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02/02/2013 04:01 PMPosted by SoLarisMvp
Lol i used my own micros and so far 30 wins straight or at least 30 and 1 lol

They will call me bonjwa..
if you cannot use Protoss win Terran, you are so dumb
protoss micro easy a move spam storms what more is there
protoss micro easy a move spam storms what more is there

Oh I don't know, maybe...

-FF enemy units away from your shooters
-Make sure GS covers your zealots
-Blink damaged stalkers to the back
-Feedback ghosts before they EMP you to death
-Focus-fire armoured troubles like siege tanks or ultralisks with Immos
-Get Colossi away from mass roaches or stimmed MMM ball
Sounds like you have 'Toss all figured out. thank you fror the tips. :) -Kalen
Great helps alot since, im kinda suckish at starcraft 2! :P
what is the best response in PvP to an oracle expand if you opened robo ? help a noob out please
TY for the help, i switched to protoss from zerg because they were to simple for me just massing 1 unit and not learning anything from losing or gaining any fun form it. also they have the traits of both terran and zerg by the fact they can remax and macro well and they most importantly have the firepower ;). but they are my favorite race off all of them,
no use in this thread toss takes no skill
Axslav's analysis videos are some of THE BEST for Protoss. Usefull stuff from low league to GM.

He's got more than just micro tips in there. Some great stuff, I've learned a lot myself recently as I've just stumbled across the whole list of videos on youtube.

More great stuff by Axslav, search for "mechanics of the bizare" or "rules of the engagement".
what about the hots units like the swarm hots and the viper with yonk ability and bliding clouds with all that.
know we need to get the hts faster the collsouis.
thanks a lot!
01/06/2011 12:55 PMPosted by Yaegz
17. Remember to move your HTs back once they have stormed to prevent them from running into the enemy army.
Yes, but you always want a few in front so that you can feedback and storm reinforcements, and so that you can feedback fleeing medivacs

check out my roaches and stalker mono battle, like the video helps me out a lot


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