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Nice tips for any level player, but I don't get your hotkey setup. 4 for Nexi, 5 for building probes? What do you mean?
Nice, I would add to vs terran micro that with chargelots you can attack the center of a bioball to get a good surround and then a-move this prevents the terran from kiting your zealots and allows them to do maximum damage.

Also with colossi it if often best to not just a-move but to actually click to attack certain units, including some not light units. for example if they have like 2 marines in the front of their army and you a-moved ya you would hit the light marines but its just 2 units where if you click the line of marauders behind them you can attack like up to 8 units with one shot.

Also a good high templar micro trick is to just send 1 at your opponent's army, storm like just in front of the army or slightly on top of it, if it is not on hold position which it usually isn't the army will chase your HT and run into the storm and by the time the opponent react your high templar has done significant damage while you either escape (unlikely) or just lost the one high templar, almost always a welcome trade-off for the amount of damage it can do.

Also may want to mention that when storming flying units you can to hit under them rather than on them, you can turn on flyer helpers in the options and storm the little circle on the ground.

O and a force field tip is sometimes you can force field and leave just one little gap, this will funnel units and if you just back up a bit you will have your whole army vs like 5 units, or against zerg who is trying a zergling surround you have have 1 zealot vs 1 zergling at a time as well as stalkers and sentries shooting the zerglings. Also on ramps if you put 1 force field behind the enemy and one in front their units are trapped and you can hit them with stalkers and not take any damage (assuming range is greater, eg. with stalker vs roach or stalker vs marine). This can also be done not on ramps but requires more force fields.

But ya you covered a lot, I am sure many players will find this very helpful
01/06/2011 12:56 PMPosted by yaegz
You can ff over burrowed roaches to prevent them from unborrowing

This only works if the dont have tunneling claws. Other wise GREAT post!
01/06/2011 2:36 PMPosted by yaegz
Zerg Micro Tips

1. get force fielded
2. ???
3. die
01/07/2011 10:53 PMPosted by miky
not that i mind, but why would zerg and terran even be on this thread??? >.>

cuz' it's one of the highest rated threads for the day. I got nothing better to do than puts around the forums.
when defending use ff on top of ramp when when oponents stalker have blink.if you put it on the bottom they still gain vision to the middle of the ramp and can blink one stalker to the middle and gain vision to the top. if you put a ff on top of the ramp even if they run to the middle of the ramp they still dont gain vision to the highground.
Really great post, I know most of these, but it's great to be reminded of them. I might just save this as a favorite and read it every day till I actually do them all the time.

After all, with SC2 knowing is the easy part, it's the execution that makes a great player.
I happy to read this thread from the main page. Thanks for the info.
Position is extremely important:

In the battle starting at 5:35, yellow had significantly more stalkers, and had blink researched while green did not.

The moral: getting a good arc is more important than moving damaged units to the back.
01/08/2011 5:08 AMPosted by EnigMoiD
Nice tips for any level player, but I don't get your hotkey setup. 4 for Nexi, 5 for building probes? What do you mean?

I'm pretty sure he means have ONE probe hotkey'd so you can quickly select it to go build stuff for you, not hotkey'd for actually building a probe from your nexus.
01/08/2011 3:05 PMPosted by manwithplan
Zerg Micro Tips

1. get force fielded
2. ???
3. die

1. get force fielded
2. double facepalm
3. die
Here I can consolidate this for PVt

Are you zealots getting EMPED by ghosts?
Are your stalkers getting EMPED by ghosts?
Are your sentries getting EMPED by ghost?
Are your templars getting EMPED by ghosts?
Are you immortals getting EMPED by ghosts?

i so need to study this... +1
Wow thanks that's gonna help me a lot
Protoss versus Zerg Micro Tips

10. You can ff over burrowed roaches to prevent them from unborrowing. (I think)

they cant unburrow into a forcefield, but if the roaches have move while burrowed, they can just move away from the FF and unburrow
fyi hotkeys arent to needed if your good at keying. tab cycles trough all of your different units and there abilities. i keep mine in one group and tab through to micro.

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