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Why does SC2 use more CPU than literally all of my other processes combined???
Why can't I watch a cutscene even on the lowest possible settings without my GPU heating up to 80C+ with my fan speed at 100%???
Why can't I play the game on lowest settings without my GPU heating up 74-75C with my fan speed at 100% when I have no problem whatsoever playing most games including WoW on highest possible settings (give or take a couple on the shading)???
Why did I wait an hour and a half in line for the midnight release only to go home and find no CD key with my collector's edition forcing me to go back to gamestop the next day to get another copy which they almost didn't give me (luckily someone downgraded their pre-order to a regular copy a couple hours later)???
Why did I wait a couple years and pay $106 for the collector's edition of this game when I can't hardly play it without my GPU on the verge of blowing up???
Why blizzard, would you release a game like this with such serious glitches and bugs???


I didn't seem to have much problems with the beta (besides, of course, the lag issues). So, what the hell is going on blizzard??? When are we ganna get some real answers???
I don't know what you are complaining about 81C is perfectly acceptable for a GPU (at least a modern one). My GPU gets up to 105C with SLi off and with on it can get up to 111C (the highest I have seen). While those temps are hot that is because my card is bad, and I know and accept this. Really 81C is nothing to worry about. From what I have heard about the Radeon 5700 series cards 81C is right on target with what your card should be under full load, which means SC2 is actually fully utilizing your graphics card. Be happy that the game is actually using all the power you paid for. As for the memory usage, that does seem a bit high. I don't remember that being a issue in beta, so I don't know what is up with that.
lol 75C is perfectly fine, but Trowez's 105C is not...
Most video cards have lifetime warranty right now, get a RMA and exchange for a new one (or new model) for free. I do that all the time. 8600GT exchanged for 9600GT.
^ not joking at all, you pay the shipping only (one way to them, not both ways).
The new card will stay 80C max.


I'm running a pair of GTS 250's in SLI, using their stock air coolers and letting the driver handle the fan throttling automatically. Neither of the cards gets above 62C in SC2, even after going for hours, and I have yet to hear the fans really spin up (they get loud when they need to). As has already been said, 75-80C on the GPU isn't bad, if it gets much above that you might start to worry.

I'm running at 1920x1200 with everything at Ultra. I also run WoW at max settings and my cards sit between 51~57C, even during 25M raids.

I do know my old 8800GT used to get wicked hot under a constant load though, you might want to check your GPU's fan as well as the chassis fans for dust and such and blow them out. That by itself can make a difference of several degrees.
81c is perfectly normal for the 5000 HD series cards man
Source: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2009/10/12/amd_ati_radeon_hd_5770_5750_review/7
so you are perfectly fine.

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