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Chuck Norris spawns hybrid reavers instead of zerglings.
Chuck Norris can stimm all his units.
Chuck Norris worker-rushed all the way to masters.
Chuck Norris can counter the archon toilet with another archon toilet, but he does not need the archon, the mothership, or the toilet.

Chuck Norris is the direct counter to every unit composition, even against Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris does not play as Terran, Zerg, or Protoss, he plays as Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris only plays in one league, Chuck Norris. Population: Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris' infestors spawn little walker, texas rangers.

When Chuck Norris makes banelings, they have the splash of a nuke. When He uses a nuke, It has a splash of the whole map.
Chuck Norris can build medics.

As any race.
Chuck Norris plays a standard zerg macro game vs an equal skilled protoss with a 300 food push and actually wins.
High yield minerals are yellow because Chuck Norris urinated on them. That's why they are more valuable.
Chuck Norris can chronoboost a building that's warping in
Chuck Norris kills players... with hallucinations.
Chuck Norris had access to dragoons without pathing problems.
And he still uses defilers, science vessels, and lurkers every game. While playing as toss.
01/22/2011 7:47 PMPosted by ridiculisk
Your mommas so fat you're army of marauders said dang!

dude this is a thread for chuck norris jokes not 'your momma' jokes...
Chuck Norris Hasn't actually completed the campaign... he's still killing units in the mission "In utter Darkness". He has been doing so since the release of the game.

Chuck Norris can out-range a Viking...
with a zergling
Chuck Norris killed the invisible protis snip-
01/17/2011 6:49 PMPosted by Dan
Chuck Norris can make immortals point their guns up and phoenixs point their guns down

omg XD
Chuck Norris can warp in Collosi with a proxy pylon.

Chuck Norris' stalkers have +3 damage at every weapon upgrade level.

Chuck Norris' zealots are immune to psi storm, EMP, fungal growth, and concussive shells.

Chuck Norris has no food limit on his armies.

Chuck Norris doesn't need a proxy pylon.

Chuck Norris's stalkers have + his fists damage at every weapon upgrade. In this case two.

Chuck Norris's zealots are immune to everything. and roundhouse kick.

Last one is good.
Chuck Norris 4 gates you.


You cannot break his 4 gate nor can it fail. Hence why he has passed it on to his protoss brethren... to make us truly OP like him :D.
Chuck Norris still has KA. Over 9,000 of them in fact.
Chuck Norris can warp in ultralisks and spawn motherships.

Chuck Norris is the counter to the invisible protis sniper.

Chuck Norris rides a colossus to work, not that he ever goes to work, he's far too busy playing starcraft.

Chuck Norris can out-macro anyone, using only his chin.

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