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01/14/2011 5:04 AMPosted by Blinkdawg
I don't use hotkeys,theres a little symbol ron the middle right side of the screen :)

but it takes much more time to do that other than using the hotkeys so just learn a few
it helps ur game a lot as well
and great job on doing the list, i hope i get better after this :P
Wow, ill be a much better player once i get tip put to use, thanks :D
I know theres a button for idle warpgates, but i hotkey them anyway.. who else does this/is it a good idea?
to Glitch. It is just what you like more, if you like pushing w push w. If you like to use hotkey x then use hotkey x. It's all about preference.
+1 Nice Job Yaegz!
nice thread
Pat yourself on the back. This topic is excellent, TC.

Now, I must go and work on these!
Thanks. Good thread.
I don't know if this has been said or not I don't want to read every reply.

Having Map specific micro tactics/tricks would be neat to know. :)

ex: (don't know if this is true or not) place 1 pylon on each side of mineral patch in 6 o block spawn on LT to have a cannon rush block.

A neat micro trick is to pick up injured immortals/colossus with the transport unit that nobody ever uses. They'll catch on eventually but it's a lot faster than moving back. And yes I do offense drops as protoss all the time on LT, especially to terran on the principle of vengeance.
nice nice nice
Even though protoss isn;t my fav race but this will help me thanks a lot
Never let Immortals attack zerlings, hyrdalisks, or marines. Micro them to attack only armored units. This is a much more effective use of Immortals. Do 50 damage instead of 20. It makes a HUGE difference.
can someone explain 5C? the part about zealots being on hold whenever we're laying down forcefields
nice guide
helps a lot :D
+1 to sticky request
Keep a small group of Zealots and immortals tucked off to the side of main attack routes. If they move past you and towards your main army, engage in a flank. The tactic applies to all races of course, it's just wicked powerful with Zealots ^_^
couple things.

when you play always make your front a small entrance. ie gateway with cybercore with one grid open and put first zealot there on hold and then make a stalker or sentry to help any rush then with zerg or terr they cant run by in your base to minerals.

hotkeys are way faster than anything cause key is right next to the other. it does take alot of work to do.

try to attack and move attack and move your units and focus fire them on something instead of random fire they kill faster. use shift to click to next focus fire ex

after you attack your partner expo he will be down and trying to get back up while you have units even fall back.

here are some replays to watch for certain races.

no im not pro but its good to see what to do
cannon rush

ill have more later

Is there a hotkey for the idle warpgates? BEcause i find it easier to assign a number to them than clicking on the lower right corner :S

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