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08/21/2015 03:01 PMPosted by Yen
the game is death in lotv beta i hope they change into a somthing cool , but with this kind of feedback from trolls , i have less hope every week
People like who say "Reaver!" the whole day? =)
Just because Ravager is not good enough doesn't really mean Siege Tank should suffer for it to have another role.
The avilo troll patch. Blizz and David Kim must HATE avilo lol!
By the way, as a zerg, I would like to see a little more bio viability. I don't believe that you should kill it off entirely. Is there a stance on the direction you are taking for bio?
08/21/2015 03:11 PMPosted by Ulrezaj
I feel the best example to show "gimmicky" is Sentries.

It's very much an All-or-Nothing design. When sentries that have energy for FFs, and lands those FFs perfectly, we'll get insane value from those units. But if sentries lack energy, get EMP'd, or do not not land FFs correctly, those units have lost nearly all its value. What hurts even more is that these units are expensive and they do not compensate for it in any other way. They have no fallback value.

The mothership core is very similar, but with the added trait of being an obvious crutch. Protoss have been relying on this unit for all of HotS, and we often sink or swim by it in the early-mid game. If this one unit fails us (gets sniped, is out of position, or lacks energy for whatever reason), we better hope we've grown out of our handicap.

HotS Oracles are gimmicky because they can wreak havoc in undefended mineral lines, or they get completely shutdown by a single turret or spores. In HotS, players try to retain value by being overly active with it, and are sometimes rewarded, and sometimes not. In LotV, Oracles have Stasis Trap, which assuages the lost value with its newfound utility. DTs and HTs have Archon as their fallback value.

Of course a good player will be able to squeeze some value out of a rock if they had to, but the issue is that our tools lack reliability and do not output a consistent performance.

It's like having a weapon that deals 45-55 damage versus a weapon that does 0-100 dmg. These wild swings offer no comfort of reliability. That makes it gimmicky.

Very very good explanation! I agree with this completely! Good man! +1

08/21/2015 05:13 PMPosted by Reborn
add shield battery
Nooooooooooo! The Warp Prism in Phasing Mode should be a shield battery. That would be cool. Okay the Warp Prism have to have energy, but I think it's okay.
graphic designers

nothing visual is changing, this is pure balancing


changing the number on a unit's attack damage or HP from X to Y isn't ultra mega complicated to the point where the programmers need to be from MIT or Harvard

publicity department

pfft yeah, the David Kim has one hell of a publicity department then...

game analysts

That should be us, the community. As the saying goes, the customer is always right, that's the hand of the market

community managers

You mean like the golden posters here on the forums???
08/21/2015 05:50 PMPosted by Luftwaffe
nothing visual is changing, this is pure balancing
Not true. Look at the new Disruptor design.

These were just examples. There are many more people, who have to talk with them. Google the job and the tasks of a game designer. You will find something.
08/21/2015 05:30 PMPosted by BlueZero
Raven, should take up some repair responsibility? that will see massive new use of the unit.

AKA bring back sci vessel?
08/21/2015 05:30 PMPosted by BlueZero
Raven, should take up some repair responsibility? that will see massive new use of the unit.
I have a better idea. A flying Mule with a higher repair speed could be called from the OC.
08/21/2015 05:51 PMPosted by Red
Not true. Look at the new Disruptor design.

nothing changed. The projectile is the same model as the old disruptor when it went berserk. They just made one model a projectile, which leads back to just balancing in its pure form.
08/21/2015 05:54 PMPosted by Luftwaffe
nothing changed. The projectile is the same model as the old disruptor when it went berserk.
Not true. Look at the details. You will recognize something.
08/21/2015 05:55 PMPosted by Red
08/21/2015 05:54 PMPosted by Luftwaffe
nothing changed. The projectile is the same model as the old disruptor when it went berserk.
Not true. Look at the details. You will recognize something.

an !@# pimple on a giant elephant, you're focusing on stupid little $%^- at this point.
08/21/2015 10:27 AMPosted by Dayvie
Introducing auto-build on units

This changed up the game to such a great degree that the game didn’t feel like StarCraft II anymore. It also wasn’t as simple as it sounds. New issues kept popping up, including difficulties expanding or saving up resources, since float was automatically being spent.

It seams that Dustin ACTIVISION BROWDER IS BACK to SC2 universe ...You start good David Kim but If Dustin is back THIS GAME IS DOMED... I will not by this !@#$ ... :)

I hope Dustin ACTIVISION BROWDER WILL GET FIRED...He destroyed this game and Protoss and Heroes of the storm ....Worst moba ever casual Activision friendly... ;)
Does Blizzard know that they actually have NO !@#$ING IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING??!!!

Come on Blizzard, get a clue.
I personally struggle playing against mech. Mostly win with all in or him messing up.
As for swarm hosts, I think that people are making biggest mistake when using flying locust. It's good to harass, but fighting is so bad, because you lose more with thor shots in air than land. Maybe smaller supply count could help to use them more and make terran out of position, so looking forward to balance map.

As LotV concerns, I can't have opinion on Protoss, because I so rarely see them on ladder that I almost forgot how they look. But I like that they have so many options in HotS. It gives the variety to the game.

Current state of the beta is odd, but I think you got what you want: game is so different now, it is more like a SC3 than SC2. Some thinks I like, some things I do not, but, we'll see how it will turn out.

And here is one VERY unpopular opinion: People always compare SC2 with BW, but I like SC2 most because it is NOT BW. If I want to play BW, I'll play BW. All this whining about putting Reavers back and economy and every other thing is not necessary. Let people try some new stuff. Yeah, Disruptor is failure, but let them try some new things. Focus on repairing broken stuff and adding new stuff, not old ones. If every new stuff fails, trust me, an old one will also.
We also looked into feedback suggesting we reduce the efficiency of workers when more than 1 is mining at a single mineral patch. This was aimed at making expanding result in a higher income more often than not, even when on an equal worker count. What we found is that expanding quickly and often already feels like a big advantage in Void, so this change does not feel all that different in terms of when you want to expand. Also, when you do expand faster and have your workers more spread out, it’s easier to replenish workers that you’ve lost to harassment. As we stated above, this is the opposite of what we’re looking to accomplish with the economy changes.

Those are interresting findings, they probably have to do with the Terran mobility, and maybe photon overcharge. Since the games(BW, Starbow) that lead(past tense) me personal to believe that this would be an interresting option for Lotv, allow to snipe bases if spread to thin as either Terran or Protoss.
Introducing auto-build units-Dayvie

That's not a good joke....
We heard your feedback that the Colossus nerf was too much, and regarding Colossi having a more general role like they do in Heart of the Swarm. We’ve been testing Colossus in combination with Disruptors and the results are cool so far. We started playtesting with their upgraded range back to 9, and the combination of the redesigned Disruptors supported by Colossi looks to be going well.

During beta tests, small groups of players often arrive at conclusions concerning a topic and, even though their assertion may no longer be the case, they just can’t let go. We encourage everyone to be more open minded in actually discussing and testing changes during this beta so that we can work towards having the best possible StarCraft II.

I did no have WoL-Beta access, but my mind about collosi is made up since week one of WoL, when I tried to drop it from a warp prism on a cliff to harrass a Terran, and since it counts as an air unit, it gets revealed.
It's still a very bland(gameplay-wise) and ugly(optically) unit. A new Skin would have actually been an incentive to go for the collectors edition, instead you give another one to the already good looking adept.
08/21/2015 10:27 AMPosted by Dayvie
we don’t know if Zerg is underpowered against mech.

WOW just WOW you all must be blind or retarded

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