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I neeed help with the game, I just did a fresh reinstall, and now the games cursor is frozen to the bottom left hand side of the screen, and I have to wiggle my mouse just until something lights up that I am on, yet the cursor remains at the bottom. I have had the same issues with Medal of Honor. Could it be something on my computer hotkeys, or something I have to change in the game? Recent things to my computer, have a LED wide screen, and changed vid card to Geforce 240 GT
Hey Jimmyboy check out the mouse section of this thread for your problem and how to fix it :)

I should be in Open Tech Support for the next hour or so (might be alittle short this morning).
Ill be in Open Tech Support for the next two hour if anyone needs help.
I will be in Open Tech support for the next two hours if anyone needs me.
Ahh what the heck i like you guys. Ill be on for another 2 hours.
For the next hourish, I'll be there helping out with Archer.
The Cataclysm has just begun...
Mind if others join to help answer questions?
Sure Patoazu. Weve got this FPS issue that maybe needs a new set of eyes.
Can't get on right now but I'll join up when i get home.
Ill be in the chat for the next hourish. Patoazu's here too so you know youll get some help ;)
Ill be on next two hours. But making chilli so if i dont respond immediately i will soon(TM).
Chilli's cooking (and crying from so much onion cutting :P). Ill be on the chat for another two hours.
Ill be in the channel for an hour and a half

Edit: heh realized why Archer says two hours now, you cant tell that I posted an hour and a half ago. Ill stay another half an hour.
i need some help, i got windows firewall and nothing seems to be wrong but when i try to login, it takes a vast # of tries
"you have attempted to connect to an invalid server. If this problems persists, please contact customer support"
TripalThreht can you make a thread and decribe your problem. Include your ISP and make sure you are logged in as an adminstrator.
Ill be in chat for next hour.
Next hour if you guys need me.
Ill be on for the next two hours.

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