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Technical Support
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Hey a bunch of us have revived the old "Open Tech Support" on the new Starcraft 2 Chat Channels. Feel free to drop by if your looking for real time tech support. If your not sure who can help you than ask.

Just type in "Open Tech Support" into the chat channel finder. See you on :)
This should really be a public channel, ;).
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01/11/2011 12:44 PMPosted by Sixen
This should really be a public channel, ;).


They are very helpful!
Ill be in Open Tech Support for about an hour. If anyone has a problem feel free to drop by :)
I will be in Open Tech Support for most of the next hour. Drop by if you need help.
Bluesunlight did you stop by the chat channel?

Oh by the way guys if I dont respond immediately just leave the chat channel open. If im not in the chat channel than ive probably logged off for a while.
Bluesunlight it would be much better if you could make a new thread for your issue. Be sure to include what your problem was.

I will be in the "Open Tech Support" Chat Channel for most of the next hour.
I will be in Open Tech Support for the next 1-2 hours if anyone needs help :)
I can't install the game from the disk so I won't be able to log in to discuss the problem.

Brand new computer running windows 7. I insert the disk, click the install button and the application freezes.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

edit: After leaving it for a period of 5 minutes or so, a page called 'end users license agreement' came up but within the window was nothing but an error message stating unable to connect.

edit 2: After a second period of 5 minutes I received the message: 'The file "InstallCD\InstallerFileList\InstallerFileList.xml" in archive "D:\Installer UI 2.MPQE" could not be opened, because an error 2 occurred. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQFile::OpenFromArchive)'

I did see your post, thanks for response, will go through the steps included in that thread.
kkOOPP make a thread and Ill check it out :)

In that new thread answer these questions and include the error messages your seeing
Youve tried the steps here?
Blizzard Downloader Troubleshooter
Have you tried digital download?
Pretty awesome Archer! +Liked (I'd +like more if I could..!)
Aragorn you should stop in and help some time.
I will for sure. Got the click of death a few days ago :( but things should smooth out soon.
Ill be in Open Tech Support channel for the next hour or so. Got a problem, stop by :)
Hey archer just a reminder to look into my issue im having. Temps start at 60-70 at startup. I go on sc2 and they rise to 120-130
Hey, Mike, yah like we talked about last night it really appears your comp is overheating. See if you can get that friend to look at it. Best of luck.

Ill be in the Open Tech Support forum for the next hour or so. Come on Down!
If anyone needs help ill be in Open Tech Support for the next hour or so :)

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