Draw issues for NVIDIA GTX 260M

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The issue I'm having is with the single player only. What I assume are the cut seens inbetween the missions don't draw properly. I hear all of the audio perfectly but the images of rainer flicker in and out. It has the aperrance of runningn through a wall in world of warcraft. Everthing just kind of flickers to black. Its bad enough that you really can't see whats going on. The game itself runs perfectly, units moove nicely no issures other thant he cut sceens.
i to am having the same problem i can run the game on all ultra settings but when there is the between mission screen i cant see a thing i feel like im missing somthing... so some one please help and yes i do have direct x 11
Try updating your video card drivers.

If you do not know how to go about doing so, check out the following link.


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