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"The quote of the day thread is a little tradition of mine. I always start this kind of thread no matter where I go. All that's important is that I become dedicated to that forum and here I am. It may not be the best thread, but it provides a little entertainment for a while, so go ahead. Give your quote of the day and cite the source. Give context if possible. It doesn't matter where it's from. It doesn't need to wise words. Make a movie or game quote if you want. Quote your friends if it pleases you. Leave nothing too obscure out of this thread. Have as many quotes as you want in a day. You don't even need to believe in the idea behind the quote, so go wild."

-TheCommander, the Quote of the Day.
"In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher."
-Dalai Lama
"Damnit, I was going to steal this too."

Zoltan: Witchers are known to carry two blades. A silver blade for monsters and steel for humans.
Geralt: Both are for monsters.
— The Witcher
Union Boss: "Listen up. I own every bail bondsman, bouncer, stevedore, and personal trainer in the area. These are some big boys who get bored sometimes, and want some rough play, if you know what I mean."

Breyna: "Oh, I know exactly how boys can be. I'm a mercenary admiral, and I've got a company full of testosterone factories looking to earn some extra money roughhousing. My guys come with full power armor, personal artillery, and air support. What do your boys play with?"
-Schlock Mercenary
"White and gold robes, A cross on my back, preaching brotherhood and honor? Yeah, you'll see me doing that as soon as pigs fly."
-Jack five years ago.

"White and gold robes, a sword in the shape of a cross, and I find myself lecturing my enemies on brotherhood and honor in the middle of a battlefield. Either I was clairvoyant and didn't know it, or this is karma repaying me for being a sarcastic @ss."
-Jack after Aredium's return to Korhal at large.
"Art thou high on thine own ego, foul beast?
Though dost not frighten me.
Thy looks may be neither radiant nor bewitching, but lo,
inside they monstrous visage lieth stupidity worthy of a thousand fools."
-Minimandy, Grim Tales
"Wait up! Wait! Hold on, I know this butt-tunnel! Stop! Shut up for a second!"
- Odie "Supes" Ose, Erfworld Book 3, Pg 83

07/19/2015 08:43 PMPosted by KnarledOne

-Mass Effect, all of them
"Welcome back commander."

-C&C Tiberian Sun, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N75H5amC8Is
Thomas: "You think this is going to work?"
Harry: "Sure... Probably."
Thomas: "Probably?"
Harry: "Maybe."
Thomas: "We're down to maybe now?"
Harry: "We'll see."
-The Dresden Files, Cold Days
"The crystals... sing to us..."
-Aredium Brood Packleader.

"We are the sword in the shadows."
-Khalai Psi Warrior.

"While the Khalai deliberate, we act."
-Void Psi Warrior.

"En Taro Aredium."
-Aredium Zealot.
"My name is Bob."


"KnarledOne is clearly the coolest."

-Not KnarledOne

"KnarledOne is the most creative person on the internet, and has the best grammar."

-Definitely not KnarledOne

"En Taro KnarledOne!"

-Kay-Oh! Zealot
"Dick sponge must be popular with the kids these days."
-Me talking with a friend about a very weird type of food
"I disagree. Anterograde's grammar is clearly better, and have you seen his writing style? I'd kill for a vocabulary like his. He's also more creative; I'd say that his ideas are the most unique ever. Period."

~A person that is not Anterograde, nor is in any way affiliated with Anterograde
'Striving for the impossible' doesn't mean 'toiling in vain'.
-Grand Abbie, Erfworld
"I have a plan. Attack."
-Tony Stark/Iron Man.
"When the law begins to favor the tyrant over the common man, it's time to start rethinking what constitutes a good code of law."
-My paladin in my first (and to date, last) D&D campaign. And yes, he really did suggest tearing down a set of laws, and for exactly the reasons shown above.
"I had forgotten what good sport you mortals provide."

-Mirmulnir, Skyrim.

As long as we're quoting events from our own campaigns:

Dwarf: "Let me get this straight. I told you to kill the murderous assassin. Instead, you went out on a date with her?"

Dark Elf: "Well, if we're being specific, you told me to take out the guards."

-The Warriors of Zurn

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