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I imagine that most people stick with the default, and move their mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to scroll their view in game. One guy recorded and graphed his mouse movement (thread:, and it made me want to post my method for screen scrolling.

I use a Logitech MX 518 Mouse (best mouse EVAR, by the way), and it has a couple of side buttons for your left thumb. Using AutoHotKey, I remapped the large thumb button to be the same thing as the middle mouse wheel click. The middle mouse wheel click in SC2 allows you to scroll the screen without moving to the edge. Your mouse cursor basically disappears when you hold it down, and you're free to quickly drag your view wherever you want, without having to move to the edge of the screen first, and without being limited to the scroll speed sensitivity (you can very easily make tiny or large adjustments, just like in a first person shooter). I find the mouse wheel an awkward default for this, which is why people maybe don't use it. The left thumb button, however, is ideal. I actually have my edge of screen scrolling disabled in the options, and this is the only way I move my screen around. I find it to be very fast and accurate. If you try it out, you'll probably be able to adapt in just 1 or 2 games. It's that good.

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