasked to make sure the military forces are in check.

The Generals of the Kel-Morian Military Forces have found themselves training both the specialists known as the Reapers, and the Enforcers. The Reapers that are trained by the Generals are often treated the aspect of loyalty to the combine, with many of them set out to not only become military supersoldiers in the eyes of the few Kel-Morians that know of them, but also being excellent pirates and hunters the Kel-Morians often send in order to deal with those that upset the Combine that their other units cannot deal with properly.

The Enforcers of the Generals are often trained to make sure they act as military police, the few connections that ties the Security Forces and the Military Forces together. With many of the Combine workers and even an Overseer’s men often stealing from Kel-Morian property, these Enforcers have found themselves in every part of the Kel-Morian Combine, soldiers of the military that have taken the issue of making sure the rest of the Combine is in order.

Many of the Generals, during the start of the Great Wars and onwards, will rise with full force to deal with the Zerg Threat, and many will be dealing with the Generals of the Combine, as they begin to resurrect their military and go full force without hesitation.

Kel-Morian Structures:
The Kel-Morians have a basic ideal of construction similar to that of the other races, however the Kel-Morians prefer the ideals of their bases allowing both economical gain and sophisticated defenses. Many of the Kel-Morians often have found themselves having buildings allowing many of the miners have a place to settle their minerals, while there being many different systems set to make sure no one disturbs the mineral line.

Command Centre:
Due to the success of the Command Centre being both a hub for commanders and a great starting port for a military base or installation to start from, the Command Centre has been adopted by all Terrans, including the Kel-Morians. The Command Centre has the standard elements of the Confederacy, and has been relatively unchanged, with the exception of the Nuclear Silos only able to construct the Inferno-Class Nuclear Missiles. Like the other Terran Factions, many of the Kel-Morians often set up Comsat Towers to help make sure they have a view of the battlefield, without the risk of losing their own men in the midst of battle.

Designed to help harvest Vespene Gas from Vespene Geysers. Like the others, the Kel-Morians see it essential in order to be ahead of their competitors, and to manufacture the vehicles and equipment that require large amounts of fuel.

Supply Depot:
With the Kel-Morians storing many of their supplies and assets within these large structures, the Kel-Morians have an issue of their employees taking their assets, stealing from their employers in order to make a few bucks. With this, many Kel-Morian compounds often have mines set up to guard the Supply Depots, often making many who come across them who are trespassing meet a painful, unfortunate end.

Engineering Bay:
A munitions facility that has programs to help developing settlements to set their Barrack’s manufacturing plants to give better models of the weapons and armours the Kel-Morian barrack units use. The Kel-Morians have often found themselves. The only unit that does not receive the upgrades is the Enforcer.

Although designed to manufacture different unit’s equipment than the other factions, the Barracks is the same as any of the other Barracks used by the other factions, meant to send out the basic troopers.

- Heavy Manufacturing Plant: Due to the lack of room that a Barracks has to build the more advanced units of the Kel-Morian Combine, the HM Plants are add-ons that help the troops build the necessary troops in battle, including the advanced forms of the marines.

The homes of many Reapers, this is where many of the Reaper specialists often stay before they are sent off into battle, with the Icehouse having many of the Jetpacks and outfits stored in place. The Icehouse has many officers and researchers assigned to the Reaper program research the equipment and modify them to make sure the Reapers be as functional as possible, making sure that the weapons and equipment are formidable enough for battle.

The homes of the Enforcers, the Academy is the home of many officers, and rest there in order to have the necessary uniforms and equipment. The Academy has been noted to allow the upgrades necessary for an Enforcer to be capable for battle when the enemy is more dangerous than expected, although the standard arms of the Officer has been set to enforce the law in Kel-Morian worlds, not to fight in warfare. With a few upgrades, the Enforcer is capable of making even a Confederate Marine fear them, the same as how the Kel-Morian Marines fear their own officers.

Designed to build all of the armoured goliaths, mines, and vulture bikes that the Kel-Morians have prized, the Kel-Morian Combine has prized their armoured forces, and have sometimes even been used more than the barracks units that the Kel-Morians have. Many of the Goliaths and Mines often require large amounts of Factories and their machine shops. As the factories are one of the most treasured assets of a Kel-Morian compound, the Combine has often set land necessary to manufacture many of them as soon as possible, with sometimes there being half a dozen or more factories laid out to build all the vehicles the Kel-Morians need.

- Machine Shop: Designed to help upgrade the Vulture Bikes and is needed to construct the Enforcer Goliath, the Machine Shop has often been seen active when helping make sure that each and every vulture bike has the necessary components in order to act as a formidable enemy against their foes. Many of the upgrades include the speed and ability to construct mines on the spot, as well as what mines can be constructed.

A building separate from the Factory, and not an Add-On, the Armory allows the upgrades of both the air and land vehicles that exist, as well as construct the necessary missiles and munitions necessary to allow a Goliath to have the stored shells and/or missiles when necessary.

Although the Security Forces have less assets necessary to make the more formidable starships that can deal with warfare, all Kel-Morians have the same Starports, designed to allow Dreadnaughts to warp to the location of a Starport, as well as construct the smaller vehicles that defend Kel-Morian worlds, including the Formido Frigate. The Starport is often used by the Kel-Morians frequently.

- Control Tower: although a standard Starport can construct the Larua alone, it is necessary for a Starport to have a Control Tower, in order to help the other larger vehicles be able to move in and out of a Starport, as well as have communications with traders and others that come close to a settlement. The Control Tower is necessary in order to construct Formidos, Vindicators, and Dreadnaughts.

Physics Facility:
Made in order for the Kel-Morian’s private scientists and researchers to study the laws of physics in order to help them find ways to manufacture and mine quicker, the Physics Facility is also used to help massive ships such as the Dreadnaught to be called to a Starport from Moria or where ever a massive battleship is located in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Physics Labs have often been used to call upon large colony and cargo ships, in order to bring necessary assets in and out of Starports for the Kel-Morians.

Missile Turret:
A standard for many colonies is often unmanned Missile Turrets, they allow the defenses against air raiders and fleets from openly attacking a base without resistance, while giving detection for the Kel-Morians in their bases.

A standard to help many miners to deal with environmental hazards, as well as help soldiers take cover from enemy fire and give back, the Bunkers are a standard asset for the Kel-Morians that want to keep their fortifications strong and ready.

Kel-Morian Miners:
Armed with the standard SCV that the Confederates have, the Kel-Morians have many of their SCV drivers and miners being non-military based, unlike the Confederates and the Umojans. SCV drivers in the Kel-Morian combine are hired employees that are tasked for the sole purpose of building and harvesting, with many of these employees often being a detachment from the Kel-Morian Security Forces. The Miners of the Kel-Morian Combine are often seen having revolts and union outcries against the Kel-Morians for more money, with the results often varying depending on the Overseer and the Miners. In few cases, the Enforcers and the Security Forces are often sent to fire some employees. The Kel-Morians have taken the hold of SCVs in order to mine resources, due to their efficiency.
The Umojans
Due to the small stature the Umojans have in comparison to the other two powerhouses, the Umojans have built one of the most impressive tech in Terran History, ones that have allowed an Umojan Squad of marines to deal with a platoon of confederate marines in the midst of battle with many surviving. Umojans have the least amount of worlds in their grasp, yet their power is not absent; many of the Umojans specialize in specialists and infiltration units, as well as having their grip in the politics, economy, and the military of almost every faction imaginable. Where ever the power is, you can bet that the Umojans have some sway in it.

Officially, the Umojans have never went into with the other powerhouses, nor with any of the independent factions that exist; Unofficially, the Umojans have supplied many rebels and opposing forces of their enemies in order to see them fall in battle. From supplying men to arms, to even information, the Umojans have always tried to sway the wars that happen in the galaxy to what they desire, with mixed results. With both the Confederacy and the Kel-Morians being an enemy of the Umojans, they have placed many of their best agents and politicians to make sure that they will soon bring down their enemies that threaten the lives of men.

The Marines Corps:
Marines are a military force that many Terrans use as their basic source of security, with even the most weakest of Terran groups having the schematics to build these walking suits. Out of all the Terrans, however, the Umojans have the most impressive Marine Corps, having the armor and technology that outmatches even the militaristic Confederacy.

Sword Marine:
The Main Assault unit of the Marines, these white-coloured suits have a hold on a C-15 Gauss Rifle, which is able to fire similar to a C-17, however is also capable of shooting a hot shot that is capable of targeting a single unit and dealing massive damage from impact. The Sword Marine, or just Marine to many others, is able to withstand a bit more firepower from enemies, due to the armor’s better neosteel.

- The C-17 Gauss Rifle: The Main Weapon of the Marine, the weapon is similar to the C-14 that most Marine forces have, with the exception of a longer barrel and attachments that allow the C-17 to function with the capability of devastation.

- - The ‘Hot Shot’: Capable of firing a metal slug that is almost hot white, the metal slug is designed to explode upon impact, tearing apart targets with a massive concussive shot that tears apart light units. This is often used to pop shot marines, zerglings, and even zealots, with many being noted to explode from impact.

- The UMC-100: Designed as an offshoot of the CMC-300 at its predecessors, the UMC-100 features a white coloured armor with a visor that is larger than the Confederate Marine Armor, and capable of taking a bit more damage than most other armors.

Shield Marine:
The Main Support unit of the Marines, these white suited ‘Medics’ are armed with an A-17 Flash Grenade Launcher and a Battle Shield, as well as many on-field medical equipment. Assigned to make sure the lives of the other marines are maintained during the heat of battle, these medics have a grasp upon medical surgery and medicine, and have often been known to cause the survival rate of most Marine Corps to be very high.

Unlike most of the other powerhouses, the Medic portion of the Marines Corps has been exclusive to the Umojans, due to the Umojans keeping their advanced weaponry hidden from the Confederacy, the Kel-Morians, and anyone that is seeking their technology. When the Umojans begin to use Medics on the field of battle, many of the other powerhouses are surprised the way they function.

- A-17 Flash Grenade Launcher: Armed with flash grenades, the Medic is capable of blinding enemies and damaging their vision, making it a formidable asset to marine squads that do not want some enemies to see them.

- Restoration: With the use of surgical tools of nanites, the Medic is capable of removing any sickness that has afflicted a human being.

- Heal: The medic is capable of making sure the health of a marine stays strong, allowing a marine to continue functioning after receiving enough damage to incapacitate a normal man.

- Battle Shield: Given the same hardskin as the normal Marine, the Medic is given a Battleshield to protect themselves and the others they are there to support. This allows the medic to survive longer on its own, as well as keep the others alive when the Medic is the one being targeted.

Mace Marine:
While the Assault Marines are meant to dish out damage against single units with ease, the Hammer Marines is to act as Heavy Support, dealing damage against enemies with a much stronger armor class, as well as a decimating enemies with an Automated Chaingun.

Many of the heavy support class have shown themselves capable to taking down many marines with large amounts of spray, with the large guns capable of targeting multiple enemies and claiming victory. Most of the Hammer Marines are often known as Chainers, with many enemies that have fought the Umojans knowing full well that these giant beasts are capable of tearing apart targets within seconds.

- Automated Chaingun: Capable of tearing apart targets with ease, these Chainguns are an advanced form of Gauss Gun that allows a rapid pace of fire that can tear apart a man with one bullet. The Gauss Slugs fired has been noted to even tear apart vehicles such as siege tanks and goliaths, making it a great asset for a Marine Squad.

- UMC-200: An armored version of the UMC-100, the UMC-100 lacks the proper functionality to move around as much as its smaller armor size, however the amount of pain it can go through makes it a necessity to deal with the enemy. Many of these Chainers often break apart targets with ease.

The Rule of Left Suits:
Many of the Umojans prize their technology greatly, keeping many of their stored armor from ever being touched by pirates and smugglers that plan on taking their technology. Thus, many of the Marine Core, when they are not fighting for Umoja, have to leave their armor behind in deep storage. Even when the Umojans are sent off to assist the Umojans in unofficial business, the Marines are only able to use the suits the ones they assist provide them, saving their armor for when the hard times come for the Umojans. Although the Marine Corps have been sent out with their suits to remove intruders of the Protectorate, most of the outsiders only know rumors and myths, if they even know about it; most don’t even know that the Umojans even have a Marine Core.

The Armoured Core:
With the Marine Core designed to be the main force, the Armoured Core was meant to be the heavy forces that are capable of dealing with armour of all kinds. Much of the Armoured Core is able to deal with both the Kel-Morian’s and the Confederate’s firepower, with many of their vehicles designated to combat the enemy. This has left the Umojans for having a large force to be reckoned with.

Aleksandrushka UGV Miniature Tanks:
The Main Tank used by the Umojans, these Tanks were designed to function without a man, being remotely controlled by machinery robotics, without the use of the pilot inside the tank. While the pilot of the tank is established within a safe control unit, the Aleksandrushka is capable of many things on the battlefield, depending on the Aleksandrushka sent. Many of the Aleksandrushka Tanks are noted to be named after spotted cats, which Aleksandrushka had an affinity to.

A-013 Leopard: A tank the size of two and a half men, these tanks are capable of firing plasma upon enemies, acting as a mobile artillery unity that can fire pot shots at a fortification, before moving away in order to receive return fire. The Tank is able to wound bunkers with a few shots while staying away from a marine’s firing range, and then run away before they can receive any damage. The Aleksandrushka’s Leopard version is often noted to have a minimum range, making it unable to attack targets from close range; many drivers often are noted to move away from targets to make sure that they can fire and reach targets, to make sure that they can keep firing at them, while staying away from harm.
- 50mm Plasmid Cannon: having a large AOE and able to fire from a long range, the 50mm Plasmid cannon allows the firing of plasma bombs that, upon impact, burning enemies with hot phosphorous that can break most enemy lines. Unlike its cousin, the Jaguar, the Leopard needs to stand still in order to fire the cannon.

A-046 Jaguar: A tank the size of two men, this vehicle is capable of moving around and firing at the same time, despite its small body. Armed with a miniature cannon that can fire at targets with a relative range, the A-046 Jaguar is capable of decimating enemies while being on the move, making it a target that can continue to move forward, without the risk of falling in battle. The Jaguar is made solely for the purpose of being hell towards the enemy. The A-046 Jaguar is also capable of digging itself onto the ground and act as a turret, while changing the size of its cannon and the acceleration of the ammunition in order to cause greater amounts of damage to enemies, while having a greater amount of range. The digging tactic of the Jaguar allows it to deal with greater amounts of recoil from the enlarged cannon.
- Dulling Cannon: Firing Gauss slugs that are about 9 centimetres long, the Slugs are fired at a high velocity with an intense kinetic force that it can break into any metal. This standard cannon has often showcased itself capable of decimating marine squads alone, due to the tank’s capability of moving and firing, although the range of the Dulling Cannon is about the same as a Marine’s Gauss Rifle.
- Erect Cannon: The Erect Cannon is a Dulling Cannon that has its barrel grown 40%, while the kinetic force of the cannon exceeds that of its miniature form. Capable of firing at greater velocity without the tank flipping over or breaking, the Erect Cannon has a greater range, and is capable of breaking many enemies, even a hydralisk in one shot, although it lacks a proper AOE. This is often used to snipe enemies and killing them with long shots.

A-048 Cheetah: A tank the size of almost two men, this vehicle is one of the smallest and fastest of its kind. Capable of moving at a much faster speed, this Cheetah was designed to be able to take a large amount of impact from enemies such as the Marine’s Gauss rifle, and return the enemy with plasma weaponry, sending a jet of plasma towards the energy that can melt even metal. Able to cook most human beings alive, the Cheetah often is sent out to move ahead of everyone else in order to scout the situation. The A-078 Cheetah is also capable of laying down mines, with its fast speed allowing it to leave behind traps for enemies and get out before anyone would even notice.
- Plasmid Thrower: Able to throw a large abundance of miniature machines with high amounts of heat, the Plasmid Thrower is able to melt metal and flesh with ease, using high amounts of Plasmid Energy that is expelled and sprayed onto surfaces.
- Shredder Mine: Meant to be laid on the surfaces and buried hidden from the naked eye, the Shredder Mine is designed to expel a large amount of radiation to enemies that are too close to the mine, causing any damage to biological units.

These many miniature UGV tanks have allowed the dwindling of casualties on the field of battle, however the tanks themselves lack the proper impact that most of the other factions have. Still, these UAV mini-tanks have been able to deal with many, since they come in many numbers, and are usable for many scenarios.

Fyodor Orlov Siege Tank:
Designed with a heavy amounts of armour, this vehicle is larger than the Confederate’s Siege Tank, designed for the sole purpose of taking heavy impact. Made for the sole purpose of taking pure impact, this tank carries a large plasma gun that allows the capability to break down enemies. Made to break their foe’s enemy lines, the Fyodor Orlov Siege APC, or the Orlov, was meant to take a large amount of damage while dishing out the shared amount. Requiring a lot of Vespene in order to help run the Plasma Gun, the Orlov Tank is able to break all enemies that it decides to fire upon, while being able to take punishment in return.

- 120mm Plasma Cannon: Firing a large ball of plasma upon enemies, the Orlov Siege Tank is capable of breaking apart enemies in a medium firing range, and causing large amounts of damage to enemies. This has often left the Orlov Siege Tank to break down enemy forces similar to a Siege Tank the Confederate’s have, yet being able to move around.

The heavy amounts of armour and the large cannon has left the Orlov Tank being more expensive than a regular Siege Tank, however the Orlov have shown itself being capable of rivalling the Confederacy when the time is necessary, and has often proven itself to break down many foes into ash. These Tanks can be upgraded to have sonar and infrared sensors on its hull in order to give detection to the tank, in order to give sight for the rest of the Umojan Forces.

The Naval Core:
With the armoured core and the marine core being a main component of the ground forces for the Umojans, the Umojan Protectorate’s greatest military force is the Naval Core. Built for the explicit purpose of the taking both atmospheric and space warfare, the Umojans have one of the most powerful ships possible.

Valkyrie Frigate Ship:
A frigate ship that was designed for the sole purpose of decimating Starfighters, the Valkyrie is equipped with H.A.L.O. missiles that it uses to break down crowds, while having enough health and endurance to take the hits. The Valkyrie is one of the prized weapons of the Umojans. It has often been noted for many trying to steal the Valkyrie’s design, although the one that has ever been close to replicating it are the Kel-Morians, yet their design is vastly different than the Valkyries in terms of functionality.

Freyja Starfighter:
Designed to fight with large amount of lasers and rockets, the Freyja Starfighter was meant to take down all air forces with large amounts of rockets, while taking down ground forces with laser blasts. Made to fly in and out of battle, this vehicle is often used to chase after individual targets and then back out, using its fast acceleration and speed to their advantage.

- 20mm Burst Laser: Armed with the necessary components to fight against most of the ground forces, the 20mm Burst Laser was meant to fight against ground forces, with the laser bursts often fired in large quantities in order to damage enemies. Although not as damaging as the 25mm Burst Laser, the smaller cannons allows firing upon enemies with less delay, and more impact. The 20mm Burst Laser fires upon enemies with four laser batteries that are established on the ship.

- Fury AA Missiles: Meant to fire against all air unit, the Fury AA is weaker than the Wraith’s Gemini Missiles, however the Fury Missiles is fired with a faster rate, using similar rocket design as the Valkyrie.

Yorith-Classed Battlecruiser:
Taking the design of the Battlecruiser in comparison, the Yorith Battleship is a new design that has taken the ideas of the Carrier, a reflection to what the Umojans have studied from the alien race. Having a modified Yamoto Cannon and most of the Starfighters replaced with Interceptors, these new ships have replaced the old battlecruisers the Umojans use to borrow from the Confederacy. Now, with the use of these massive starships, the Yorith is capable of decimating enemies with the combination of Protoss and Terran techniques.

- Droid Fighters: Able to launch UAV droids that are able to attack enemies with 5mm burst lasers, which are meaningless alone but are devastating in numbers. The Droids are meant to act as the main support for the Yorith, and many often have up to four droids. The Droids have often found themselves continuously buzzing around enemies like a buzzard.

- Zushakon Narrow Cannon: Able to fire a large plasmid projectile upon an enemy target, the Zushakon Cannon is able to impact any enemy with one solid blast, often causing massive damage to an enemy target. The Zushakon is able to decimate most units with a single blast, being powerful enough to leave only debris.

- Thog Spread Cannon: Designed to target large quantities of forces, the Thog Spread Cannon is capable of impacting many enemies with a large bombardment of plasma, designed to scorch large quantities of enemies. Although not as powerful as the Narrow Cannon, the Spread Cannon is good for when crowds are an issue.

Many of the Leviathan-Classed and Behemoth-Classed Battlecruisers during the Brood Wars have found themselves dealing with a lot of stress from the Yorith-Classed Battlecruiser when they arrived, causing many of the Terrans to be hit hard when the Umojans betrayed the Dominion. Many of the Navy Force has made the Yorith their flagships and main battleships, due to the amount of firepower the Yorith-Classed Battlecruiser has. Although the Umojans have integrated many of the other civilization’s battlecruisers into their arsenal when they stole most of their vessels, the Umojans have always favoured the Yorith as their main battlecruiser in their military.

Quantradyne APOD-38C:
Used by the ground forces to move from place to place, there isn’t much difference between this and the Confederate’s Dropship, other than the addition of a different fuel engine that allows it to accelerate faster with the use of a new engine system, as well as a change to the plating to allow better aerodynamics. Able to carry the same capacity as the Confederate’s Dropship, the Umojan Dropship is white by design, with the engines having smaller jets attached to it.

The Specialist Operation Core:
Out of all the Terran Factions, the Umojans has one of the greatest infiltration, sabotage, and reconnaissance units within the Korpulu Sector. With the tightest grip of the entire Korpulu Sector, the Umojans have no loose ends under their grasp. When many have looked at the Umojans, many often picture them as the defenders of all good; for those that have an understanding of the Umojan’s inner workings, they know that they can be just as sinister as the rest.

Not only are they designed to have a grasp on many of the other factions, but the Umojans are capable of keeping secrets very well; from their hidden science divisions, to their heading military tech and research, the Umojans have made sure that their agenda was kept under file, and was never showcased to the public in any way. Many of the Umojans have shown themselves not knowing who was truly leading the faction, with many often speculating that the senators and democrats are not ruling the happenings of the Umojans, nor are the Admirals and Naval Forces of the Umojan Military. As of now, most of the happenings within the Umojans are top secret.

The Shadowguard:
Although not trained for the heat of battle, these operatives are double agents, sleep agents, and masters of disguise. With the Shadowguard being mutant psionics that have been conscripted for this special project, the Shadowguard has trained their best mutants to be able to use their minds to disguise themselves and manipulate others, in order to make sure that the Umojans have a firm grasp of everything, even their enemy’s politics and leaders.

With many of the shadowguard hidden within the enemies, many of the Shadowguard has manipulated many of the Kel-Morians, Independent, and Confederate politicians and military for the hidden agenda of the Umojans. Making their operations covert and hidden, no one that is not Umojan knows about these covert agents, or how they operate. The only time their disguises come with strife is when the Zerg are able to sense them, with the Shadowguards having to risk their operations in order to potentially survive and not be taken by the Swarm. Many shadowguard have been either killed or taken by the Zerg, leaving a few operational after the Fall of Tarsonis. Now, most of the Shadowguard that still remain plan on helping the Umojans take a hold of Terran space with the rise of the Dominion and the fall of the Confederacy leaving a huge opportunity for them.

The Shadowguard are able to manipulate a good many minds, with many having the grasp of making illusions that manipulate the minds of others to see things that do not exist, and some even able to change the memories of others given time. With the shadowguard having the greatest grasp upon psionics, the whereabouts of these beings are not known to many.

The Scientific Establishment:
With much of the R&D hidden from public knowledge, the Umojans have established many hidden science divisions across the Korpulu Sector, hidden away from the prying eyes of any other. The Umojans, having a large amount of research and development, has contributed to the Umojan’s advancements for quite some time, and has created many of the equipment that the Umojans use today. When the alien races came into the world of the Terrans, the Umojans have split Scientific Divisions that have contributed to the Umojan’s success, split between the study of the Zerg or Protoss.

The Pro-Chemical and Physics Research and Development Division:
Before it was the Physics division, but with the rise of the Protoss coming into the world of the Terrans, the Terrans have scrapped many of their projects and begun their research on the Protoss, witnessing many of the ships and mechanisms that they use, and trying to grasp whatever Protoss hardware that they can. At times, especially at the Fall of Tarsonis, the Protoss have left many devices on different worlds and space that the Umojans have taken for themselves and begun research on, with some rumors even specifying that they have a hold upon Protoss specimens as well.

With the help of the Protoss, the Umojan Protectorate has greatly built up their technology to bounds and leaps, with the Umojans taking a firm grasp of the different Khaydarin Crystals, the Protoss Metals, and the complex devices that the Protoss use in order to make their devastating weapons. As of now, many of the Umojans have built formidable weapons that have contributed towards the battlefield, including the Yorith, the Apathon, and the Caballero.

Due to the Protoss making little to no contact with the Umojans, and in most cases never making contact with any of the other Terrans at all, the research the Umojans do with the Protoss Technology has not fully been given fruit, unlike the research they have taken to study the Zerg.

The Bio-Mechanical Research and Development Division:
Rose from the arrival of the Zerg, the Bio-Mechanical Division was formerly the Biological and Medicine Division that designed the equipment Medics use in order to heal the Marines in the midst of battle. With the arrival of the Zerg, the Biological and Medicine Division became the Bio-Mechanical Division, devised for the sole purpose of researching the Zerg itself. With many of them taking Zerg Specimens from the invaded Kel-Morian Worlds during the Pre-Great War, it was the first Division to have been built around the arrival of the Aliens.

Many of the research that has been taken towards the Zerg has led with the Biological Advancements of cell reconstruction and manipulation, with many of the Zerg Specimens often being taken for the practise of anti-biological weaponry and the construction of new specimens made from Zerg DNA. When the Brood Wars began, the Umojans had an opportunity to have a Cerebrate to research on; When the Dominion rose, the Umojans had a chance to take many of the Confederate’s research on the Zerg. This has led the Umojan’s research to grow greatly, and has led to many different creations that impacted the Umojans.

Many of the Umojan’s development during the Pre-Great War and before the Fall of Tarsonis, the Umojans have built an exceptional amount of research upon the Zerg. Although many of their studies have been fruitless in regards to a developed weapon, the Umojans were able to have a full understanding that allowed them to manipulate different elements of the Zerg, although controlling them was not an option that they could take, due to the Zerg being part of a Brood’s Connection, which has often left many of the Umojan Researchers to make their research divisions work in mobile research areas, due to the Cerebrates and the Overmind being concerned about their broods being experimented on.

When the Confederacy died, the Umojans had gained a large amount of the Confederacy’s Psionic research on the Zerg. With that research, the Umojans began to have greater amounts of success when it came to bio-engineering, allowing them to manipulate and control the Zerg specimens better than before. With this research, the Umojans have been able to use it as their advantage in order to break the Zerg, as well as their other enemies in times of war.

After the Umojans witnesses the madness that befell upon the Zerg, when the end of the Great War had arrived, the Umojan’s research have extraordinarily taken foot; with the Cerebrates lacking the overriding will of the Overmind, the Cerebrates were much weaker in terms of control, and many of the Broods were starting to fall upon themselves, killing each other and their own minions due to the whiplash. With the use of the Confederate’s research, the Umojans have developed a large amount of weapons, due to the Psi-Technology they tried to make becoming more successful than they ever were before. With the fall of the Overmind, the Umojans began to gain the upper hand of the Zerg, creating the ability to control the Zerg Specimens that they have.

The Mechanical and AI Research and Development Division:
With the Umojans having the Protoss and Zerg being highly researched upon, the issues of the Umojans being undermanned is still a huge problem that has become more and more apparent as the amount of enemies grow in terms of scale and size. The Umojan’s Mechanical and AI R&D Division was capable of making the Aleksandrushka UGV Miniature Tanks that have allowed the Umojans to deal with their enemies with greater efficiency without sacrificing their men, however it’s still not enough to tackle the large amounts of Zerg that have come to exterminate the Terrans as a whole. With this, many defensive programs have been established with many engineers, scientists, and inventors coming together to create weaponry that will slow down the Zerg.

Research and Advancements Accomplished:

Proto-Synthetic Apathon:
Taking what scraps of metal and pieces laid by the Umojans, they had recorded the combat prowess of the Zealot during the midst of battle, using superior battlesuits that allowed them to be leap and bounds stronger than any space marine could accomplish. Studying the Protoss’s Shields that they have used, with the combination of the Terran’s Defensieve Matrix, the Terran Umojans had created a suit that mimicked the Protoss Zealot, being one that was powered for combat. This suit, created for Terrans and having prototype weaponry that is a combination of both Terran and Protoss, has allowed some of the Terrans to become powerful combatants. Many of the people who wear these suits are marines that have been conscripted to test these as possible replacements of the Umojan Marine Suits.

- Retractable Hot Blades: Although unable to match that of the Protoss’ Psi Blades that the Zealots use for basic combat, the Terrans have found a way to use metal that has an electric charge that heats the metal to a bright blue colour, able to slice at flesh and metal with great impact. In order to allow better impact, the Blade is capable of retracting in and out similar to a Jigsaw, with the blade able to punch in the toughest of Neosteel.

- Built-In Matrix Shield: Although not as rechargeable nor regenerative as the Protoss Shields, the Matrix Shield the Apathon have allows them to deal with a large amounts of impact while receiving minimum damage. Although not as power as the Defense Matrix Shields that the Confederate Science Vessels use, the Umojan Apathon is capable of resisting much impact from its enemies.

- Powerful Joint Hydraulics: With the joins of the Dragoon Exoskeleton taken, as well as sophisticated observation of the Zealot’s leg movement, the Exoskeleton of the Apathon suit allows the user to be able to sprint and jump at specific times, making the Apathon able to have enough power in their legs to jump across chasams and over cliffs.

The Caballero Walker:
Terrans begun their research with the remaining parts of their fallen Dragoons, Reavers, and the few scraps that have been left by the fallen protoss zealots that fell during battle, the Caballero was designed to be a mobile walker that used the combination of Terran and Protoss technology in order to use Matrix Bubbles and Defenses that mimic the Protoss Shields. The Cabalerro Walker is able to lay defenses for ally forces, and can be used to defend ally forces.

- G-A4 Matrix Field: Releasing a battery and projector on the field of battle, the Matrix Field is a device that releases an enlarged version of a Defensive Matrix, capable of defending units within the bubble from receiving large amounts of damage from enemies. This often lasts until the battery runs out, in which it will die from lack of power. These Matrix Fields last for a few seconds, though can determine life or death when facing against certain enemies.

- Q-R5 Matrix Burst: The Matrix Burst is a matrix bubble that is launched with a device that, when it impacts, causes a small bubble of the Defensive Matrix that increases in size, designed to cause a bubble rupture that causes a large electric burst that pushes enemies back while causing large amount of damage due to such rupture. The Matrix Burst is often used to cause an explosive impact upon enemies and spread them out when they are too clustered together.

- TT-89 Matrix Barricade: Capable of using the Defensive Matrix to summon a bubble of energy that is capable of disallowing anyone to trespass it, able to withstand large amounts of trauma before breaking. Sent out with a similar device that the G-A4 Matrix shield uses, the TT-89 Matrix Barricade is a powerful version of it that is meant to stop movement in specific locations, often allowing chokepoints and walled, narrowed passageways to be used for their advantage.
Research and Advancements Accomplished:

Larvae’s Metamorphosis:
Due to the Umojan’s gaining the hand of the Larvae and other specimens such as tissue from the Queen’s Nest and the Defiler, the Umojans have been trying to manipulate the process of the Larvae’s manipulation, in order to make them transform into anything the Umojans desired. Many of the Umojans have forced Larvae to mutate into different strains that what would only be considered aberrant and malformed, due to the past process of the Umojans lacking proper control of the Larvae, much less how to properly command the Larvae into a proper form for a specific task. This has often left many of the Umojans to make disfigured creatures that are feral by design.

- Aberrant: Larval creatures that lack a proper form and structure, and look like a biological mess that has no meaning nor purpose other than looking broken. These Aberrants are kept in research facilities done by the Umojans, however respond to neither Umojan nor Zerg.

Different Research during Pre-Great War:
- The Zergling Strain Pens: Many of the Umojans have taken different Zergling Specimens that have showed biological differences from other Zerglings, taken from different Broods and have been brought together in order to differentiate the differences, as well as study how these Zerglings are brought up differently than others. Many of these Zerglings have lost the Overlords, and therefore the control, needed for them to respond properly, and thus have begun to fall in a feral state; many in this feral state have showcased the sicknesses of feral, with some of the Zerg even mutating and functioning differently to the point of either changing or dying.

- The Zergling Breed Manipulation: Many of the Zerglings that have been taken by the Umojans have been using their research in order to manipulate the different Zerglings they receive with different tissues and mutagens of other strains of the same breed, sometimes other breeds as well, in order to see the results of the Zergling Breed reacting to foreign tissue. This has often varied in different results, which the Umojans used to further their studies.

- Spawning Pool Research: With the use of the Zerglings being a major study asset, the Umojans have taken tissue and studied the Spawning Pools that allow the breeding of the Zergling, with many Umojans often trying to replicate the Spawning Pools in order to see if the manipulation process of the Zerglings can be done with the pool’s juices. Many of the Umojans have often stored these pool’s juices into canisters for the process of study.

- Drone Mutational Process: With the Zerglings being taken for the basics of breed and strain study, the Drones have been taken for their capability of creating structures for the swarm, as the Drones are able to morph their body into different hive structures for a hive cluster. The Drones that are harvested take a long time to properly mutate into such structures, and the Umojans have tried to make the drones want to metamorph into such, not to mention feeding them the required resources to begin the process. Due to a lack of a proper hivemind controlling them, most of the drones mutate into nothing, while others that try to become hive structures often result in them dying before they finish, due to lack of nutrients.

- Overlord Research: Due to the Overlord’s Massive size, many of the Overlords have been hard to properly take into captivity, due to their massive size exceeding any of the other Breeds. Still, the Overlord has been the primary source of research when it comes to manipulating the other breeds. Due to the Overlord often being seen overlooking the hives, many Umojans theorize that the Overlords have some connection to the hive that is of leadership, or something close to it. Many of the Overlords studied often find themselves usually locked in special location, with the Umojans using them to help study the hivemind.

Biological Weaponry:
- Anti-Hive Cancer: Designed to spread across a hive and infest many of the Zerg with Cancerous Cells that weaken the breeds, the Umojans have used this in order to see it can be used as a weapon to weaken the zerg, and both fracture their regeneration capabilities and cause spontaneous changes that causes them to become like the aberrants the Umojans have made. Though, due the Zerg’s capability to evolve, the Hive Cancer often lasts for a short time before the Zerg produce the proper resistances and cancer-eating cells to protect themselves from the Hive Cancer. Thus, many of the Umojans that are tasked to its creation have to constantly build newer versions as possible, as well as use it only in the direst of situations.

- Anti-Hive Necrosis: Impacting the Regenerative Process with a chemical that causes the cells to turn on themselves, the AH Necrosis bio-weapon is designed to help cause the cells within the Zerg that eats the dead cells to begin eating the living cells, causing the Zerg’s body to eat at itself until all that is left are the dead cells. This has often caused the Zerg’s that try to cure this trying to make cells that eat the cells that are eating it, usually causing the breeds to have symptoms of falling ‘asleep’, having unstable motor functions, and continuously “dying and coming back”. This has often been used by the Umojans to break down the Hives, with it having more success than the AH Cancers.

- Anti-Hive Spores: The most successful and dangerous of the Anti-Hive Weapons, the AH Spores are designed to send a fungal-like growth to infest the victim and cause them to fall and die, with their bodies creating more spores that take the cells of the dead in order to make advanced, stronger versions of the spores, continuously seeking to beat the Zerg’s attempts to find an immunity to the bio-weapon. With the fungi continuously mutating, it is very difficult for the Zerg to find an immunity, often leading them to find an alternative. Protoss and Terrans are also receptacle to this infestation, due to the fungal spores seeking to infest the most powerful of bodies, often being more devastating due to the Terrans and Protoss having a weaker immune system than the Zerg.

Hivemind-Related Developed Tech:
- Psi-Collar: Designed to control individual Zerg, the Psi-Collar was made to override the Will of the Overmind with an artificial will. Due to the Overmind existing, the Umojans have had issue in terms of controlling the Zerg, due to the Overmind’s Will surpassing Terran Technology. Not to mention many of the minions of the Zerg are connected to their Brood through the Cerebrate, with the Cerebrate’s essence of mind and power still grasped within the Minions. The Psi-Collar at most have worked for a select amount of time, before failing due to the Zerg’s over-empowering will.

- Psi-Overlord: Due to the Collars inability to take hold of individual Zerg, the Psi-Overlord is designed to project the will on the Zerg with the use of an Overlord that has been forcefully severed from the Cerebrate’s Brood and the Overmind’s Will, often resulting in the Umojans trying to force a Feral State upon the Zerg. At times, many of the Umojans have usually damaged the Overlords in their possession rather than breaking the will, with many of the successes being trial and error. Many of the Umojans have tried to find an alternative: to find out how an Overlord is able to transmit the power of a Cerebrate/will of the Overmind onto the lesser minions, and create an artificial version of these Overminds that is not connected to the Swarm’s leaders at all. During the Great War, this project has been mostly a standstill in terms of success, though Progress has slowly grown as time went on.

- Confederate’s Tech: Many of the Psi-Technology that the Umojan have found, has been solely of the Confederate’s original research and findings that they have discovered of the Hivemind. Many of the Umojans have been able to, mostly, translate what they have found, and have tried many times to use such research to their advantage. In many cases, the blueprints of the Confederate’s research and developed weapons are kept in the research vessels that the Umojans Scientists have laid cover in.

Psi-Tech Development:

Cyberlords: Taking many of the Overlords that they held, the Umojans tried to gain control of these giant behemoths by merging technology into their flesh, using cyborg techniques in order to gain control over the Overlords that have become Feral. Many of them had begun to be successful at converting these Feral Overlords into Umojan Overlords, and the Umojans have used these Cyberlords to control the Feral Zerg that were under the same Brood, with success being over 60% with all specimens. Many of the Umojans used the Concept of the Cyberlords to build a full mechanical version of the Cyberlords, using the brains of the Overlords and the necessary components of these giant beasts to take control of these monsters. These beasts are often labelled as prototypes.

Metalords: Taking the Cyberlords and other Overlords and creating the final product, the Metalord, these metal zerg cyborgs take the brain, nerves, and sensory organs that are tied to the Overlord, and placed within metal bodies, due to the Umojan’s capability to properly create a stable control of the Zerg, not to mention the Feral Zerg and even regular Zerg often having their flesh regenerate and reject the metal plating such as what the Cyberlords had, with the Zerg bodies often rejecting the cyber implementations. The Metalords have been designed to maintain the necessary components that the Overlord had to control the Zerg Minions, while also making sure that it doesn’t regenerate to the point of breaking down the metal body, usually doing so with laser and nanite technology. However, due to the Zerg’s natural ability to evolve, many of the Zerg’s regenerative cells continuously growing more successful at breaking its metal body, causing the Umojans to use large amounts of lasers to constantly remove the Zerg’s bad cells, capable of being hot as a star.

- Grounded Variant: The Grounded version of the Metalords are designed as standpoint outposts that transmit the Umojan’s Control over select breeds. Designed as metal towers with three Overlord brains with their sensory organs, these towers are meant to take control over the Zerg in a stationary manner. The Grounded Version are given satellite imaging that allows them to oversee the Zerg around them, as well as being capable of scan from another point. These Grounded Variants are controlled by three engineers.

- Crawler Variant: Designed to walk around in the midst of battle, these contain one overlord’s brain and organ tissue, capable of moving on the ground similar to a snake. The Crawler Variant is given probes that are attached to the Crawler, UAEyes that are made to move around and see for the Crawler. This allows the Crawler to hide away from sight, while still keeping an eye on its surroundings. The Crawler has noted for being blind, however the addition of the UAEyes. Umojans often use the Crawler for installation infiltration and cavern exploration. The Crawler Variant is remote controlled by an Umojan Officer.

- Airborne Variant: Designed to hold two Overlord brains and their sensory and nerve organs, the Airborne Variant is designed to take care of the hives and run with other Airborne Variants. These are designed for the sole purpose of combat, with many of these Metalords often seen flying with Umojan security to protect the Airbornes from being shot down. Able to deal with enemies trying to target it with anti-air missiles, the Metalord is piloted by four men, two to take care of the zerg, one piloting the Metalord, and the other protecting the Metalord.

- Structural Variant: Made similar to the Grounded Variant, the Structural Variant is designed to control a large hive cluster, being able to control the equivalence of fifty Overlords. Due to the Umojans farming large amounts of Overlords and using the necessary organs to create what is necessary, many of the Umojans have started to create structures that are established within a Hive, created for the sole purpose of controlling a Hive alone. Without the need of the other Metalords, this structure is very sensitive and requires a lot of man power, usually seen with an entire staff of engineers and scientists making sure that the systems are fully operational. These are often established in hives that are meant to be stand-still, and not meant to travel from place to place.

Psi-Disruptor: Researching the Psionic Wave that impacted the Broods when the Overmind died, the Umojans began to try and replicate this same psionic whiplash into a weapon, with the Umojans sacrificing many men to make sure that this is possible. With the finding of Psionic Terrans and Captured Cerebrates, the Umojans began to create a device that is capable of devastating the Zerg. With such research growing more and more successful as the Umojans continue to work, this has often left the Umojans establishing a few devices that use this technique.

- Miniature Variant: With the Umojans beginning to create a structure that is capable of disrupting the zerg that entre a 100 metre field around it, the Miniature Variant, called the GG-40XZ Mindlash Pulser, the Miniature Variant is able to cause any Zerg that come close to it become less functional, making any Zerg that try to push towards the Mindlash Pulser to take a greater impact. This has often been established within Umojan Bases that are Anti-Zerg areas, made to make sure the Zerg do not come close to these areas.

- Solar Variant: The Solar Variant, named the SCHMD-G4, these massive structures are able to be established within a Solar System and because the Zerg to not entre within two light years within the Structures Radius, allowing a no-fly zone for the Zerg to ever enter within the area. With the use of the Overmind’s Replicated Whiplash, the Umojans have been able to cause the Zerg to struggle entering within a sector without going insane. Although there are a few Zerg Broods that have almost made it to the planet that holds these structures, most of them go into a feral state that often causes them to not listen to their Cerebrate, and at times even drive the Cerebrate insane. These Structures have made the Umojans have a defensive foothold that the Zerg are not yet found a way to deal with at this time, although the Umojans have to use dozens of Nuclear Reactors and hundreds of Cooling Systems in order to keep one of these alive, requiring thousands of people maintaining this, less causing a lack of defense against the Zerg, a nuclear meltdown in both the Psi-Disruptor and the Nuclear Reactors, and possibly even cause a Nuclear Explosion that could kill many terrans and cause the planet to be incinerated with mushroom clouds. As of now, there is only one developed in the Cold Planet known as Braxis, to make sure the Disruptor continues to stay cooled.

Psi-Collars: With the Feral Zerg becoming a common sight within the Zerg’s Swarm, the Umojan’s first specimens of the Ferals were highly receptant to these collars, that did not work before due to the Cerebrates and Overminds maintaining the Swarm united to the Overmind alone. However, with the Cerebrates lacking the unity, and even dying, the Feral Zerg have become common enough for the Umojans to take for their own purposes. Although some of the Feral Zerg that have taken the whiplash wrong have self-mutated and/or metamorphosis into something that is incapable of response, about 40% of the Feral Zerg were stable enough to be taken by the Collar and enslaved, which the Umojans used to take hold of the Zerg. Many of these Psi-Collars were outfitted to be established upon certain zerg, with many of the Umojans having to maintain the collar’s station around the skull and neck of the Zerg, to make sure that the body does not reject it enough to cause disconnection. The success of the Psi-Collar varies.

Establishments made by Bio-Mech R&D:
- Overlord Farms: Established during the start of the Brood War, these Overlord Farms were a necessity for the Umojans to create the devices needed to control the Zerg; due to the Overlords only able to listen to an Overmind or a Cerebrate, and the Umojans have been only successful in controlling the Feral Zerg at this time, the Umojans have farms that are solely built to create Overlords and then surgically remove the Nerves, Sensory Organs, and the Brain of the Overlord to be established within a Metalord’s Exo-Skeleton. Many of these Overlord Farms are Larvae that are forced to metamorphosis into an Overlord through genetic manipulation, using the Cyberlords and later the Metalords to force them to become Feral Overlords.

- SCHMD-G4 Experiment: Designed to be established in a cold planet that has already encountered Zerg beforehand, the SCHMD-G4 Experiment is designed to take the first captured Cerebrate that the Umojans have been able to take, as well as some Terran Psionics, in order to help transmit a replicant of the Overmind’s Whiplash when it died, in order to drive the Zerg Insane.

- Slave Fleets: Using the Metalords at their disposal, the Umojans have been able to take the Zerg that have been established and constructed Slave Fleets, when the Umojan Fleet uses Zerg Hives led by Metalords into battle. This has left many of the Umojans Protectorate concern themselves with the use of these aliens that have tried to exterminate them beforehand within the government, although as of now, the Umojans are using these Slave Fleets to further their numbers, due to the Umojans lacking the necessary people to deal with the Kel-Morians and the Dominion.

- Mobile Science Fortress: Designed for the sole purpose to constantly move and safely research the Zerg without its hunter broods hunting them down and exterminating them with ease, the Umojans have created massive versions of the Confederate’s Explorer-Class Science Vessel, although the Science Fortress is much larger than the Confederate’s ships, even larger than most of the battlecruisers, with the Dreadnaught being one of the few ships that are of a similar size. These Science Fortress has allowed the Umojans to research upon Zerg Specimens, without the fear of the Zerg finding and exterminating them.

Mechanical and AI Research Developed:
AT-HU “Predator”: Designed to function alone, the AT-HU, or the Predator, are feline-like machines that are capable of acting as guard dogs, hunters, recon scouts, and skirmish soldiers, these massive robots are capable of running for days without recharging, with the Predators able to use solar energy to recharge their batteries that they use for both combat and mortar function, which it charges from the sun of a planet in order to continue function, as well as reserved Vespene when Solar Energy is absent. These predators have many different capabilities that allows them to function accordingly, with the sole purpose being finding and eliminating Zerg Hives. These Robocats were designed by the same man, Aleksandrushka, which was the Chief Officer and leader of this project. These Predators are all run with AI machinery that has the sole purpose of protecting Terrans from Zerg, and killing Zerg. All predators have a limited amount of energy that needs to be maintained. Hundreds of these Predators are often established within a planet that has Zerg on it, and often go on their own and run towards the Zerg head first before anyone else.

- Static Paw Claws: Designed to attack Zerg forces with its claws, the Snow Leopard is able to paw targets and cause electric current to pulse across the target, able to fry their nerves and burn flesh. These Paws are dangerous against light units. Every time the Snow Leopard causes electric current to flow, it uses up its energy reserve.

- Grind Shock: Able to bite into Neosteel and cause a massive flow of energy to pulse into a target, this is capable of causing great damage to even an ultralisk, with the bite hard enough to break bone and the electric shock that has enough amp and voltage to cause an ultralisk to have a heart attack. Requiring a large amount of energy, the Predator is capable of decimating targets.

- Grounded Stomp: Able to cause an electric current to overload the ground in order to cause damage around it, the Predator stomps its paws onto the ground and dig its claws into the ground, flowing a large amount of energy into the ground in order to damage enemy forces around it. This has often been used to deal with multiple targets, although it takes more energy than even the static bite of the Predator.

NF-Standalone Turret Division: :
With a division designed for the sole purpose of creating Turret Batteries that can defeat the enemy before they even make contact with Terran Forces, these Turret Batteries are run by AI, although are capable to be remotely controlled by engineers and pilots. Many Space Platforms are designed to contain thousands of these Turrets in order to defend others from planetary invasion. These Platforms often require large amounts of Nuclear Reactors, which the Umojans use in order to run all of the Turrets on hand. This project is designed to help defend from any sudden invasions from any form of enemy, both Zerg and Terran.

- Nuclear Reactor: In order to run these many turrets, the Umojans require the use of Nuclear Reactors, due to the amount of energy that the solar panels from a platform cannot charge on its own. This is often used when there are hundreds of turrets charged at once, instead of a dozen or more. These Nuclear Reactors are powerful enough to run a small platform alone, which many Umojans use for an alternative of Solar Panels.

- AC-AA Turret: An anti-crowd anti-air turret, designed to fire many miniaturized rockets that bombard a select area to make sure that it would tear apart large crowds of light units, the AC-AA allows defense against both scourge and mutalisk zerg, as well as deal against light vehicles such as crowds of wraiths and laruas.

- AH-AA Turret: An anti-heavy anti-air turret, designed to deal with battlecruisers, devourers, overlords, and guardians, these turrets use large rockets in order to break down enemies, unleashing an intense explosion in order to break down enemy forces.

- AL-AA Turret: An anti-light anti-air turret, these structures are meant to deal with individual mutalisks and wraiths easier than the AC-AA Turret can. Designed to fire at targets with

- Siege Turret: A turret designed to defend an area with siege weaponry, these Turrets are able to target both ground and air units, using a cannon that can decimate targets from long range. These Turrets are meant to defend platforms from all targets, even though they have a minimum range.

- AL-AU Turret: Designed to break light units on the ground, these are often established with Gauss Weaponry that target targets like a marine would. Although these Turrets are a bit stronger than a Marine, these Turrets are meant to deal with large amount of light units, although like a marine would have trouble with heavy units such as an ultralisk. These Anti-Light All Unit Turret is able to defend platforms that are landed, as well as target ground forces.

- AH-AG Turret: Made exclusively to target ground forces, the Anti-Heavy Anti-Ground Turret is capable of targeting heavy forces with plasma cannons, designed to destroy targets with plasma weaponry when they arrive. This has often been used to deal with key sensitive locations.

- Ion Cannon: Designed to stop starships from travelling faster than light from a location without being decimated, the Ion Cannon is capable of shocking ships and shutting them down, causing the ship to be vulnerable to either be captured or destroyed. Designed by the Confederacy, the Umojans have their own design that makes sure that all mechanical vessels, Protoss and Terran, would need to deal with it first before getting through.

- Sentry Martyrs: Reserved within storage units on a platform, these feeble machines are miniature spider mines that are designed to be produced from collected asteroids, with their minerals harvested in order to create these explosives. These Spider Mines, called Sentry Martyrs, are able to crawl around and then settle upon a location, which will arm it for combat against targets. Many of these Sentry Martyrs will continue to distribute themselves across these Space Platforms until the entire surface is covered by these Umojan Spider Mines, making sure that any enemy that lands of these platforms will be destroyed.

Umojan Protectorate Structures:
With many of the Umojan infrastructure being different than the Kel-Morians and the Confederacy, the Umojans have a different set-up that has been established within its infrastructure.

Command Centre:
Due to the success of the Command Centre being both a hub for commanders and a great starting port for a military base or installation to start from, the Command Centre has been adopted by all Terrans, including the Umojans. The Command Centre has the standard elements of the Confederacy, and has been relatively unchanged, with the exception of the Nuclear Silos, which the Umojans refuse to have in their arsenal. However, the Umojans are able to use Comsat Stations.

Supply Depot:
Unlike the Kel-Morians and the Confederacy, the Umojans don’t have to worry at all about protecting their supply depots, due to them having a built-in turret that is designed defend from others. Although the Supply Depots of the Umojans are weaker than a marines, this has made many Umojans to use the Supply Depots as turrets to deal with enemies that are too close for the Umojan’s Comfort, acting more than a wall for the Terrans.

Designed to help harvest Vespene Gas from Vespene Geysers. Like the others, the Umojans see it essential in order to be ahead of their competitors, and to manufacture the vehicles and equipment that require large amounts of fuel.

Engineering Bay:
A munitions facility that has programs to help developing settlements to set their Barrack’s manufacturing plants to give better models of the weapons and armours the Umojan barrack units use. The Umojan have often found themselves. Only the Apathon does not receive upgrades.

Although designed to manufacture different unit’s equipment than the other factions, the Barracks is the same as any of the other Barracks used by the other factions, meant to send out the basic troopers.

- Heavy Manufacturing Plant: Due to the lack of room that a Barracks has to build the more advanced units of the Umojans, the HM Plants are add-ons that help the troops build the necessary troops in battle, including the advanced forms of the marines.

Physics Centre:
The Home of many of the Umojan’s engineers that have taken to the study of physics, the universe, and so forth, these structures are homes for the few engineers and scientists that are brought into the field in battle. As they are stationed within military bases, these Centres are where Marines can be set up to act as Apathons within a Barracks, allowing the Umojans to send out supersoldiers that follow a similar combat prowess as the Protoss. The Physics Centre is a Confederate’s version of a Science Facility. Unlike the other factions, the Umojans often construct this before they even build a Starport, in order to keep their advanced technology up and running as soon as possible.

- Matrix Maintenance Centre: Designed to help the Caballero Walker, the Matrix Battery is designed for Engineers and Scientists to make sure that the Matrix Batteries that are set up from these factory-specific units can function accordingly, with the engineers and scientists making sure that all of the equipment is set up and working accordingly.

- Plasma Lab: Designed to be a Physics Lab that is meant specifically for the Yorith Battlecruiser, the Plasma Lab makes sure that all of a Yorith’s weapons are working properly, while also allowing Yorith Battlecruisers to enter from FTL to a Starport or other locations.

Designed to help Shadowguards that, when they are called upon, to have a safe haven to put on their proper equipment when they are not going out. Designed to look like an Umojan Supply Depot, the Shadowhelm has the Umojan’s hidden storage instead of the supplies of the Umojans, allowing a Shadowguard to get the proper equipment when they are called onto the field. With the Shadowguard usually assigned to be placed behind enemy lines, many of the Shadowguards never stay within a Shadowhelm for too long, though it is a necessity for an Umojan Military Base to have a safe haven for them, when they are not on the field.

Designed to build all of the UGV Tanks and the Siege Tank that the Umojans use, as well as the Caballero, the Factory is designed to build as many Umojans weapons as possible. The Umojans are capable of destroying many of their enemies with the vehicles that they have in use. The Factory, in comparison to the other Factions, has the most amount of units that it can produce, which makes them a capable faction when it comes to hunting down targets. The Factory has allowed the Umojan to reach towards its many assets that it can use against enemies. The Factories are designed to allow Umojan Pilots to be stored inside in order to run the Cheetah Variants of the UGV.

- Machine Shop: Designed to help upgrade Orlov Tank, as well as allow construction of the Orlov Siege Tank and the UGV vehicles, the Machine Shop is a necessity if mass production of the Orlov Tank is something the Umojans want.

Remote-Control Satellite Station:
Designed for the Control of the UGV vehicles that exist, the Remote Control Station Satellite is where many of the upgrades the UGV Tanks have in order to heighten their response on the field of combat. The RC Satellite is meant to have Umojan Pilots able to run the more advanced versions of the tanks, without much issue.

A building separate from the Factory, and not an Add-On, the Armory allows the upgrades of both the air and land vehicles that exist, as well as construct the necessary missiles and munitions necessary to allow a Valkyrie to be sent out.

As the Umojans have a large amount of Aerial Forces that the Umojans can use to deal with enemy forces, the Starport is designed to also allow transports, colony ships, and battlecruisers to move from place to place without issue. Without the necessary components, a Starport can construct a Freyja. These are a necessity for the Umojans in order to gain the upper hand.

- Control Tower: although a standard Starport can construct the Freyja alone, it is necessary for a Starport to have a Control Tower, in order to help the other larger vehicles be able to move in and out of a Starport, as well as have communications with traders and others that come close to a settlement. The Control Tower is necessary in order to construct Yorith, the Valkyrie, and the Dropship.

Turret Battery Core:
Due to a lack of Bunkers the Umojans use for defensive purposes, due to the Umojans already having the medical supplies needed in order to keep their troops afloat, as well as the Supply Depots able to act as both a wall and a turret against enemy forces, the Umojan’s Independent Turret Core is designed to help build turrets on the battlefield, in order to help the Umojans in combat. However, due to the Turrets requiring large amounts of Energy to be functional, the Umojans created Turret Battery Cores that act as a supply for the Turrets to continue functionality. This often limits the amount of turrets that the Umojans can build in the battlefield, although is quite helpful in making sure that the Umojans are able to keep their turrets running 24/7, due to their high demand. These Battery Cores act as a supply structure for the munitions as well. Similar to a Protoss Pylon, the Battery Core must be near the Turrets in order for them to function accordingly.

Umojan Protectorate Miners:
Due to the Umojans having a high demand of resources needed to continue functionality, the Umojans have a large stem of SCVs that often harvest as many resources as possible in order to stay afloat. As the Umojans require more building that the other factions, due to their high demand of turrets in order to deal with enemy forces, many of the SCVs are constantly dealing with construction more so than mining at times. The SCVs of the Umojan Forces are white in colour to match the other Umojan Protectorate Forces.

Umojan Protectorate Leaders:
Although many often claim it is the Minister of the Umojans, Jorgensen, who is leading the Protectorate and the rest of the Umojans; some say it is the Admirals that are leading the Fleets of the Umojan Protectorate; some say it is the Ruling Council that has taken a foothold above the rest of them; some even speculate that someone is holding the Umojans behind the curtains. Although many of these leaders have often shown themselves leading the Umojans, it becomes quite clear during the Great War, and especially the Brood Wars, that the Umojans are each working for their own agendas during the conflict of the Korpulu Sector, which many wonder where it will lead to.
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Terran Confederacy

With the Kel-Morians being the most devastating with its Guerilla Tactics and Fast Attacks, and the Umojans having the greatest amount of Technology supporting them in full-blown warfare, the Confederacy has the greatest strength and foothold upon the Korpulu Sector within the Galaxy. With these two competitors being the opposition of the Confederacy, the Confederacy has found many ways to make sure that their foot is planted solid, while the other is kicking the rest’s front and back sides. The Confederacy, with the greatest military force and nuclear weaponry, as well as the largest fleet dormant within the Sector, the Confederacy has the ability to take down its enemies with relative ease, due to the Confederacy giving off full power and siege weaponry, pushing the enemy back and storming their front with nuclear fire and large fleets of ships. The Confederacy, built on the exercise of defeating their enemies with ease, has the ability to beat many of its foes to a pulp, with little sense of moral getting in their way.

Old Families:
The leaders of the Confederacy, they descended from the original colonists that rested upon Tarsonis and lead the colonists to become what it is today. Rich and Powerful, these Old Families have a grasp upon the Confederacy that no other has within. Born with the right to lead their people, many of the Old Families run much of the industries, government, politics, economies, and military that exists within the Confederacy, and they are ready to remove any that threaten their agenda at any given time. Although there are Dozens of Old Families, there are only a few that have the most power and history within the Korpulu Sector. A lot of families have been born with daughters and sisters being wed to high-rising merchants, military commanders, and great men, which the amount of Old Families that have risen during the years the Confederacy have existed for to extend in greater quantity. Even after the Fall of Tarsonis, many of the Old Families lived in through name, with many still holding on from different colony worlds and such that were away from the destructive incident, which beings such as Arcturus Mengsk have been trying to eliminate in fear of the Old Confederacy.

The Beauregard Family:
A Family established within Tyrador IX, they have a strong foothold within architect design and the arts, often established for having the greatest foothold in city landscaping, auction houses, garden construction, and decorations including carpet and banners. The Beauregard Family has had a foothold within the industry for some time, and have been able to spread their unique industry across the Korpulu Sector for some time. Often times, they have showcased their arts and architecture within a commander’s cabin and the Old Family houses. The Beauregard Family has many of the finest artists within it grasp, owning the Titian Guild that unites them together.

The Breckinridge Family:
Having a grasp upon the Nuclear Stronghold, the Breckinridge Family has established its home upon Tarsonis, although many of its industries have been established on fringe worlds outside of the Core Worlds, in order to make sure their nuclear programs do not injure any of the colony worlds. Usually established upon unexplored or uncharted worlds, the Breckinridge Family leads the Terran Scientists and Engineers that design the different nuclear power plants, fusion reactors for starships, and the nuclear weapons that the Confederate Army uses to bombard their enemies with fire. The Breckinridge Family has made a strong impression upon the military forces, often leading to the greatest victories and the greatest horrors committed by the Confederacy within history, including Korhal IV.

The Buchanan Family:
Although the last name originated from a Merchant and Military genius that had married the daughter of the Mahone Family, the Buchanan Family has showcased itself to make the finest trade ships and commercial sales within the Sector, as well as having a high grasp upon the different products that go from place to place, due to it having a strong grasp upon the trade and supply ships that go through space. The Buchanan Family has a strong history in the military for making sure the soldiers within are functioning properly, from supplying excessive amounts of cigars and Gauss Rifle bullets to supply the volunteers and conscripts of the Guild Wars. The Buchanan Family are quite popular amongst the Fringe Worlds as well, which the family follows the philosophy of making everyone your friend, from the low class to the high… which in turn, often leads to the other families looking down upon them. Their Family Estate is within Tarsonis itself.

The Buckner Family:
A Military Family that has many members sign up onto the different Squadrons to hopefully lead the Military, the Buckner Family has a long history of trade, owning a few moons that have the sole purpose of supplying soldiers with rations, and sometimes other products to the Confederate Colonies. The Buckner Family has a long history of war, where three out of four sons were killed in action during the Guild Wars, with the last son having four more sons that are now in the Confederate Military as of now, possibly following the same fate in the process. As their Family Estate showcases the badges of honour and the many Buckner Uniforms on display, they are a proud family with great pride about their accomplishments during wartimes.

The Cleburne Family:
The Family stationed at Dylar IV, the Cleburne Family was the mass producer of the Confederacy’s great symbol of pride, the Battlecruiser, and has constructed many of the great fleets. Owning many Starports and Space Platforms, the Cleburne Family has a foothold within the Terran’s Military Fleet, with over 78% of the Battlecruisers ever created come from Dylar IV itself. With so much supply coming from the Cleburne Family, the Confederate Military is not shy on asking a few favours from the Officers that use their vessels.

The Cockrell Family:
An Arms Family that has created all of the Confederacy’s basic weapons, including the C-10 and C-14 Gauss Rifles, the Cockrell Family is a small family with a big gut, and has been stationed within Tarsonis for some time. Never leaving their estate, the Cockrell Family has been credited for inventing many of the weapons that enter the battlefield themselves, while using the manufacturing plants they own to mass produce the weapons on the market and within military hands. The Cockrell Family has been known to keep a small security force of its own, seeing that it is safer to have a gun at hand than to be unarmed and exposed for others to take advantage of. Their private security force is known to have the newest Gauss weaponry that the Cockrell Family has to offer, escorting every Cockrell Family Member and Servant.

The Duke Family:
A Military Family like the Buckner Family, the Duke Family has often held the greatest military prowess out of all the families, with many of the family members being the leaders of a squadron at one point or another. Arrogant yet ingenious, the family is very ruthless and have a strong military mind, with many within the Duke Family often leading dozens of victories within their lifetime, without much of defeat. With the Duke Family having such a stalwart reputation, they have a reputation of being disliked by many other military and old family members, though have proven to be very formidable when tasked to do something. The Duke Family has a large hold upon the worlds such as Chau Sara and Mars Sara, and have been trying to get their business of Vehicle Manufacturing and CMC Manufacturing up and running, though it is still building up due to Mars Sara and Chau Sara being quite young and undeveloped. Their family is established within Tarsonis.

The Forrest Family:
Having an Establishment within both Tarsonis and Chau Sara, the Forrest Family has been in charge of terraforming many planets that the Terran Confederacy has settled, as well as has great importance in what kind of woods are farmed and collected for the use of the Terran Market. The Forrest Family has engineered many different trees and plants that they have established within the Korpulu Sector, in order to deal with the different planet’s atmosphere, orbital and rotational timing, its gravity and air, and soil. As of now, Chau Sara and Mars Sara are two colonies that the Terran Confederacy has been trying to Terraform and establish as a Core World, and right now the Forrest Family has many of the leading family members within the Terraforming Industry trying to make sure the planets are 100% stable for more colonists to take a foothold upon the planets. As of now, the Forrest family was the first to make an industry within Chau Sara, selling the expensive Sunwood that is expensive and highly firm hardwood for furniture work.

The Hampton Family:
The inventor of the Wraith and manufacturing the many missiles, they are partnered with the Breckinridge Family when it comes to rocket engines and missile technology, building the guidance systems and rockets of the Nuclear Missiles that terrorize the Korpulu Sector. The Hampton Family has a large abundance of family, numbering over fifty three Hampton family members existing. Many of them have an affinity of exploration and looking forward to the stars, thus every Hampton child when they reach the age of fourteen are taught how to fly a spaceship, and then at the age of eighteen are allowed to go off and explore the different Confederate and Korpulu Worlds in a Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser. The Hampton Family has had many of its members join the Confederate Army for the sole purpose of space itself, with many becoming wraith pilots and battlecruiser commanders. They are established within many worlds due to the Family’s many members, having an establishment in both Dylar IX, and Tarsonis.

The Mahone Family:
One of the largest families, it has a firm grasp upon Tarsonis and many of the factories and engines that run the planet. The Mahone Family has a large grasp of fuel that they have taken from mining worlds, with over 45% coming from them, with the only competition being the Kel-Morian Combine, which exports 41% of the Vespene Gas and other fuels for the confederacy. With the Mahone having such a large grasp upon missile and jet fuel, the Mahone Family has become quite wealthy and prosperous in terms of fortune, considering fuel is still a necessity for Terran life to continue on as it is.

The Mengsk Family:
An Old Family that has been removed after the Fall of Korhal IV, the Mengsk Family has been mostly wiped out from existence, with all except for Arcturus Mengsk, who runs the Sons of Korhal, a rebel groups that are the remnants of Korhal IV. Their family was executed by operatives.

The Pemberton Family:
Designers of the CMC and helped create many of the transport ships that both civilians and military use, the Pemberton Family always seeks to have a firm grasp within the military. They have also been known to create many of the different civilian vehicles and construction vehicles that many colonists use, including the SCV that many Terrans use across the sector. As of now, much of the Pemberton Family has a strong foothold upon civilian affairs, being the first, and sometimes the only, family to select which Magistrate is assigned upon a fringe colony in order to make sure there is a military presence and law within the Confederacy. The Pemberton Family has a concern for many of the fringe worlds, making sure that the Confederate Supply continues to flow properly, without delay nor halt. Much of the Pemberton Family has strong ties towards all of the Fringe Worlds, even those not owned by the Confederacy, which has established their name quite well.

The Ramseur Family:
The most intelligent and sly, the Ramseur Family has been trying to remove both the Kel-Morians and the Umojans more than once, yet every time the Ramseur Family has failed to remove their enemies in order to establish the one order in the Korpulu Sector. With their own hidden agenda, the Ramseur has been given a lot of money in terms of intelligence and information, having a firm knowledge of everyone’s whereabouts. Having strong ties to both the Nova Squadron and the different military specialists and assassin associations that are tied to the Confederacy, the Ramseur Family has been running a Psionics Program, and were the sole inventors and creators of the Neural Resocialization Project. The Ramseur family has made sure that control is absolute, and they want to make sure that everything goes as they desire it to. Against the Umojans, the Ramseur Family has a shadow war, where the two have often tried to upper hand, resulting the Ramseur Family being the greatest villain towards the Umojan Protectorate and its Colonists.

The Wheeler Family:
Designer of the Siege Tank and the masters of physics, the Wheeler Family has always had a hand on what weapons enter the military force and colonist hands. The Wheeler Family is an excellent family dealer with a firm grasp on mercenaries, bounty hunters, and smugglers, and was the one that made sure the Guild Wars ended with the Kel-Morians doing them a favour, and not the other way around. In a sense, the Wheeler Family has always had a hand in what happens within the Korpulu Sector when it comes to independent colonies and the black market, with the Wheeler Family having its own secret police and dealers making sure that not only the trade benefits them, but that any deals that are against Confederate Policy are shut down immediately. Many of the Wheeler’s family members have often been part of the police force and military, and have had a mixed history of good and bad, although when it comes to the bad they are not afraid of letting a colonized world burn to the ground, if they gain something from it.

The Korpulu Squadrons :
With the Confederacy have a large grasp upon many Korpulu Worlds, with nearly a dozen main planets full of colonists, the Confederacy has constructed each world and its solar system a Squadron of Ex-Criminals that have gone under neural resocialization that once threatened the Confederate Colonies and now fight for them with their lives, as well as Officers that commands the armies with an Iron Fist. With many of these Squadrons led by a Commander and funded by the Old Families, the Korpulu Sector has near millions that fight for the lives of billions, making sure that no threat ever tries and take down the Confederacy, neither Kel-Morian, Umojan, nor Rebel Outcasts. Although the Confederacy has many plans to grow its military, and has many different smaller military organizations, the primary and most known of the Squadrons have been prized for making the most accomplishments for the Confederacy against their enemies, which has made each of the Squadrons quite infamous. The best of the Squadrons are given Greek Titles to showcase their prowess in combat.
Alpha Squadron : General Edmund Duke : Advanced Tactical Strike Squadron : Chau Sara : White
Once Established in Tarsonis, the Alpha Squadron has been established within Chau Sara as the colony begins to become a primary location for the Confederacy. Being one of the most well accomplished and powerful, the Alpha Squadron has a proud history of finishing a job quickly, coming in first before anyone else, and finishing them off quickly. The Alpha Squadron prides itself with nuclear warfare, siege tanks, and battlecruisers, and are not afraid of using such destructive force. This Squadron, led by the ingenious Edmund Duke, is capable of decimating any force with ease.

Beta Squadron : Commander Lee Hampton : Tactical Siege Squadron : Brontes : Red
When an enemy is too hardy for combat, the Beta Squadron has been capable of holding a line and pushing forward until the enemy falls backwards off a cliff. Led by Lee Hampton, the Beta Squadron is known for its ruthless tactics of nuclear fire and siege weaponry, and are capable of bringing down any force that has buried too deep into the ground. At times, the Beta Squadron have proven themselves capable of defeating any force that likes to hold on for too long, which makes them a formidable force for any colony that desires to go rogue, or an invading force that desires to claim territory.

Delta Squadron : Lt. Commander Frank Deanitso : Primary Assault Squadron : Antiga Prime : Orange
A deadly force of convicts that favour arson and destruction, many of the resocialized pilots and marines have shown themselves capable of leveling enemies to the ground, with their siege weapons and firebat squads being sent to break down enemies with inferno and fire. The Primary Assault Squadron has proven itself in combat to remove anything with non-nuclear fire and battle fleets, seen as a primary option when ground military force is needed.

Gamma Squadron : Colonel Dom Rodrigez : Primary Defense Squadron : Tarsonis : Brown
With the ability to hold fortifications and planetary defense weapons, the Gamma Squadron is assigned to many colony core worlds to act as a defensive force, especially on Tarsonis. The Gamma Squadron has shown itself capable of defending planets such as Tarsonis from invaders and rebels at every turn, and have shown their prowess to push fleets back until they either retreat or get squeezes by the other Squadrons to deal with them. The Gamma Squadron has been exceptional when it comes to removing other

Epsilon Squadron : General Dan Pemberton : Primary Armoured Squadron : Mobile : Yellow
Running vehicles and science vessels, the Primary Armoured Squadron is led by large amounts of pilots, usually holding a quantity of factory units above all else. With countless siege tanks and goliaths on the field of battle, along with the Epsilon’s Science Vessels giving back up for them, the Epsilon Squadron has been capable of breaking enemies with heavy metal above all else. Usually the Epsilon Squadron is led by large amounts of armoured forces that, when called upon, will had towards where they are needed to give enough armour and electronic weaponry in order to decimate their foes. Many of the pilots are conscripts of fringe worlds and sometimes even independent colonies, where they are taken to serve for over a decade before getting a pension.

Omega Squadron : Lt. Commander Gregory Reikson : Heavy Assault Squadron : Dylan IV : Black
While Alpha Squadron is often the first to be called in for service, the Omega Squadron is often sent as a last resort, designated for its large amount of neural resocialized soldiers that will continue pushing until death. Known for their ruthlessness and ability to crush enemies into a pulp, the Omega Squadron has been capable enough to break down forces into nothing, with the large amount of forces the Omega Squadron has.

Zeta Squadron : Maj. General George Buckner : Primary Fleet Squadron : Tarsonis : Blue
With the largest fleet in the Korpulu Sector, the Zeta Squadron commands hundreds of Behemoth and Leviathan Battlecruisers that are designated for warfare, and are not afraid of dealing with their enemies accordingly. The Zeta Squadron has been capable enough to deal with any force in space combat, and were the first to be called in to deal with the Korhal Rebellion. The Zeta Squadron, known for its devastation in the Guild Wars against the little Kel-Morian had for a fleet, has given the Zeta Squadron a reputation that has made them infamous amongst their enemies, and even their friends. Cold and efficient, their fleet has many resocialized engineers and pilots, as well as many conscripts and officers, that outnumber most of the other fleets due to the amount of Battlecruisers the Zeta Squadron has.

Nova Squadron : Colonel Jackson Hauler : Black Ops/Espionage Squadron : Mobile : Purple
Designed to monitor the other Squadrons, the Nova Squadron is an enforcer, spy, recon, espionage, and coverts squadron that has the sole purpose to deal with everything off the record. With all of what they do being secret and unknown to even some of the Old Families, the Nova Squadron has a large amount of power and make sure that, no matter what, the Confederacy is always heading towards the right direction. When called upon to deal with war, they often use special platoons and squads that are called in behind enemy lines, as well as the use of Ghosts and Nuclear Missiles to deal with the enemy forces with tactical precision. Off battle, they often compete with the Umojan’s Shadowguard when it comes to control and power that they have within the different colonies, armies, and politics, hidden and disguised where they cannot be seen in plain sight.

The Colonial Magistrate:
Assigned to every Confederate Colonial World, a Colonial Magistrate is both the police, security, and law of an assigned colony world, designed to have a small amount of military equipment in order to defend themselves from any opposing enemy that makes contact with them. With the Colonial Magistrate requiring a history within the military, the Colonial Magistrate is a task that is often scorned by most Squadron Military Forces, as the job is quite uneventful and boring to them, with little to no warfare. Giving the basics of military arms, the Colonial Magistrate is the key defense of most fringe colonies and the security police forces of most core worlds. With a Magistrate requiring time as a military officer, the Colonial Magistrate is often given to people with exceptional skill and experience leading others in battle, usually given to those that have a better foothold of conscripts and recruits, and not of ex-criminals that have been brainwashed by the Confederacy.

The Confederate Armed Forces:
All of the Confederacy, both the Colonial Magistrates, and the Military Squadrons, are tasked with the defense, security, and enforcement of the Confederate Law, with the Confederacy’s many weapons of wars making them an enemy neither the Kel-Morians nor the Umojans can defeat head to head, despite their great many advantages in certain areas, whether it be men or technology. With the Confederacy having what it takes to rule the Sector on its own, only few things have stopped the Confederacy from outright removing the Umojan Protectorate and the Kel-Morian Combine, to ensure that the Confederacy is the only rule in the Korpulu Sector. However, with its enemies still alive, the Confederacy is ready to remove them entirely, given the chance.

The Marine Corps:
Having the simplistic of the Marine Cores, the Marines within the Confederacy are made to be as a security force for the Confederacy’s Primary Forces, with the marines acting as both cannon fodder for the Confederacy. With many of them being neural resocialized units, the Confederate Marine Corps has been exceptional when it comes to fighting to the death, with the sole purpose being to hold and continue the line, and to press the enemy force with tactical precision and strikes. Often assigned with Dropships, the Marine Corps is very simplistic in terms of design and function. All of the marine core is conscripted with Stimpacks to allow rapid fire to be easier for the marine using it.

- Standard Marine Force: Assigned with a C-14 Gauss Assault Rifle and a Standard CMC-300 suit, the standard Marine is designed to battle against enemy forces with basic combat alone. This unit is used for both tactical and assault combat.

- Standard Commando Force: Designed to act as a tactical unit, the Commando Marine uses a commando gauss rifle in order to do precise damage against a certain target. The Commando is often called in to cause damage against enemies with one shot, instead of the Gauss Rifle’s rapid fire.

- Standard Firebat Force: Assigned with wrist flamethrowers and a CMC-660, the Firebat is designed to incinerate target units up close, often causing severe damage against crowds. This marine is designed for assault purposes.

Vulture Bike:
Using hover and gravity tech that allows the Vulture Bike to hover above the ground and move at rapid speeds, the Vulture Bike is made for the sole purpose of scouting and harassing enemy forces, as well as setting up mine fields to make sure the Confederacy has a defensive fortification. Unlike the Kel-Morians, the Confederates use weaker mines, due to the mines often being used close to Confederate Lines, and the risk of blowing up ally forces is a risk that they do not wish to happen, since the mines are capable of tearing apart even a Siege Tank.

Goliath Walker:
Designed for the sole purpose of acting as a heavy support for the Marine Core, as well as designated as an anti-air unit, the Goliath has been a powerful asset for the Umojans when it comes to dealing with the air and ground forces. Many Confederate Armed Forces try to get Goliaths to have better rocket systems in order to target starships from a longer distance, to make sure the Confederacy has an Anti-Air Defense Force that could defend the Siege Tanks and Siege Batteries from Battlecruisers that fire from long range.

The Arclite Siege Tank:
Designed to be an assault and tactical unit, the Arclite Siege Tank is one of the Confederacy’s greatest assets, able to be used for multiple purposes to deal with the many enemies of the Confederate Armies. The Arclite Siege Tank is often employed by the Confederate Ground Forces with every chance they get.

Mobile Siege Battery:
Designed for the sole purpose of moving from place to place to set up siege weaponry, the Mobile Siege Battery is designed to be set up and fired at a specific location, made to be stationed at any given location when given a chance. The Mobile Siege Battery is able to move from location to location, until it has established itself at a location that is proper. This weapon is designed for an anti-ground defense purposes.

The Mobile Siege Battery is made to fire against ground forces with the use of directed coordination, where the Mobile Siege Battery will direct its artillery cannon to a specific location and bombard it with continuous plasmids, with a bombardment usually lasting for around ten seconds. The Mobile Siege Battery is able to break a Command Center with two fires from its cannon, and has a longer range than even the Siege Tank in comparison. This has often been used to break enemy lines that are buried, while also breaking enemy lines that try to charge forward.

When in its mobile mode, the Siege Battery is designed to fire at ground forces with a similar cannon that the Siege Tank has to offer, with the added features of bulk and armour that the Siege Tank does not. However, unlike the Siege Tank, the Siege Battery is weaker against the Siege Tank.

Wraith Starfighter:
Designed for the sole purpose of fight and chasing heavy armoured units in the sky, the Wraith is a Starfighter that is able to cloak itself from its enemies, and fire with either a laser battery or twin missiles on a target. The Wraith Starfighters often fly with battlecruisers to do damage to other fleets with ease, while being hidden away from enemy fire. The Wraiths are fast enough to also chase down forces that are running away, and target enemies from the shadows, making the Wraith a powerful ship.

Large enough to carry two Arclite Siege Tanks, the Dropship allows the Confederacy to depart from the Battlecruisers and land thousands of soldiers onto the field of battle in minutes, which many Confederate Fleets do as a surprise attack against enemy forces. The Dropship allows the Marine Core and Armoured Core to tackle enemy forces with great sufficiency, making it a dangerous asset, with them being used to drop marines and even siege tanks behind enemy lines to decimate their forces.

Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser:
The Largest Battlecruiser, the Leviathan-Classed is the most expensive out of all the Battlecruisers, which is often manned with 6000-9000 men in one ship. The Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser is designed to be the command fleet of many Squadrons, and are often used less than the Behemoth and Ziz Battlecruisers, due to its massive size and requirement to create such ships. The Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser has a large arsenal of battery weapons, the Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser often goes headfirst out of all the Terran Battlecruisers. Out of all the Battlecruisers, the commanders of the different Squadrons and even the Old Families have their own Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser, which they use to command their forces. Although the Behemoth uses the Yamato Cannon, the Leviathan has even more powerful laser weaponries that are capable of decimating enemy forces into debris and jibs. Due to it being often assigned to Commanders of Squadrons and the Old Families exclusively, the Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser is an uncommon sight that often arrives for the sole purpose of great men and sophisticated generals only.

Behemoth-Classed Battlecruiser:
The most desired out of all the Colonial Systems, the Behemoth-Classed Battlecruiser is what many colonies have used, with many Magistrates having their own Behemoth-Classed Battlecruiser as their commanding ship during hard times. Used by many Terrans, the Behemoth-Classed Battlecruiser has basic laser battery defenses and hard metal plates, and is the second largest Battlecruiser that many fleets use for combat and exploration purposes. The Crews range from 4000-7000 members each ship. The Behemoth is able to use the Yamoto Cannon to take care of enemy forces.

Ziz-Classed Battlecruiser:
The smallest out of all the Battlecruisers, the Ziz-Classed Battlecruiser is designed to act as a support for the Behemoth and Leviathan Battlecruisers, designed to take care of the smaller ships from Starfighters to Star Frigates. The Ziz-Classed Battlecruiser is often manned with 1000-3000 crew members, with the Battlecruiser, out of all the battlecruisers, having the weakest of Laser Batteries. Due to it having the weakest, the Ziz-Classed Battlecruiser is often armed with nuclear missiles that they use for space combat, often sending them to chase after other fighters that are faster than them. The Ziz Battlecruiser is often seen in smaller fleets in larger quantity, although most Squadrons often use Behemoths as their main Battlecruisers, due to the new Wraith being capable of chasing and destroying most light frigates and Starfighters. However, the Ziz has often shown greater capabilities when facing against multiple fighters, despite needing a larger amount of crew.

Explorer-Classed Science Vessel:
Used mostly by science and engineers groups, the Science Vessel has been used by the Confederate Military due to their capability for Electronic Warfare. From irradiating enemies, EMP targets, to placing a Matrix Shield around a target to defend them from damage, the Science Vessel has been used as a defensive unit for the Terran Confederacy. Out of all the Squadrons, the Epsilon Squadron has used them greatly in order to support their ground forces.

Nuclear Weaponry:
As the Confederacy have been infamous for their nuclear weaponry, it has only been after the Korhal Incident that the Confederacy were not allowed to use massive nuclear bombardment upon an entire planet in order to remove their opposition. However, as the Confederacy have a large quantity of Nuclear Missiles in Storage and ready to be manufactured, they are often used by the Confederacy for tactical strikes, decimating key locations in order to weaken targets. Although they are often dropped upon enemy worlds with Battlecruisers, many have started to use special units in order to allow precision strikes without being seen and targeted by enemy forces.

Terran Ghost:
An Intelligence/Espionage Unit that was designed for the sole purpose of acting as assassins and scouts for the Terran Confederacy, the Ghost Program takes Terrans with intense amount of anti-social personality disorder and lack of empathy and recruited into a program to serve as assassins that use large amounts of electronic weaponry.

The Terran Ghost is given a clocking device, a lockdown device, and a targeting laser that have made the Ghost into a powerful soldier. Like most ex-criminals, the Terran Ghost is neutrally resocialized and controlled by the Confederacy to serve as drones for them, keeping their cold and apathetic nature to make sure that they continue to serve as assassins, saboteurs, infiltrators, and targeting units for the devastating nuclear fire.

Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile:
One of the Strongest Nuclear Missiles, the Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile is constructed in a Nuclear Silo, with there being only allowed one within a Silo at once. The Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile takes the longest to reach a target, around twenty five to thirty seconds, however when it reaches the target it causes around 750 damage, or does ¾ damage to a target if they have more than 750 HP. The Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile has one of the largest blast radius out of all the Nuclear Missiles, and has been able to clear out entire battlefields with one blast, leaving little to nothing left.

Apocalypse-Classed Nuclear Missile:
The Basic Nuclear Missiles that are called upon the battlefield, they take around ten to fifteen seconds to reach a target location, with the Nuclear Missile causing around 500 damage to a target location, or 2/3 damage to a target that has more than 500 HP. The Apocalypse-Classed Nuclear Missile costs less than the Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile, however costs more than the other two variants and there can only be one missile within one Nuclear Silo.

Cataclysm-Classed Nuclear Missile:
A smaller variant of both the Armageddon and Apocalypse Missiles, the Cataclysm Nuclear Missiles allows the construction of three nuclear missiles at once within a Nuclear Silo, and can be called upon by three different ghosts at once that allows a greater quantity of launches for any given time. The Cataclysm-Classed Nuclear Missiles do around 350 damage to hp, or ½ damage to their HP if they have more than 350 HP. Due to requiring more constructed at once than the greater nuclear missiles, the Cataclysm-Classed Nuclear Missile is noted for costing a bit more than the other missiles, although a lot less individually.

Holocaust-Classed Nuclear Missile:
A specialist variant of the Nuclear Missiles, the Holocaust Missile is constructed within a Nuclear Silo, and within the Holocaust Missile five smaller missile warheads in storage, within its body. Its purpose is for multiple bombardments, with the larger missile reaching towards its apex height, before releasing the five smaller missile to reach their target locations. With one ghost designated to call down the Holocaust-Classed Nuclear Missile, the Missiles will land with one central missile on point, and the four missies surrounding the central missile. With each missile releasing the same amount of damage as a Cataclysm Missile, the Holocaust Missiles are able to cause nearly the same amount of damage as a stand-alone Armageddon Missile. The Holocaust Missile is meant to have a larger radius than the other nuclear missiles, with the Central Point being the death zone. Due to its devastating result, the Holocaust Missile is usually seen competing with the Armageddon Missiles in terms of destructive potential, although its blast radius has hit a lot more with less damage.

Terran Confederate Covert Operations:
As the Confederacy have to maintain a large amount of control of their colonies, the Confederacy has created many measures in order to ensure that they have the power over all of the Terran Factions, with the Confederacy having an abundance of secret operatives and programs meant for the Confederate’s great interest.

The Ghost Program:
Taking all of the mentally estranged, from those with borderline personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder, and even the psionically potential, the Confederacy has been collecting all of the mentally estranged, taking them towards a massive covert project that is meant to change all of these special personnel into sophisticated killing machines and specialists that can cause havoc towards the enemies on their own. The Ghost Program is a covert operation that was started by the Ramseur Family over fifty years ago, with the Ghost Program being where Neural Resocialization first derived from as well. The Ghost Program has become a huge success when it comes to being terror weapons, with the Confederacy gaining a large amount of insight towards the mind, which later helps them in the future and, in the end, also causes the destruction of their great empire.

- Electronic Soldiers: With the many sciences that have been accomplished by the scientists of the Confederacy, much of what they have accomplished has been placed upon many of the Electronic Soldiers that most call Ghosts. With these soldiers designed for the sole purpose of serving the confederacy, the Electronic Soldiers were given modified C-10 Gauss Rifles, and were tasked to use the technology given to them to decimate their enemies. All of the Electronic Soldiers that the Confederate Military use are Neurally Resocialized psychopaths, sociopaths, and those with anti-social personality disorder. The Electronic Soldiers are often reserved until they are necessary.

- Psionic Assassins: For the specific Terrans that they have found to contain the Psionic Mutation, the Confederacy has been collecting them in order to help with their experiments to better understand the human mind, as well as act as infiltration operatives that act similar to the Umojan’s Shadowguards, although are usually sent out for action for a short amount of time, and not being a secret agent. The Psionic Assassins are often sent out by the Confederacy in order to take care of all the opposition that the Confederacy have. They usually use and wear the same equipment as the Electronic Soldiers do, however the Psionic Assassins officially do not exist, and are assigned for the sole purpose to remove certain targets and leave. Many times, due to the psionic potential the Psionic Assassins have, are sent out to find Umojan Shadowguard that have hidden within the ranks of the Confederacy, to make sure that they do not cripple the Confederacy in any way possible. The Psionic Assassins are usually noted for using close-quarters combat weaponry to assassinate their targets.

- Secret Police: With a large understanding of the human mind, the Confederacy has constructed secret police forces in order to find specific people with abnormal brains, looking across the Sector for psionic potentials and the broken to be conscripted within the Ghost Program. Armed with the same technology that they use to resocialize terrans, the Secret Police have been using technology to interfere and bend the human mind for decades, and are very dangerous. The Secret Police are usually sent to collect, and although they do not exist, they are above the law, and not even a Commander of a Squadron can say no to.

Confederacy and Science:
The Confederacy has been researching science and has accomplished a lot with what they have found. With many divisions that have been established within, many of the Science Vessels and Science Facilities tasked to research the universe has allowed the Confederacy to even challenge the Umojans for their accomplishments. Although the many ways they have been able to research and discover has not always been humane nor responsible enough to respect life itself, the Confederacy have shown a lack of boundaries when it comes to reaching for the end.

Confederate Psionic Research:
With many of the Terran Psionics being taken and enlisted within the Confederacy, the Psionics have been tested and researched for decades on end, some of them being researched on for decades long without a break. The Confederacy has a large amount of desire to understand the brain and how it functions, in order to have a full grasp as to how they can control their citizens as much as possible, and unite the people together.

The Confederacy, after encountering the Zerg during the Pre-Great War, were the first to ever experiment on these aliens, discovering that the alien species reacted specifically to the Psionic Potentials that they had. With this discovery had, the Terran Scientists had begun to make co-existing projects between the relationship, with the Confederacy being able to manipulate the Zerg by using the Psionic brain waves that the Terrans had in order to manipulate the few specimens they had.

- Psi Emitter: Designed with projecting a large amount of Psionic Brainwaves across an area, this device was designed to draw Zerg towards a certain location, in order to act as a fish hook that then punctures and catches the Fish. The Confederacy planned on using these Emitters upon enemy Terran Worlds, while also using it to draw the Zerg Forces into a formidable Terran Fortification.

- Neural Resocialization: With the Psionic Terrans helping with the process of Neural Resocialization, this has allowed the manipulation of Terran brains in order to function in a certain way, a brainwashing attempt that has been included into many criminals in an attempt to make them function for them. Many plans have been talked about, as to what other groups will possibly receive Neural Resocialization as well.

- Psi Disruptor: With the aspect of the Psi Emitter developed, the Confederate scientists have been trying to find a way to manipulate the Zerg Brainwaves, as they have with Terrans. With many of the covert scientists trying to find a way to change how the Zerg thing and make them dysfunctional, the Terrans had hoped to manipulate the Zerg and cause them to break down as a Hivemind, allowing them to weaken the Zerg and eradicate them as a possible threat.

Confederate Electronic Research:
With the Confederacy trying to use Electronic Warfare with the greatest of efficiency, it is still a mundane dream that, as of now, has been used by only the Electronic Soldiers labelled as Ghosts, and the Terran Science Vessels that are used by military forces. With the Electronic Warfare designed to manipulate the warfare by not only enhancing their forces, but decimating their enemy’s, the Electronic Research done by the Confederacy still requires a large amount of work before they can reach to their dream of breaking apart the armies of the Umojans and the vehicles of both the Umojans and the Kel-Morians altogether.

Confederate Nuclear Research:
With the Confederacy having used their Nuclear Research to make the vast amount of weaponry that has been seen in the firebat, the siege tank, and their nuclear missiles, the Confederacy has a great amount of accomplishment within their nuclear division. When it comes to building weapons or power plants, the Confederacy has been the most accomplished out of all the Terran Factions, with much of their research pushed towards every single colony imaginable. To Nuclear Research that the Confederacy has accomplished allowed them to become one of the most dangerous military forces imaginable, with the use of nuclear arms being their greatest accomplishment.

As a Whole:
The Confederacy has made a large amount of accomplishments that have made them be able to compete with the Umojans in terms of military power, however the Umojans are still above them when it comes to military power. Due to this, the Confederacy has made sure to have a large stockade of military fleets and nuclear missiles, to make sure the Umojans stayed in line.

The Terran Dominion

The Successors of the Confederacy, the Terran Dominion is the unity of the Confederacy, the Kel-Morians, and the Umojans, to deal with the greatest enemy of them all: extinction. With them brought together by the Fall of Tarsonis, the Terran Dominion is a ruthless, cold dictatorship that has the sole purpose of uniting everyone against the greater threat.

With the use of both political and propaganda, as well as great and calculated leadership, Arcturus Mengsk, the newly founded Emperor of the newfound Terran Dominion, and the remnants of the Confederacy have been able to bring everyone together into one unified body. For those that are not with such a unity are an enemy to mankind, with the Dominion not afraid of making sure their rule is shown to be the one and only.

The Old Families:
With Mengsk being the victim of the Old Families declaring an assassination of his family and then the nuclear decimation of Korhal IV, the Old Families were hunted down by the Dominion after the incident of Tarsonis. Although many of the Families had died during the incident of the Zerg killing the billions of Tarsonis, there were plenty of Old Family members that were still out in the Korpulu Sector that had some influence. With them being a potential threat, Mengsk had to make sure that each and every one of the Old Families was brought to him, personally, in order to be dealt with. With many being founded and taken in, the Old Family members that were found were declared later on killed in action upon Tarsonis, with Mengsk cutting off the remaining loose ends to his reign. Many of the surviving Old Family members have taken their time to lead the few Confederates left into hiding, away from the Dominion, plotting their revenge.

The Confederate Remnants:
With a few remaining Confederate Remnants left within many core and fringe worlds, they were either taken into the Terran Dominion or dealt with by the Terran Dominion. Many of the few remaining Confederates that were royal to the old, and knew what the Dominion had done to Tarsonis, had made been trying to rebuild in order to take revenge against the Emperor. The Confederate Remnants that have disappeared from the Korpulu Sector have went somewhere where the Dominion do not know, though the Terran Dominion has put a warrant to find every single Confederate that still flies its flags as a crime against the Dominion.

Deal with the Kel-Morian Combine:
After the Fall of Tarsonis, and the Kel-Morian Worlds that have been decimated by the Zerg, and now the Protoss showcasing themselves as an unknown threat, the Kel-Morians had broken the Confederate Treaty and had started their Kel-Morian Military Force, recruiting millions of Kel-Morian and Independent colonists to be part of the Kel-Morian Combine, even Confederate Colonies. Resurrecting their old forces, the Kel-Morian Combine began to rise as a potential military force that has begun to fight against the Zerg Forces that have been attacking the Kel-Morian’s Fringe and Core Worlds that they have. With the Kel-Morians rising as a military power once more, the Terran Dominion took notice, with Arcturus Mengsk seeing it as a potential alliance.

With Arcturus Mengsk meeting with Gen Mah Sakai, the two made an agreement where the Dominion will send Dominion Military Forces to help the Kel-Morian Combine fight the Zerg Enemies, if the Kel-Morians provide enough resources to fuel the Dominion Armies. With the two making an agreement, the Kel-Morian Combine and the Dominion Forces had a mutual alliance to deal with the Zerg Threat, that has allowed the Kel-Morians to break the Zerg Forces with not only their high amounts of destructive Dreadnaughts, Bombers, Goliaths, and Mines, the Kel-Morians now had the addition of the Confederate Battlecruisers and Nukes that make in a formidable foe against the remaining Zerg Aliens that have been left to exterminate the Terrans.

With the Brood War beginning, with the Umojans rioting against the Dominion, the Kel-Morians began to follow the Umojans and were unchanged in terms of the tactics they have took to destroy their alien enemy. With the Kel-Morians pushing the Zerg greatly, it wasn’t until the Confederates, Umojans, and Dominion went to war that the Kel-Morians saw it as an opportunity to break an alliance.

The Umojan Restrain:
With the Umojans having details of what happened to Tarsonis, the Umojans were very restraining from joining the Dominion, which the Dominion knew would be an issue despite having ties beforehand. Seeing how the two factions had this held strife between each other, the Dominion made sure to cause the Umojan to join, with the threats of taking the few fringe worlds that the Umojan holds, as well as a threat of a full-on invasion upon Umoja itself. With that being a possible outcome of following Tarsonis, the Umojan Protectorate was forced to join the Dominion, and are tasked to help them remove the Zerg Threat. The Umojans, being threatened by the laws of the Dominion forcing restraint upon scientific examination upon alien specimens, the Science Divisions of Umoja had to disconnect from the Umojan Protectorate, until the time came.

The Umojan Protectorate, having a few fleets and units available, began to fight with the Dominion on the front lines, in order to battle against the Zerg Threat. Although, given that the Umojans have contempt for their forced allies, plan to remove the Dominion with off-shot groups and shadowguard, having ties with the remnant Confederates that have disappeared all of the sudden.

Enforcing Law:
Being more ruthless than what the Confederates ever were beforehand, the Terran Dominion has been after every single Terran group imaginable, either forcing them to join their cause or removing them from history for good. With this, many have started to learn to join the Dominion at once, with little opposition to the rule. With the Dominion using the threat of nuclear incineration upon entire planets themselves, the Terran Dominion has become one that will do whatever it takes in order to make sure their rule stays strong. With Arcturus Mengsk doing what most of the Old Families could not do beforehand, many of the Terrans followed him with fear, and not out of love. With little law for this dictator, the Terran Dominion had grown a great many enemies, even those within the Dominion itself.

Extermination of the Ghosts Program:
Due to the Ghost Program being the cause of his family’s death, Arcturus Mengsk exterminated all of the officials within the Ghost Program, and changed those that work within it to make sure that all of the programmed soldiers to work for him alone, with all of the assets assigned to fight for him.

The Raynor's Raiders:
Due to the incident of Tarsonis, the Raynor’s Raiders was born as an official rebel group that was made for the sole purpose of leaving the Dominion, with the Raynor’s Raiders moving deep into Space. Where they went is right now unknown, although at many times the Raynor’s Raiders have been found rescuing the few Independent Colonies, even the Umojan and Kel-Morian Colonies, that are threatened with extermination by the Terran Dominion. With Raynor acting as a soldier against his former leader, the Raynor’s Raiders are a small group that continues to build as they successfully destroy the Terran Dominion and the Zerg, able to rescue the victims of war and helping them leave towards a safer place. Some speculate that they are funded by the Dominion’s enemies and oppositions.

The Capital and the Dominion:
With the Rise of the Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk has resettled upon the nuclear wasteland known as Korhal IV, his former home, and has begun the process of reconstructing it as a colony. With it being his base of operations, Korhal IV has begun its long process of becoming a military capital, with large amounts of infrastructure and industries rising in order to create as many nuclear weapons and fleets as possible.

The Concept of the Terran:
The Terrans are meant to be fighting against each other for the large part of the Campaigns, from the Pre-Great War to the Brood Wars, along with the Zerg as well. With the Protoss making some conflict around the last parts of the Pre-Great War and early parts of the Great War, the Terrans are mainly to focus their great many differences and facing against a strong opposition such as the Zerg, and how they are capable of adapting and surviving against such an indestructible force until, with the lack of a will, become weaklings against the Terran Forces. With the Terrans defeating the Zerg Broods sent against them and the Protoss being absent during the Brood Wars, the Terrans will be facing against each other during the entire process.

The Terrans will be showcasing their own factions and how they function, as well as how they react to extreme circumstances. The Terrans will have a large conflict with the Protoss after the Brood Wars, but as of now the Terrans will be facing against the Zerg and the Terrans as their main conflict.
The Protoss - The Beginning and the End

The Protoss of the Void

The Protoss of the Void are outcasts of the Protoss of the Khala, being against the ideals of sacrificing their own self for the concept of a united whole. With many of these outcasts dating back to over seven thousand years ago, these Protoss have severed their nerve cords that help the Protoss connect to the Khala, and throw them into a lonely darkness that forever surrounds them.

With the connection severed, these Protoss of the Void have grasped onto what they call the Void, a psionic energy that allows them to more easily manipulate matter, than the Protoss of the Khala could ever dream of. With the culture being full of warriors, adventurers, and students of the Galaxy around them, the Dark Templar have become a culture of independence and searching for the self. Although these Protoss take longer to master their Psionic Energies in comparison to those of the Khala, the Protoss of the Void are able to move mountains with the willpower and strength that their psionics give them, making them, individually, a powerful force to be reckoned with. Due to the lack of Khaydarin Crystals that the Dark Protoss have at hand, the Protoss of the Void are noted for creating their own artificial crystals, called the Argus Crystals, which are crystals that they have created by unifying normal crystals with their matter-manipulating psionics.

The History of the Outcasts:
As the Protoss of the Khala grew in terms of size, the Protoss that were left were less desiring to sacrifice their individuality than the other tribes, with many of the tribes of old being forced to war against the new Khala, with that leading to many being forced into the Khala or becoming extinct as a tribe. There were other Protoss, of the Rogue Tribes, that hid themselves away from the Protoss of the Khala, which continued to survive in hiding for a long time, although the Judicator knew that these Rogue Protoss existed. With this, many of the Judicators took great measures in order to hide these Rogue Protoss, in order to preserve the Khala and not follow back into another Aeon of Strife.

With that, much of the Protoss within the Khala led a life where they saw unity as greater than individuality, which forced many to lose any individual mindset and become just like their counterparts, while the rare few felt like outcasts that did not belong. Whether it was the feelings of their history past, or it was the fear of losing themselves completely with the empathetic and interlinking connection of the Khala, forced many desperate and depressed Protoss to commit social suicide; with the Protoss that fell deep beginning to cut their Nerve Cords, they lost connection with their brethren, losing what connection they had and falling into a psionic power that was seen as darker and more sinister. Many of these outcasts began to fall into hiding, running towards the unwalked parts of Aiur and meeting with the Rogue Protoss Tribes, cutting ties from their Khala Brethren.

As it became more and more common, the Khala’s Templar were sent by the Judicator in order to stop this, in order to preserve the Khala and not let it fall back into the times of old. The first executor sent to deal with the situation, Executor Adun, felt too much sympathy and concern with the aspect of killing his fallen brothers and sisters, thus Adun hid them from the Judicator in order to preserve their lives, teaching them how to hide to make sure they never get caught. However, as time went on, the rise of severed Protoss rose, which left the Judicator becoming more aware that they were on a rise. It wasn’t until the Protoss that committed social suicide began to uncontrollably release a storm across Aiur that was seen everywhere that the Judicator knew Adun was hiding them from their sight. Knowing that they could not publicly execute them, the Judicator sent the outcasts onto the only Xel’Naga World Ship that was left on Aiur and sent them off, labelling them as the Dark Templar that have left a scare on both civilizations since.

As the outcasts were sent out, many began to explore the worlds around them, discovering things that they could not imagine being before. However, due to the Khala now being on the hunt for the Protoss that they labelled the Dark Templar, the Protoss Outcasts began to go into the darkest parts of the Galaxy and beyond. In disdain, the rest of the Rogue Tribes began to cut their Nerve Cords like those that committed social suicide, to show their disdain towards the Khalai. With this mark, many of the Dark Templar lost much of even their basic communication skills with the other Protoss, forcing them to go towards other means to communicate with each other, as well as falling towards another means of using their psionics, due to the mental link that united the Protoss also allowing them to use basic psionic mental tricks as well.

With this, and the lack of Protoss Tech that was left for them, the Dark Templar began to draw their energies from the world itself, becoming attuned to the universe as they explored and understood more and more of the world beyond the jungle planet they originated from. With the Dark Templar growing and later on grasping a new form of Psionics that have not been heard of by the protoss since history past, the Dark Templar began to create their own society, based on the concept of individuality, manipulation of matter, and the discovery of the universe; these beings began to change and turn into the Protoss of the Void, the opposition of the Khala for thousands of years to come.

The Argus Crystals:
Due to the Dark Templar, the Outcasts, lost most if not all of the technology that they had before, the Dark Templar began to use mundane tools, developing technology and communication that was similar to the Terrans in terms of being crude and primitive in comparison to the Khalai’s. For many years, the Dark Templar began to develop their own space ships, using the crude use of refined metals and fusion technology.

However, the Dark Templar, unlocking their newfound powers of the Void as they travelled deep into dark space, they began to fully grasp the psionic powers that they had gathered from severing their ties with the Khala, the same kind that released the storms across the planet of Aiur. With the Dark Templar beginning to unlock the secrets of their matter-manipulating psionics that the Khala lost hold of, they were able to manipulate the very reality around them.

An engineer and scientists of the Outcasts, going by the name of Gret’Cru, was able to discover the ways of manipulating matter with the mind itself, using it to refine their engineering and technology to the point that they had advanced and created machinery that almost reached the same capacity as their former brothers that abandoned them. With the Dark Templar beginning to discover a new way of engineering and manipulating physics with their own mind, Gret’Cru found a new replacement for the Khaydarin Crystals, the power source of all Khalai, and before that the Xel’Naga.

Pressing his and other’s mind into raw crystals, they could manipulate the raw material into a sentient, psionic object like the Khaydarin Crystals. Although much different than weaker than the Khaydarins, the Dark Templar began to manipulate material and turning it into something new and extraordinary with their mines, able to transform these raw metals and crystals into what is known as the Argus Stones, or Argus Crystals. These objects are weaker and less powerful than the Khaydarin Crystals, however have the same element of psionic prowess contained within. Designed to help manipulate the material world, the Dark Templar began to attach these Argus Crystals upon themselves and their devices in order to bend the realm of possibilities, while using Argus Stones as metal and rocks that helped morph and change depending on the circumstances.

Many of these crystals, although weaker by design than the Khaydarins, allowed the needed boost for the Dark Templar to become a race of advancement, allowing them to travel across space with ease for generations to come. As of now, every single Void Tribe holds onto these crystals and stones, in order to help those better grasps the powers of the Void.

A mineral that was created by the Xel’Naga, the Dark Templar discovered the material over four thousand years ago in a world that was forged by the Xel’Naga to have life, like Zerus and Aiur. Taking the metallic material, the Dark Templar began to study it and discover that the minerals were in fact a biological organism. The planet it was on, Groth, was a planet that was filled with layers of crystalline plants, with creatures with a similar shine that inhabited the world and survive. One of them, the Tresu’loth, was the most successful and the dominant plant-like life on Groth, spanning across almost the entire world with the greatest protection against threats.

The Tresu’loth is an organism that has the interior of micro-cells, which grows a shell-like substance upon rock surfaces in order to protect itself from predators that would eat the organism’s vulnerable tissue. Like an Exo-Skeleton, the Tresu’loth grows more layers upon its metallic shell by absorbing the sun rays of a planet and radiation in order to survive, allowing them to spread its roots underground in order to give off more offspring. Connecting together with underground roots, the Tresu’loth are able to make a network that can span an entire planet, feeding each other the necessary energy and nutrients to survive. Many of the Protoss have found that the Tresu’loth are able to live and survive together in any world, so long as light and radiation are available.

The Exo-Skeleton of the Tresu’loth was strong enough to be used as a raw material, due to the material mixing the soils that the roots have collected and travelled to where it has sprouted, mixing with the radiation it has collected, along with the proteins it developed from radiation and light, to create a dense yet flexible shell. Hard as rock yet flexible as steel, the Exo-Skeleton of the Tresu’loth was an organism that had the potential to benefit the Dark Templar.

Taking roots of the Tresu’loth and planting them onto the terrestrial worlds that the Dark Templar had settled on, the Dark Templar used these creatures in order to farm and create enough material to be used as a replacement of metal forgeries when necessary. Many of the Dark Templar have helped make sure that these creatures gathered enough light and radiation needed in order to survive, although most of the creatures that were the predators of the Tresu’loth made sure that the entire planet wasn’t covered by them. Thus, many of the Dark Templar made sure that, in order to make sure the planet was not over run by them, that they would bring some of the predators that fed on the Tresu’loth, making sure that the Outcasts didn’t find themselves having their settlements being taken over by crystalline creatures, with the surface soils being jotting with jagged silver.

- Tresulla: A Dragon-like insectoid that was the size of a command centre, with large rows of mandibles and wings that spanned 200 meters across each. These giant critters are often seen moving from mineral to mineral consuming the shells of the Tresu’loth constantly, until the Tresu’loth is left as nothing more than an exposed organism. Many of the Tresulla are known to walk around like a centipede when harvesting the Tresu’loth, until it is needed for them to fly off and find another patch full of its prey. The Tresulla is known to be quite harmless when it comes to other lifeforms, although most Protoss have found that they can easily be provoked. Having an exo-skeleton that is of a similar kind of material as the Tresu’loth’s exo-skeleton, the Tresulla is often seen as a Silver Beast that many Dark Templar warriors have been inspired by these creatures to make vessels and vehicles similar to the beast. It is tradition for some tribe to hunt down and kill the beast, while others are tasked to tame, even ride the silver dragon.

- Flosklish: Small insectoids that are the size of a tick, they are often found contaminating the outside layer of a Tresu’loth and sapping it of its energy, slowing down the process of creating a thicker exo-skeleton to halt. Many of the Flosklish are used by the Outcasts as a way to hinder the grow of the crystalline plants when they have over-populated, pressing the tick-like creatures onto the outside layer to allow them to dig inside and reproduce more to feed on these life forms. They have often been monitored just as much as the Tresu’loths.

- Barrgurgon: Known to be hound-like beetles that eat the roots of the Tresu’loth and the Stra’loth, the Barrgurgon is seen usually hunting in large herds for the Tresu’loth and even the Tresulla, able to number within the millions. The size of a Siberian Tiger from earth, the Barrgurgon moves from location to location eating these newfound materials. Acting similar to wildebeests, the Barrgurgon will continue to move in a form of rotation, in order to be at certain locations, on time, to eat the Tresu’loth and later on migrate again. At times, the Barrgurgon have found themselves meeting face to face against a Tresulla, which has often resulted in the Tresulla and the Barrgurgon fighting each other and often leading towards a full fledge massacre. The Barrgurgon are often seen as a formidable foe that a single Dark Templar must face, which many students have often found themselves meeting face to face against these beasts, for one reason or another. Like the Tresulla, the Barrgurgon has a silver-like coating on its exo-skeleton, although it’s of a darker variation due to the Barrgurgon having to share the Tresu’loth with thousands upon thousands, sometimes forced to eat other organisms like the Tresulla and Stra’loth instead to survive.

- Stra’loth: A plant-like organism that can connect with the Tresu’loth, the Stra’loth is a competing material that takes the nutrients from the roots of the Tresu’loth and steals it, creating sacs of gas which is a fusion of its on chemical body and the nutrients. The Stra’loth continue to build a larger gas build until it is of a full size, which then releasing itself from the ground and turns into a floating balloon. Many of the Stra’loth do this after their apex of sustained material in order to become a predator of creatures such as the Barrgurgon, hunting them down with the dangling root underneath and lifting them high into the air, liquefying the organs and extracting it from its dangling root. After it reaches a certain age, the Stra’loth will shed its outer sac that contains the gases that keep it afloat, which later fall down onto the soils of the ground and begin to grow a new Stra’loth. If a Stra’loth loses the gases needed to stay afloat, it will slowly fall back onto the crust of the planet, with the root digging in and starting to search for a root of the Tresu’loth. This creature has often been harvested by Dark Templar in order to gain Vespene, due to the Stra’loth having gases that could be used as fuel for the Protoss. Many of the Stra’loth have often found themselves moving from place to place, with its only form of mortality being eaten by a predator or killed by a Tresulla or Outcast. The Barrgurgon have found themselves switching between predator and prey for the Stra’loth, depending on whether the Stra’loth is over the ground or in it.

The Xel’Naga Artefacts:
While the Xel’Naga World Ship had many of the sophisticated Xel’Naga artefacts be taken by the Khalai, the Xel’Naga were able to find and discover a few worlds that were either changed by the Xel’Naga, or even had remnants of the ancient civilization. With the Outcasts finding and obtaining a great many things from them, they have kept many of the artefacts either in the settlements that a Dark Templar tribe inhabits, or the Xel’Naga World Ship. Many of the Dark Templar that have great interest in the Xel’Naga have collected and studied them to understand their properties, in order to greatly understand what capabilities that the race that created and changed them had. As they knew the Xel’Naga were seen as a God by the Protoss of old, many of the Dark Templar have examined the very few remnants that there were of the Xel’Naga, even using it to their advantage to help prosper the Outcasts in their isolation.

Protoss of the Void Language:
Due to the Protoss of the Void lacking all sense of natural communication, after the severance of the Nerve Cord, the Protoss had lost all aspects of telepathic communication with each other and others, due to the Nerve Cord being necessary for the basics of telepathic communication. Afterwards, the Exiles found themselves only able to communicate with the Khalai, as they were able to read their minds and project their thoughts into them… the other severed were unable to communicate with each other, being lost in their own thoughts and unable to communicate telepathically anymore.

Thus, the Protoss of the Void began to develop visual communication, using old written language and newly developed sign language in order to communicate with each other. Thus, many of the Protoss of the Void began to develop the written language into one that the Protoss could use at any given time, growing more sophisticated than the Khalai had beforehand.

The Xel’Naga World Ship:
Being where many of the Dark Templar arrived from, it is where many of the Dark Templar tribes has categorized as the sanctuary that unites them all together, despite how far they are from each other. Although the Xel’Naga World Ship is drifting beyond the Milky Way, many of the Dark Templar have constructed warp gates that allowed the Dark Templar to reach the Xel’Naga World Ship. Being of a massive scale, the Dark Templar have used it for political and trade means, with much of what unifies the civilization together happening on the World Ship. If there is a war between tribes, the leaders are able to parlay on the Xel’Naga World Ship to negotiate with each other; the Protoss are able to trade their technologies with each other, in order to strengthen the Civilization together to their fullest; many are able to prove themselves, by fighting in an arena to showcase their mastery of psionics, and the power and strength the Protoss wield. This is where all Dark Templar meet when the Tribes must meet face to face with sanctuary, without the worry of destruction nor strife.

The Circles of Truth:
Seen as where all the Protoss meet together to discuss the future of their race, the Circle of Truth is where many of the tribes can come together to meet and discuss, acting as a circle where all are able to speak their words, and be judged by all. The Circle of Truth is often the home where politics and negotiations take place.

The Circles of Fight:
Seen as a place where the Tribes are able to compete each other, whether it is one on one, or many Protoss fighting until one defeats another, even leading towards death. With the Arena proving the might of a tribe’s strength, the Circle of Competition is often a destructive arena, where much of the Protoss that fight within the center usually resulting in an epic battle that can last until one of them dies of old age. Due to the tribes wanting to show their might, there are many circles of competition within the Xel’Naga World Ship to allow multiple Protoss to fight their own duals.

The Circles of Mediation:
A place where Protoss can rest and muster the strength and energy needed to attune themselves with reality, the Circle of Meditation is where thousands sit and think for hours, days, even weeks on end, never moving a muscle as they grasp onto their mind.

The Circles of Knowledge:
A place where many of the written documents, recordings, and so forth are stored, in order to preserve the history of the civilization. Due to the Civilization lacking the capability of remembering the dead like the Khala do, the Protoss of the Void are able to store towers full of information, that tells the findings, conflicts, events, and so forth that the Protoss have seen since they came into existence as The Protoss of the Void.

The Circles of Flight:
Although there are Protoss that have access to Warp Gates, a few are disconnected from the World Ship as a tribe, thus many individuals that need to reach it by other means, usually travelling with their own ships to reach the massive floating vehicle. With the Protoss needing a docking bay, many have taken the liberty to landing their vehicles in a select area, in order to be able to settle on the World Ship. Many that have ships that are too large to go into one of the circles of flight often find themselves floating beside the Xel’Naga World Ship, moving around in its orbit or beside it.

The Circles of Skin:
Before, the Protoss use to trade material with material, often trading the different skins of the strongest or most legendary of the beasts that lived on Aiur, as a form of bonding or form of respect. Now, the Circle of Skins was created to honour the concept of trade, with each of the tribes being able to trade with one another their secrets, accomplishments, and inventions with one another. Working in a barter system, some will even obtain such items by working for certain individuals, in order to gain such terms. In many cases, the Circles of Skin is meant to bond tribes and individuals together better than before.

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