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Zerg Micro Tips


there that should suffice: )

jk zerg jk

LAWL. Hence why I gave up Zerg for Protoss. It was too easy to harass Gold level players with Mutalisks and way easier to overrun them with Zerglings.
Hey I am looking for someone to coach me. I know that sounds stupid, but i really cannot win a game and it is really not good for my anger issues. Anyone want to help, contact me on my email.
Thxs! +1

Hey, OP (or anyone else), can you come up with a list for Terran micro?

This thread is amazing!

EDIT: Bumped!
dont know if somebody already said this but remember in pvp in particular to have your colosus focus the center of the opponent's army to maximize splash damage
also have immortals focus colossus

and idk if this applies to this but a cute thing to do around mid-game is to warp in units (warp prism or maybe hidden pylon) into the opponent's main then run up and forcefield their ramp and kill their natural. Then just leave unharmed

anyway, awesome post ♥
I deeply appretiate this post! i found it very helpful!
Thanks very helpful :D

Hey, OP (or anyone else), can you come up with a list for Terran micro?


Haha seriously? Two words bro, Charge Zealots.
i need help bad with this stuf i suck so bad plz help:)
Thanks for the advice, definitely try it out.
thanks man
Finaly a thread that can stop make other call me BRONZIE!!!
Thanks so much, im rank 2 now!

has anyone tried the 1v1 build for the stalks(blink upgrde)/collsus(with range upgrade)/and voids? with all of that u can go over cliffs with those 3 units and outflank them in to enemies base i tried 4 times won all of them
because i ouflanked escpeially good vs terran so sige tanks have to unsige and attack ur units in order to defend thier base (assuming they would)
This was extremely helpful! Thanks!
Hey I have a question - when a sentry has force fielded out an army how can that stop any decent ranged unit from arching over? :)
I'd say warp gates are the main idea to macroing and make lot of probes...

Still im rank 21 on Team protoss mostly 2v2 :)
Im working on zerg :P
I'd say Stalker/Void ray Rush that could just kill them all mabey Thats good for a protoss warrior.

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