Starcraft on 2 computers on the same network?

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I can't seem to get this working. The ports can only be forwarded to one machine, and when I don't forward the ports at all things do not work when we play in a match together against other players. Is there a way to tell SC2 which ports to use when playing?

If it helps, my router is a Trendnet TEW-432BRP.
You shouldn't need to forward ports on the router that you have. The main purpose to doing that is to use Peer-to-peer on patch downloads and maybe parts of voice chat. Turning on Universal Plug and Play would make the patch part work and the downloader would just set up port rules on the router itself. The rest of the game is server-client and you're initiating an outgoing connection first so your router would know where things should go and be allowed. What happens if you don't forward ports?
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When no ports are forwarded, the problem persists. However, removing our static IP addresses has fixed the problem. I do not understand why.
I guess I need to know if this is possible or not: can you please confirm that SC2 was designed so that two separate machines with two separate, legally purchased and otherwise trouble-free copies of the game can play at the same time?

I have two Win7-64 PCs, both new machines, both w/ 1gb video cards, and both of which can play just fine as long as the other isn't playing. But when we try to play a 1v1v1 or 2v2 game with each other, mine gets really laggy and the BNet server drops me. The latency increases as time passes, and I get dropped after about 5 minutes.

I have tried playing with firewalls and port forwarding, etc. But your comment above that this shouldn't be needed makes me wonder what it does take.

Our ISP is Charter, we both have wireless LAN connectivity to a Belkin 802.11g router connected to a Linksys cable modem. Internet connectivity is fine.

Help, please. Thank you.
My friend and i can't seem to get a game going where its, i create a party and i make a game or the other way around pls help btw we both have the free version

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