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Awesome. This is definitely going to help my game a lot. Thank you for taking the time to type this thing out. This is going to be on my favorites for quick reference. :)
I'll add one here too:

In low numbers, gateway units can defend against MM (even stim+concussive) fairly well. Use about even zealot/stalker numbers, maybe a sentry for GS if you have the gas. Make sure your zealots are in front so they are the only things being shot, and let your stalkers shoot from behind. As MM kites away from zealots, stalkers get in shots. As your zealots are about to die, pull stalkers back and warp in another round of zealots. Repeat.

Also, engaging far away from your base with this tactic can force stims, and over-stimming before medivacs really weakens his army.

This is the general tactic you want to use when doing the 1gate FE.
01/12/2011 3:36 PMPosted by kurtsaidwhat
Don't have warpgates as a hotkey?

Don't need to. 'W' is the hotkey to select warp gates.
Awesome, thanks for the tips!
Good thread. Another tip, PvZ: If you are putting pressure on the Zerg expansion early in the game with your first zealots, make sure they are fighting next to mineral patches. When a zealot is between mineral patches this way, they can only be attacked by about 3 zerglings at a time instead of a full surround.
Good post, but under "micro tips" you say make sure colossi are attacking light units, really they could be just attacking anything that is clumped up, since their damage has no modifiers.
What Fish said. ^

01/06/2011 12:55 PMPosted by yaegz
4. Are your colossus attacking light units? (Hydras not roaches, marines)

I find myself wondering if "light" is really the right category here. Yes, having the colossus work on low-health units that don't have amor seems good, but I would think the most important thing is, since colossus attack is AOE, to focus the colossus on where small units are massed close together, rather than firing where each attack will only hit one or two units. Colossus attack does not do any bonus damage to "light".

According to, for the colossus attack, "Area affected is 2.8 wide by 0.3 long." So you want to position your colossus, and if you're going to aim it, aim your colossus, so that the greatest number of enemy units are exposed to the damage in that rectangle.
Name stealer, and you forgot a move.
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I have added the colossus and the zealot in the mineral line tips.
Thank you, and keep em coming!
nice job listing those tips. +1
I liked this, but this needs more than liking. This needs stickying (this and micro tips for the other races in their respective fora, of course). Or maybe I'll just copy+paste and compile a manual for personal use...
01/06/2011 12:55 PMPosted by yaegz
12. Psionic Storm does not stack, so do not throw down more than 1 storm in the same place.

Psionic storm's duration is sometimes not enough to completely kill units so if it's a surprise attack, feel free to stack PSI storms (Don't cast both at same time, but overlap a little) To give that faster killing blow.
Thanks! My Toss game sucks,this should help ALOT!
I don't use hotkeys,theres a little symbol ron the middle right side of the screen :)
I'm not a usual poster but THANKS for this guide, I'm missing a lot of useful tips there xD
this is really helpful
Great list! But sometimes it would be better to stack storms because of the initial dmg imo
thanks! very helpfull =D

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