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07/10/2015 03:48 PMPosted by Fawxkitteh
Muta clouds have always been stupid.
Then when they added the regen, they're even more stupid.

But if they were more difficult to micro, maybe they could get a buff, so SMALL numbers of Mutalisks would actually be useful.

Yeah those are my thoughts exactly but i think they are saying the opposite of making large air units harder to control
I miss Arbiters deeply. They are far superior to the Mothership.


I think we should remove the Mothership and Oracle, and bring back Arbiters. Then replace the Abriters Stasis field ability, with the Oracle's Stasis Ward. The Stasis Ward is a very interesting ability, and a more limited but plentiful Recall is quite interesting for defensive and offensive gameplay.

Mech needs a good AA,mobile unit ,the cyclone should go that route,I don't care about the ground attack as much as I care about a strong AA unit for mech.
So you address some LoS bushes on a new map being/not being there might be a problem. But you don't say anything about the PvZ matchup?

What am I missing here...

But man, about those bushes... Yeah, definitely contact the map creator on that one. What an oversight!

TLDR: Bushes > Swarmhost.
what about ladder..... ?
Way to ignore the highest rated thread most of us have ever seen on bnet~~~~~~~~~ Rhodesian's why zerg isn't fun.
07/10/2015 10:18 AMPosted by Dayvie
but some of the things we’re looking at for the next update are:


Here's to hoping it gets replaced with a cool looking unit that's fun to play. *crosses fingers*
07/10/2015 10:18 AMPosted by Dayvie
Lock on is broken if vision is lost.

This made me over happy!! :D
i really dont know about the medivac boost the drops are already so frustrating and its interaction with tank drops is scary just initial thoughts
One thing alot of protoss players are complaining about is the lack of ability to defend multiple bases. Try using oracle stasis wards. just put them around the perimeters to shut down drops and flanks. I did this and I wrecked so many bio drops. This was such a good solution blizzard. I still have yet to see anyone else use it in game.

I would be in favor of medivacs having an energy cost to boost. As of now, I almost never see them run out of energy. Using the boost would become much more strategic. It could be balanced by increasing the duration/speed/ pr normal speed. Also, has the upgrade to allow units inside of a medivac be healed been considered?(much slower based on how many troops are inside) That would be really useful in terms of helping harass but not making it OP.
Its sounds very promising!
Hey Dayvie, thanks you recently for your open-minded approach. I want to touch on bio a bit. I think the way to buff bio is to buff siege tanks. Bio would be a lot stronger if siege tanks are good to be incorporated into the composition in late game. Now that Siege Tank don't have siege upgrade anymore, how about giving them an upgrade to increase its dmg vs massive unit? That would help bio in late game and mech too. Also the most important thing is it fit the identity of terran as a very positional and methodical race.

On the medivac, I don't really think the unit need any buff. The unit is already very strong and fulfill their purpose perfectly. Other units such as tanks,ravens,etc should be given attention more.
they run out of energy all the time, using energy to boost is a bad idea. I like the extra boost a little more consequential to the game for harassment.
Thoses maps are great, finally some maps where you can make some multitask in zerg vs protoss. Because maps like echo where a protoss can defend 3 base with 1 way few sentries is totally stupid in my opinion. I think thoses maps will make ZvP more interesting to play and to watch
07/10/2015 10:18 AMPosted by Dayvie
We believe that what we need here instead is something that encourages even more harassment play in the late game

NO! Please do not do this! I am freaking tired of having to spend more time and energy protecting my workers than I do fighting the enemy. There are so many ways of making worker lines hurt already, and the enjoyability of the game suffers for it.
07/10/2015 08:57 PMPosted by nosnhojdm
Try using oracle stasis wards. just put them around the perimeters to shut down drops and flanks. I did this and I wrecked so many bio drops. This was such a good solution blizzard. I still have yet to see anyone else use it in game.

well if a drop unloads it will only trap a few units so its not really the best defence against drops, though it is a good defence for multiple bases pared with cannons.

but it also is a star gate tech again and you might start early getting the oracle than anyway leading currently to often to toss going stargate as the only choise of holding ground.

also as i see it its not only lack of base defence but holding strategic positions on the map that protoss lacks

leading to battles in minerals lines instead of on the map.
07/10/2015 10:18 AMPosted by Dayvie
Medivac upgrade
We agree with the majority of you in that the current Medivac upgrade isn’t the direction we should be pursuing. It’s a heavy combat add especially in cases where both ground and air units are chasing a bio army, because Terran players can lift up the whole army and land them on a different terrain level without much of a sacrifice. We believe that what we need here instead is something that encourages even more harassment play in the late game, but something that doesn’t buff the bio army in combat. Therefore, our current idea here is to change this upgrade to increase the speed boost duration.

as i experience Terran drops in late game they are only there to snipe bases and work fine already but also lead to hectic and bad base race scenarios and long distance mining 50% of the game.
protoss is 90% on the defense and can only win this way. when Terran drops stimmed marouder with 4 medivacs non stop. HT feedback and continuesly fighting Medivacs is the key to stop them.

i wonder if its really doom drops they want to encourage or very tiny drops in late game, what is it exactly that makes drops less viable in late game.

i dislike to buff the speed because it removes more to think about when to use it, witch is already now somewhat spammed anyway without to much thought. fast in fast out and 2 activations to get fast to the enemy base. - i even would make the current one consume energy to increase the thoughtful use.

a nother mechanik that could twist up the way dropships could work in late game would be
droppods only for marines.
similar to infested terrans from the infestor you spam droppods at range 9 to unload a medivac(no free units). each droppod can be taken out by air attacks and might need time to unload.
this can grately help to split forces in battles on the battle field because terrans tend to ball up havily in lategame. And for dropping in bases it makes it little easier to drop inside with some losses and the healer will not be joining from the beginning but come to evacuate. mineral spending focused harass.
also this makes it possible to drop smaller forces. or even a group of 15 marines with only one drop ship standing at a distance. Its becoming more positional(RTS) than a rush.
what it also dose is that it increases micro, witch i think drops are just to easy right now.
and it only empowers bio (marine) drops not mech what i think is good that way.
well except for drop pod marines leading and a tank pickup behind, but i think such moves would be fun to watch.
How about an upgrade that increases the heal rate of medivacs.
I know this is an old upgrade that got removed long ago,
but i believe it's the right time to test it.
It can improve the survivability of bio in the late game against higher tier units of protoss and zerg, while also strengthening the power of harassment drops in the late game.
Currently it's quite difficult to harass with medivacs in the late game as there would often be a lot of static defenses and lots of warp gates etc.
With ultralisks receiving a big buff in armor, i believe such an upgrade is far more reasonable to be tested in comparison to early hots days.
Please get rid of the siege tank ability to be dropped in siege mode., This is a gimmick that will eventually get nerfed to the ground once it gets abused anyway. I don't see how you guys don't understand this.

Make siege tanks actual siege tanks again. Especially with the direction the game is going in, the ability to plant 3-4 siege tanks at a base as protection from ling and zealot runbys, or even bio drops would be a strategic decision that will allow Terrans to protect an expansion.

But that's exactly it - a STRATEGIC DECISION to have siege tanks there. It should be my decision if I think it will help me win the game or not, not yours, Davie.
I miss Arbiters deeply. They are far superior to the Mothership.

well a lot waht you suggest is just adding all broodwar units and there the devs disagree and i by now too for some degree.

its more about concepts but little twisted that make for a new game, what i believe is that a lot of concepts should be brought over from broodwar not the exact same unit in all cases.

but the abieter really changes the play so i miss it deeply too.

its the cloak ability i fell in love with protoss the first time is saw tihs unit.
and the re positioning of units as a highly tactical instument.

i think the oracle is fine and should not become an arbiter.
the core is not really in good shape and the mothership is siply a centralising unit rather than everything the arbiter stood for. - being able to be at mutiple locations the same time and having cloak advantage.

i played some games against havy dropping terrans through the entire game nonstop multy drops into doubeprong marouder base snipes and ground based distraction going by foot. there was no way to not lose 50% of my bases and 80% of my main
and to rebuild my main at the most fresh established base.
i used the style my self and it works almost to good.

also zerg has high mobility potential and is more swarmy than ever to kill the swarm toss uses very slow splash hero like units that cant stand a chance agaist masses in mobility in multiple locations.
so i totally ran out or recall energy - photon overcharge was a waste because the nexi go down just to quick recall even often ends up to come to late.

the cloack of a a mother ship was often able to save a nexus but instead you loose the mothership even before overcharge goes down.
rebuilding the mothership is a waste of time(to long build time) where recalls are needed desperately.
moving out with small forces when you are havily pressured is suicide and and they need recall too.

what i would like to see have mutiple armies able to cloak - even the colossus with his nerf could be fine if able to cloak and recall in multiple groups.
what id like is that mothership and the core dont conflickt each other by the long buildtime of the mothership.
what id like to have is being able to recall multiple armies.
what id like to see is recall not only to be a defensive but also rescuing and re positioning tool and the base centric recall plus one-army centric use do not help.

independent solutions:

* add mutiple cores and motherships
* add a cheaper non hero unit replacing the needs even with a higher cost in re-positioning spells
* reduce the build time of the moma ship havily - or maintain the core movement and spells but disable its main attack while its warping in the rest of the ship. LOTV is about mobility a hero that sits around and is hiding is of no use at all.
* add the ability for the core and mom to instant teleport for 25 energy anywhere they want, where vision is given (in addition to recall), to than be able to recall multiple dislocated armies in a row. the hero could also stay at home this way until its needed in different omnipresent locations. you could make difference in decision weather you only need cloak or overcharge for defense so you use teleport or you need more army so you use recall - or a combination of both teleport to an army and recall them home as a 2 step mechanic.

ps: timewarp is usless in current state it can be ignored or avoided easily

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