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Nothing in my profile is showing up. Ive been looking for ways to fix this but I havn't found a way. Its not showing anyone profile pics... Its not showing any achievements or giving me any achievements... i cant change my profile pics... Its almost as if I'm not connected to battlenet but i am... I can join parties with my friends just fine... I can join games just fine. I just cant get achievements... or edit my profile...

I don't run peerblock unless theres one thats apart of win 7. This worked just fine last night... no problems. Now its not working at all.
I had this problem. Its a time issue.

I fixed it by clicking on the time in the corner.


Click change date and time settings
Go to internet time settings.
Change settings
Enter " " into the Box
Hit update time

Fixed my issue. I had nothing loading and just the spinning symbol for everything.

really? wierd i guess i'll try updating it... Thanks for the advice

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